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Sleek Audio SA1 Replacement Cable

  1. relache
    Hey all,
    One side of my HJE900's cable is beginning to crap out =( so I'm in the market to get the SA1 or SA6 cable. I've read in various posts that they might be refreshing the SA1 cable, but given that the SA6s are no longer in stock and the SA1s are the only replacement cables available, I'm tempted to give in.
    So whaddaya say? Hold out or just buy the SA1s?
    Or, give me suggestions for earphones with a similar sound signature around $200 with good/better build quality (or more readily available replacement cables). Thanks!
  2. kyuuketsuki


    Don't waste your money getting the SA1 from Sleek... Do what I did and buy the SA6 from eBay... There is a UK seller that has em for $35 including shipping (it wouldn't be as bad if the American Dollar didn't suck so much). But yeah... still better than spending $15 on shipping a small parcel... Also the SA6 cable allows for over the ear wear, which allows for better fit and seal.
  3. bluehead
    Are the SA6 and SA1 replacement cables interchangeable?  Can the SA6 replacement cable work with SA1 headphones?  
  4. kyuuketsuki


    They use the same connector, so I don't see any reason why not. I used both for my HJE900s, I have the SA6 connected right now, but have the SA1 as a back up, just in case. 
  5. Bananas Ananas
    Anyone know if the wireless cables featured in this thread fit Sleek Audio SA1 that uses cable like this: http://www.sleek-audio.com/straight-connector-replaceable-cable/ ? 
    Thanks in advance!

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