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Closed headphones for hearing impaired..read on please

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by james66, Sep 22, 2012.
  1. James66
    I need a pair of closed headphones, they need to be loud.  I was born with chronic ear infections so I have no ear drums or bones. My nerves are fine but sound has trouble getting there . Any suggestions, I have about $600.00 to spend.
  2. GL1TCH3D

    Well pretty much any headphone can go to deafening levels with a good amp, even the higher impedance ones.
  3. McPatD
    Not sure this is the best course of action...try some speakers and a sub woofer...FEEL the music.
  4. James66
    I have some experience, I listen through my iMac < Fiio 9/17 < HD25-1ii, ie8, Beats Pro.  I've owned the 650's, 380's, Beats Studio. My WA6 is on the way. My problem is getting the sound to the nerve. The best way to put it is, if you think of listening with earplugs in. IEM's were my first experience at really hearing music. I bought the Klipsch custom 3's on sale and first time could hear the difference between tambourines and cymbals. 
    Speakers are a great idea, if I had a listening room..maybe in the future..but right now at the level I need I'd make some angry neighbors.
  5. KodaO
    I would think a pair of IEM's would work best for you, a friend of mine had a condition that caused degenerative hearing loss and he was able to listen to music solely through the use of IEM's.

    Why not tackle some Sennheiser ie8's?
  6. MalVeauX
    I would go IEM for this unless it's just uncomfortable to you. The more isolated and sealed the unit is, the more you're going to get in terms of volume for effort of the device. Result will be more audio coming in from the speaker and less from the environment, so you're hearing a cleaner, clearer image for the amount of sound you're blasting into yourself. If you use a headphone, that is closed, you'll still have to run it very loud, and a lot of headphones are not going to sound good at high volume, they start to just get messy, garbled, lose dynamics and just sound like a sibilant mess with a lot of mid-bass over bearing everything. If you want to try a LOUD playing headphone, just try any DJ specific headphone probably, they're tuned for being used in loud environments (it's why they tend to have bass enhanced and some treble play).
    Very best,

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