1. battleaxe

    Upgrade bug hit me! What to upgrade to?

    I am looking to upgrade from my CX300-II to the next level as the bug to upgrade hit me. I keep reading the CX300_II are a bit on the bass side, but haven't found that to be the case. I think the bass is at acceptable levels. I am looking for something that is balanced(or at close as it can be)...
  2. SSJChar

    $200 and $300 to spend on a portable setup, what would you do?

    Hey all.  This is my first post here, and I'm totally new to audio devices and such, though I'm thinking of getting into it.  Right now I'm just looking at options for a portable setup so mp3 player and iems, and amp maybe?  I don't really have much to spend, and was wondering what route you...
  3. Fin1211

    Klipsch Custom 3 or UE TF10?

    Hey guys. I was just wondering which one to get-about 175$ budget. I listen to rap electronic folk alternative and some rock. i was seriously looking at the fischer audio dba-02, but am worried that it wont have quite enough bass for my taste. if you guys have any other suggestions it would be...
  4. 8140david

    100 euros IEM to buy from France or UK?

    I'm looking for a good sounding IEM for 100 euros, to buy from France. So I can look at's what sold in the UK or what's available from internet. What would you recommend? I listen to classical music, folk music, jazz...
  5. deathrage

    New guy would like some help

    Hey everyone, im new to the forum and against my better judgement, slowly becoming a low level audiphile   so not to get off on the wrong this is how i got here:   I love music and have always been fine with lower end equipment, just give me my ipod and some earphones and i was happy. ...
  6. blink3281

    Good IEMs for under $200

    Hello, I am new to the site so sorry for my limited vocabulary.   I am looking for some nice IEMs for under $200, but the price is semi-flexible. This seems like the best site for advice on this, so could you guys please recommend some good IEMs for me? heres some stuff about what I listen...
  7. edvardd

    250 $ IEM for a musical experience

    I am looking for an IEM that is slightly warm, rich midrage and enjoyable to listen too. Second is detail and separation, as Im a musician and I like to discern different instruments in order to play them by ear. Total balance and neutrality is not a requirement, but a slight coloration is fine...
  8. Turin

    Need advice on buying some new IEM's

    Hey all!   I could really use some advice on buying some new IEM's. Two years back, I bought a set of Shure SE210. I was very happy with these until the cables broke after about one year. Since this is a common Shure problem, I knew it was a risk I took when buying them. Still, it was a big...
  9. Swingtops

    Klipsch Custom 3 recable?

    Ok, I have had my klipsch custom 3's for about 4 months now and using them pretty regularly. The cable is starting to do the sweet kinking thing that everyone else has had problems with. My question is has anyone tried or seen a recable done on these things? I am incredibly pleased with the...
  10. BGSO

    Does $99.99 for Klipsch Custom 3s put them above newer IEMs in that price range?

    A couple of months ago I finally made the jump from crappy three dollar headphones to what I've thought of as a pretty nice set of Klipsch Custom 1s. It's getting close to the holidays and I've been looking at different IEMs in the 100 dollar range to upgrade to.    While looking around I...
  11. basementdweller

    thoughts on IE8 and Klipsch Custom 3

    I'm not going to call this a review because I simply do not have the time to do a proper A/B comparison between these two phones and honestly that is what I would have to do to compare the sound quality between these headphones with my untrained ears; yes, they are that close.  I will say that...
  12. mvw2

    (Finished!!!) Review Set: UM3X, e-Q7, RE262, Triple.Fi 10, RE252, CK100, RE-Zero, Custom 3, OK1, HJE900

    Yep, I said finished!  You heard right.  Everything's done.  In case you looked back a ways, pretty much everything's new since a week ago.  What was up previously was revised or reworked, so it's mostly new content.  Read, take a break, read, nap, read some more, and comment when you're...
  13. TheDreamthinker

    Sennheiser ie7(isolation) or Klipsch Custom 3(cable)

    Hi,   I was looking for some iems and narrowed my chose down to the -ie7 -custom 3   The ie7, i am concerned with the isolation......because i listen to music at quite low levels(on ipod, 40%-50%) - Is it possible to improve the isolation and how good are they with complys?   The...
  14. raven2000

    Extreme isolation with budget IEM?

    Hi,   I chucked my ER-6 in bin last week as they were really playing up. I need to buy sub-$100 IEM with extreme isolation. I never liked foam tips with ER-6 so I would prefer flange (is that the right word?) tips.   What do you guys think about Etymotic mc5?   Thanks.  
  15. akasan

    My Shures!!!!

    So I was in NYC last night coming from party drunk as hell on subway and someone pickpocket me for my cigarettes, sony walkman x1000, and my SHURE SE530's which I just had replaced last frackin month.  I know I didn't drop them cause i smoked a cigarrette before getting on the train and remember...
  16. andogrando

    Foam tips for Klipsch Custom 3

    Hi folks, A couple of weeks ago, I bought a pair of Klipsch Custom 3's which I'm very satisfied with. After trying out the different tips, I decided to use the large dual-flange ones, as the others seem to slip out of my ears, or be too big. They do their job fine, although they sometimes...
  17. M

    Simple question

    RE0 vs. Klipsh custom 3     Which one would you say it has better detail? Regardless the level of detail, in your opinion, which one is better?
  18. techboid

    Help me choose :)

    Hi new here to the whole audiophile thing. Im about to buy my first pair of IEMs and ive found 4 options and need some help on deciding.   Brainwavz M2 Soundmagic PL-50 Etymotic mc5 and Klipsch Custom 3   All four are within my price range of 50-100 usd with the m2s and custom 3s...
  19. sippyCUP

    Best bang for buck, Klipsch Custom 3s, Panasonic HJE900, or others?

    Hi all, I've been doing research on replacement earbuds for my Ipod Classic (120gb 6 gen) for the last two weeks. I am into audio but haven't ever owned any really good earbuds or IEMs. Quality midrange is the most important consideration, with a flat overall response through the lows and...
  20. andogrando

    Some questions about the Klipsch Custom 3's - with followup

    Hi! I'm a foreign newbie in headphones, so please be nice to me!   After going mad at my Skullcandy FMJ's comfort, I decided to order a new pair of IEM's. I did some reading on the net, and found the Klipsch Image S4i as an worthy alternative. (Good bonus is the remote!) However, I...
  21. swiftbmx

    Cables gotten better on Klipsch Custom 3?

    I see they are down to $110 and they are looking so tempting but I've read here over and over of the cable problems.  I'm hoping every new batch they've done, perhaps the cable has gotten better?  For anyone that bought them recently, hopefully from a high volume retailer, are you having any...
  22. mvw2

    So I took my Klipsch Custom 3 apart...pics inside

    So I broke out some small flat head screwdrivers and started playing with my Custom 3 earphones.   First off, the ring slides up easy, just a dab of CA glue.  From here you can start prying at the seam and break the CA glue holding the earphone casings together.  Slowly work your way around...
  23. AlexB1001

    Calling on the forum to help me make a choice!

    I love music. And I don't just care about the music - I care about how it sounds. Clear vocals, crisp beats and bass with a nice "thud" are what I want, and I never like one to override the other, for all levels to be in balance. A devoted ambiance, electronic and chilled acoustic music fan, I...
  24. deksawyer

    Just bought Klipsch Custom 3

    Ordered them from iHeadphones for £119. Std size tips weren't a good fit so tried them all and the large xmas tree type were the best fit but they popped out my left ear if I opened my mouth or moved my jaw. Damn! I could hear the sound quality but it was no good if I had to keep them...