1. ericp10

    The Klipsch Custom 3 is top tier sound...

    So, I'm seeking advice from my fellow head-fiers for a change. How does the Custom 3 compare to the SE530 (figure more have heard that one than the SE535), the SM2, the HJE900, the FX700, DDM or any top tier (or near top tier) IEM?   I know it's a dual armature and I know it has severe cable...
  2. basementdweller

    Need Better mids than I'm getting from Beats Tour. HJE900? Klipsch Custom 3? Suggestions?

    I listen exclusively to Rock, but that includes almost every sub genre from metal too live acoustic too industrial...from the 1970s too current artists.  My ipod 5.5g's battery isn't what it used to be and I'm pretty sure I'll end up upgrading to a cowon j3.  I'm also in the process of...
  3. thejoseph

    Commuter IEMs ~$100

    It's time for a replacement: I commute via subway and just had my Shure E3's finally die on me.  I need great isolation and good durability in addition to clarity and soundstage.  I also prefer to wear my headphones over/behind the ear.  My go-to cans are Grado SR60s but they're obviously too...
  4. BumbleDong

    Deal Alert: Klipsch Custom 3 for $ 99 @ Adorama

    I just found this after hearing some suggestions for them. Cabling is an issue but they're $50 off so that makes them a pretty good deal in my book.     http://www.adorama.com/KLIPC3H.html
  5. loadafreak


    Hi guys, I've been reading reviews for weeks now and came to like the Ultimate Ears 700. But I've got a little problem, where if I would want one I have to wait till november to get a hold of them. I can't really wait that long (I would if it's really that good), I'm wondering if there is any...
  6. mvw2

    Klipsch Custom 3 owners - Unique find

    Klipsch Custom 3   Dual driver Tweeter: KG723 Woofer: KG731 Crossover: 1500Hz   I've toyed around with EQing of this earphone in the past and kept running into an issue with the design.  In the past, I didn't really care about it too much, knew it was there but decided not...
  7. kmactavi

    Upgrade IEM from SF3 for ~$150? PFE, Atrio, Custom 3, C751, RE0, Turbine?, W1?

    Hi,   I've been using UE Super.fi 3s for the last couple years after doing a lot of reading on this forum. I think they were around $120 when I bought them. Now the cabling is going (left has to be in a certain position or it cuts out), and I'm looking to upgrade.   I'm normally...
  8. Music-etymotic

    Klipsch custom 3 vs shure se115

    Hello guys im at mall right now . I have to decide between these 2 iems. And which 1 has more bass on it. Help me guys thanks
  9. jarrett

    IEM for Classical

    I have some replacement RE0s coming, but I was looking for other suggestions outside of the RE0. I gather the RE0s I get will just fail in under a year (sorry).     - Head-Direct RE0 own - Sunrise SW-Xcape v1 bought - Fischer Audio Silver Bullet rev 2 bought - ECCI PR401 bought...
  10. Music-etymotic

    klipsch s4 vs custom 3

    which 1 is better im getting one for reallly cheap and i have to pick 1 of them. which have good bass n sound?
  11. NR76

    Klipsch Custom 3 at $109 - good value?

    I have seen a few posts on Klipsch Custom 3 here, but I cannot make out if they're good value at $109 or not. I am aware of the cable issue with them, but in temrs of sound, they seem to get rated along side TF-10, SE530 and some of other more expensive phones.   I owner ER6i, and am looking...
  12. srinu2288

    HJE 900 best for <100$

    hey,   i am new to this forum,i am looking for in ear's that stay stable inside the ear while running,working out, etc...i am a bass head so they must be having a good bass also....like the title says my budget is 150$,please help me out with your suggestion's.
  13. enfamous

    Need help deciding - Turbines (regular) vs ie6 vs Custom 3

    This is my first post, but after reading countless threads - I need help deciding between the listed phones.  Particularly because they are all in my current price range (all on sale for 99-110 on Amazon).   I'll admit that this is the first time that I spend more than $40 on headphones.  I...
  14. uhnoel

    Klipsch issues first on-ear headphones, Image S5i Rugged and bargain Image S3 earbuds

  15. Supreme

    Klipsch Custom 3's or Panasonic HJE900 IEMs?

    Hello guys, I know I've only got 3 posts but I've been a long time lurker here.   My music ranges from Jazz, House and Hip Hop. I do like some bass. The thing that concerns me about the custom 3's is that they are almost 7 years old but should that even matter?   My main source will be...
  16. richbass

    Panasonic RP-HJE-900 vs Klipsch Custom 3

    Hello, I am looking for some portable ear plugs for college. I currently own Shure SRH840 and don't like its sound signature i.e. neutral/flat/analytical. So, i am thinking to get either Denon D2000 or BeyerDynamic DT 150/880 600 ohms. I mostly listen to psychedelic trance,pop, hip-hop...
  17. HanSun

    around RM1000 in ears..... (Monster Turbine / UE 700 / Superfi 5vi / Klipsch custom 3)

    i live in malaysia and im planning to get a second pair of in ears............      bass and mid and noise isolation are important......       i just want to hear peoples thoughts on these few iems......
  18. Logidelic

    From Shure E3c to...?

    Hey all,   So my old Shure E3c's are on their way out. About time, since I've had them for about six years. I see that things have heated up since then. I've been reading as much as I can, but was hoping someone could give some personal recommendations to get me started on some more focused...
  19. MikeB123

    150£ Price Limit Recommendation

    Been a long time reader but just signed up today as I was nearly about to buy the Beats Tours, I was thinking they looked really cool kind of but then I actually engaged the brain and thought do they really look that cool not really i'm listening to them not looking at them.   The music I...
  20. sharku277

    upgrade from ath ES7

    Hi everybody. I'm new in this forum. i know, i haven't a very good english but i still try to be the more Understandable possible. I've got a pair of ATH-ES7 since over one year and i want to upgrade it . I made a big research on the net and tried a lot of headphones which could be an...
  21. Wingnut198244

    Another "Need some IEMs" thread...

    Well first off I want to say what an incredible forum you all have here. I can't begin to wrap my head around the wealth of information on here! Now I'll say I'm sorry now for the rambling I'm about to do as I tend to carry on.   Lets just say I've always been a fan of quality sounding...
  22. hypnotoad6

    New earphones

    I listen to a lot of rap, metal, and techno and i'm looking for some bass heavy earphones for around $100. Any suggestions?
  23. jivex5k

    Some considerations on Hip-Hop oriented IEMs.

    Greetings all...I've been away from this forum for a while and it has served me greatly for years with the information. I had a pair of DT770s (sold em eventually they were just too large) and I still use my Grado SR225s on a daily basis. I'm ready to get some high quality IEMs. My friend...
  24. Kabir10


    Hello, I am planning to buy new headphones/earphones.(Dnt really have a spefic choice between them). But portability is a vital factor and also i need them to sound good. I need bass.My sony earphones has none of it. My budget is around $100. Please help me out.
  25. ZeNmAc

    IEM dilemma...*purchased custom 3*

    Skip to last post...   I tried to keep this short, but that didn't exactly work (Curse you english 100 ).  Start at bold for shorter version.   A while ago after reading tons of reviews and comparisons I decided I'd buy some SA6's after my birthday so I could get them for vacation.  A...