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Help a newbie

  1. addict4life
    Just lost my klipsch custom 3's and am looking for an upgrade set. i had to use comply tips in order to get these things to fit right in my ear. does anybody have a suggestion for 2 possibly 3 driver earphones that are really durable for the gym? i need something that really stays put in my ear during running and a cable that doesnt fray or get tangled. looking to spend  no more than 250. Any suggestions or link to a top ten with reviews would be great.
    Im hearing alot of good things about Monster cable turbines but am afraid to order because i was told you cant return in ear headphones. Any validity to this rumor?
    its my first time here at this and my first post upon a recommendation of a colleague.
    Thanks in advance for any advice and information.
    This is a good place to start, :) http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-160-iems-compared-denon-ah-c360-h2o-surge-pro-added-04-04

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