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Need IEM upgrade($100-150 CAD)

  1. d_headshot
    I currently use the ATH-M50s for my fullsize headphones and I really love them. However, I have a pair of old Sennheiser CX300's which have had their time. I think their mids and highs are pretty terrible so I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs which meet the following preferences around the $100-150 range, preferrably from a Canadian dealer, or one that has decent shipping to Canada.
    -Even sided cabling
    -Angled jack
    -Good build quality
    -Great for rock and heavy metal
  2. ZARIM
    Custom 3, Turbine, Diddy Beats, EX500, FX500, HJE900, SF5Pro and TF10Pro.
  3. d_headshot
    How's the durability of the Custom 3 in your opinion?
  4. d_headshot
    Nevermind about the custom 3's then. The cheapest I can find them is for $299.
    Any other recommendations?
  5. d_headshot
    I bought the Klipsch Image S4 recently and I'm very disappointed with them. I found that the sound quality improvement over the CX-300s wasn't what I was hoping for, and overall they feel very uncomfortable. The lack of extra in ear thingys and no cleaning stick also was disappointed. Are you sure there aren't any places that I can get the custom 3's for a decent price?
  6. Rip N' Burn
    Someone in Canada is selling a used set on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.ca/Klipsch-Custom-3-IEM-Headphones-Hi-FI-/250825395027?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item3a665bcb53
    There is also someone selling new ones from the UK that will ship to Canada. http://cgi.ebay.ca/Klipsch-Custom-3-Earphones-ipod-mp3-SALE-/160602765120?pt=UK_AudioVisualElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Headphones&hash=item2564abb740
  7. dweaver
    I bought a pair of GR07 and they arrived in less than 10 days so they meet your fast shipping requirements and they sound simply divine! If you want to buy locally I would say go SE 215 as they also sound pretty good and can be bought in stores (London Drugs had them on sale for $80 a while back). They are not as good sonically as the GR07 but are still very nice sounding.
  8. d_headshot


    I bought the SE215 and I'm quite disappointed in them like the Klipsch's. Decent low end, but terrible highs and I would say they even have less high frequency response than my CX-300s. Another thing I really dislike is the design. I absolutely cannot stand how you have to wrap the damn cable around your ear for them to fit. The foam and rubber drivers are comfortable(when you can actually get the piece to fit in your ear). Why can't I just find a normal designed IEM like the CX-300s but with good sound? I don't want to sound grumpy but I'm getting fed up with buying and returning headphones to find out they're not what I'm looking for. Not really looking forward to buying online only to find out I dislike the product and have to pay high shipping costs for canada [​IMG]
  9. ZARIM
    I think you should try DBA-02(available in canada), CK10, RE262 or RE0 and they all offer really good highend details but they are not bassy. The only IEMs comes in my mind which can shows good details in highs with deep punchy bass are JVC FX700.
  10. fortheus
    shure se215. Never look back since that. Need some time to adapt with the universal iem + over the ear cable, but sound quality wise + build quality, best at its price
  11. melkenshawn
    He just said that he didnt like the shure se215.


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