help and recommendations
  1. Pinkomeno

    I'm lost, any help? (Headphone Recommendation)

    So, I was listening through my DT 1990 plugged into an Aune X1S until I noticed a few things: -These headphones are for mixing and mastering, NOT to listen to music (IMHO). -I have tinnitus problems and the highs on these beasts are just... Shrimmingly bright. -Bass is just a tad laid back. So I...
  2. TheAnalogueKid

    Looking to upgrade from Shure SE-215.

    Greetings! As the title suggests, I'm looking to finally replace my 215s, which I've used for a number of years now. Lately, however, I've had serious quality issues with my last two pairs with the plastic/adhesive flaking away over time and poor connection issues with the ridiculously...
  3. Nickesteen

    Looking for closed back headphones around $500

    Hi guys! I’m new to audio and I’m interested in investing in a good pair of closed back headphones for around 500 dollars. The only reference I have is the dt770s, which imo were under my expectations. I’ve been looking at reviews and such and I have been getting my eye on either the...
  4. Mr. Humble

    Help! Argon VS E-MU Teak

    Hey everyone, I have narrowed down my search of headphones to buy to these two pairs. I am in dire need of some comparisions of these headphones as I have not been able to find any. Would love to hear opinions of people who have had both. Would also like to know more specifically any comparison...
  5. A

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO with Creative Sound Blaster E5

    I need help. I am planing to buy new audio set up. So I was wondering will this be good combo. I will use it on ps4 and mostly for gaming. Thank you.
  6. fredsun925

    I hate my IE80's, what are some good alternatives?

    After listening to my IE80's for almost 6 months now, I finally decided that they are not really for me. I hate the U-shaped sound signature. The mids seem to be miles away and I feel like they are essentially just Beats headphones but with good treble. I am looking to sell mine. What are some...
  7. HeadphonesHero

    Need Help with Ear Caps (Sennheiser - CX 3.00 Wired Earbud Headphones )

    Previously I purchased a set of Sennheiser - CX 3.00 Wired Earbud Headphones. When they arrived I was heavily disappointed, no due to noise quality but the inability to keep the earphones in my ear. I tried all the cup sized provided, and it just seems they're made of a firmer material than...
  8. ActiveEnergy

    A Stranger with a Strange Request

    Hello! I am new here. I made an account simply to get help in finding a very oddly specific pair of headphones, and I guess this is the best placd to ask :). I listen to music on a regular basis with my home set-up. I have an amp and a record player, which go out to speakers. But recently a...
  9. V

    New headphones under 200$

    Hi guys, I'm new here so hello :) I'm from Poland so English is not my native language - I'm sorry for any silly mistakes and whatnot. And a wall of text obviously : ). Anyways, let's get right to the point my old headphones, that is Superlux HD-681, died a while ago and I'm kind of in the need...
  10. D

    Frustrated how I cant find the ones I want (Earphones)

    So first of all, hello, Im looking for few months for headphones I like, I came to IEMs in the end I think they are the ones I preffer now. The headphones I was looking for are ones that have strong or sharp or whatever you call it higher notes and a bass that is not too strong (By too strong I...
  11. D

    The new guy on the higi block! Requires help.

    hi all glad iv’e been accepted to this forum wondering if I could get help with headphones in pertically Bluetooth , due to my taste in music. Currently have Sony Wh-1000XM2’s
  12. M

    Searching for an IEM(Simgot en700 pro, Fiio F9 pro, iBasso IT01, Final E4000)

    Hello guys, excuse my poor vocabulary as i am not a frequent writer on the forums. Recently I moved to switzerland and as the life around here is too fast to sit down and listen to music at home I decided to get an IEM. I looked around on the internet and I really like Fiio F9 pro and Simgot...
  13. Lucyfer

    I'm a newbie, both in the world of audiophilic experience and to this community.

    Like the title suggests, I am completely new to this wonderful community and I would like to make this first thread of mine to ask the pros and the experienced audio mages what should be my first setup, do I even need a setup , are there headphones that'll start me off without the need for an...
  14. Y

    help finding 4pin xlr cable for the hifiman

    as the thread title says im looking for a balanced xlr for the he4xx i had heard the that they used dual 2.5mm but when i got them in they seem to be 3.5 because i see they are the same size as the 3.5mm connector that i can plug into my phone (im not using it on my phone btw just saying thats...
  15. Kanev24

    What is the Best type of sound signature for heavy metal/rock

    ive been searching for my first good iem. I think I’ve decided on the Ibasso IT03’s. But would they provide a good sound signiture for metal? Or am I going to be missing out? What would be the best type of signiture/what are some iem suggestions for these genres?
  16. Y

    my first, hopefully last, desktop balanced dac amp

    hey guys i just recently got into the audio game and i got myself a hifiman he4xx with the fiio q1mk2. later on i will get tougher to drive headphones and im hoping to start at a point that i dont have to upgrade more and spend more money you know. saving the money for the future now basically...
  17. Kanev24

    Any iem’s better than the ibasso it03 for the price?

    Been looking for a good iem to use daily on my iPhoneX and be powered with the included single or a cheap portable dac. I mainly listen to rock, metal, hip-hop, chill relaxed music (blackbear), and solo guitarists. I’ve been doing some research and have become fond of the ibasso it03’s. Anyone...
  18. Kanev24

    I want to begin my long journey to becoming an audiophile and I have a few questions.

    So I've been wanting to get into the audiophile scene for quite some time now. I listen to music all day every day, from the moment I get to school until I either have to go to work or go to bed. I’m currently just using the standard EarPods that came with my iPhoneX on a daily basis. I own the...
  19. musicalychallenged

    can speakers or some sound system be connnected to a nintendo switch ?

    Hello everyone today i got the thought about trying to connect my Focusrite with my Nintendo switch, i have a monitor im using with my switch and it has speakers but damn they are bad, i wanted to see if i could connect my focusrite on one of the USB ports on the Nintendo dock, but i couldn't...
  20. T

    Closed Headphones Update Needed

    Hey all, I'm looking to get new headphones, closed back and over the ear. I love the sound of my MH50s but the headband has become crazy uncomfortable, even with the wool add on piece you can get off Amazon. Anyways I'll keep it short. I've looked over some of the other posts similar to this...
  21. musicalychallenged

    Noise on one IEM i recently got

    Hello everyone I'm here because im looking for help or some advice on what i could get or might need, i recently bought an IEM from Massdrop it was the Noble x Massdrop IEM and i mean i feel the price was nice and great look to it as well, but recently i started using it with my Schiit Fulla 2...
  22. musicalychallenged

    Simple bed listening.

    Hello everyone the other day i wanted to watch videos on my phone but wanted to use my fulla 2 with my IEM but i dont have an AUX cable and couldnt do it, my desk and monitors arent so far away from my bed and i can plug my fulla to a power source near me. What i wanted to know is if i can use...
  23. AthenaZephyrian

    DAC and amp advice for DT1990 or Hifiman Sundara (undecided)

    I'm considering a Sundara or DT1990, and have been informed that my current source lineup is insufficient to make them sing. I currently have a Little Dot I+ with an LT1364 or AD823 op-amp (I switch them depending on music) and Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV tubes. I drive this via the SMSL M6's onboard DAC...
  24. AthenaZephyrian

    $500 or less upgrade to HE400I?

    Hi all! I have a pair of HE400I I quite like, but they are lacking something in realism, and to sound really pleasing, I have to EQ them to flat, which is easier said than done. I’m looking for a pair of headphones that won’t be a simple sidegrade. I’m willing to get a new amplifier if need...
  25. UHJan

    Professor needs urgent help: AKG N40 or Shure se425 (bt1 package)

    Hi guys, I recently invested in my first DAP (pioneer xdp-300r) which I have been using with beyerdynamic dt1350 and Bose qc35. Due to high temps this summer its quite painfull to wear them out or on my 3hour(1 way) commute. I am looking to pair it with a good pair of IEM, as I can't listen to...