Looking for advice on a new headphone under 180$ (150€)
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Baron Lubrique

New Head-Fier
May 23, 2021
Hi, I'm a noob searching for a new headphone after my ATH M40X, really good by the way but a bit dull after a few years of use. I'm using it only on my computer, I don't care about portability but I care about the quality of build, I still hate the Razer Kraken for it's poor quality. I'm looking for something under 150 bucks (or close to at least) and I don't use any DAC or amp. I'm mainly listening metal (from power to prog), classical, folk, chiptune and electro house.

So far the Sony MDR-1AM2, the Bang Olufsen H6 and the Sennheiser HD25 Plus caught my interest, they are under 150 bucks in my country and they all seem to have some personnality which is what I'm seeking. So I'm would be grateful if someone tell me if they are adequate for my use and if they worth it.
Also I already modded my ATH with new pads and cable so I'm not reluctant to uncomfortable headphones with a short cable.

Le Baron Lubrique.

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