help and recommendations
  1. DmitriWolts

    Upgrading from HD600 to either Arya V3,HD800s,LCD-X,MM500,Focal Clear,Aeon Noire? Need help with choosing.

    Hello everyone! I have been enjoying my beloved HD600 for a while now, and they are almost perfect to me, but i itch for more technicalities, a planar HD600 if that can be achieved. I have sort of tried some of the cans mentioned, i had owned the OG HD800, i loved the technicalities, the...
  2. D

    Need help finding IEM.

    I have a budget of around 200 dollars and I need an IEM that is capable of good noise cancellation and is wireless. I have no idea what to buy.
  3. H

    Which TWS should I pick? TWX9/Free byrd/FW1000t

    Hi yall, I am looking for advices on which TWS should I choose. I have been browsing different websites and threads in head-fi, now I have 3 top picks but they do not have demo units to try at where I live so I hope people who know more about headphones(all of you) or have tried/bought them to...
  4. J

    Budget iem- upgrade from blon bl 03

    Presently i am using blon bl o3 with shanling ua2 portable dac….can anyone suggest me some iems to upgrade from blons budget around 100-150$
  5. Pumpo

    Absolute best speaker setup for under 1.5k USD

    Hello all, I am looking to get into speakers, but have no idea where to start, I am in need of a complete setup (I.E Audio interface, cables, stands) and am wondering what the best setup I could get for $1.5k is. Near field monitors are my main target right now due to my room acoustics...
  6. T


    Hello UM MEST MK2 owners! I'm most likely going to be acquiring a set of Unique Melody MEST MK2s in the near future, but the seller has mentioned that he/she doesn't have any tips to go with them (why, I'm not sure, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me personally). As I've never had experience...
  7. sesu

    In-Ear recommendation needed, new IE after 12 years

    Hello everyone, so after using my Westone 2 for, I think 12 years, it is time for something new. The cable is not user replaceable and starts to fall apart. I‘ve AirPods Pro and Sennheiser TW2 but they are more for day to day travel. For working in the office and listening to music so I can...
  8. zabiri

    Recommend, Moondrop kato vs 7hz timeless which is better for soundstage and imaging?

    Hi I am a new member here. I am planning to finally upgrade from Fiio fh3 to a bit better gear. I am aware of the sound characteristics and technicalities of both Moondrop kato and 7hz timeless. I need one with better soundstage and imaging. So please let me know which is better. Thanks.
  9. C

    Just here for a simple amp question for SE846's for PC!

    I currently have a pair of Se846's and se215's. I dont want to use them outside of my windows PC. I use them for music and gaming and zoom calls. I want to amplify their sound/use them properly and am looking for a DAC+amp that just simply works for PC without issues. I have a magni 3 amp...
  10. J

    What DAC/AMP to use with a MacBook Pro to stream audio to LDAC Bluetooth headphones

    Hello, My first post and I hope I'm doing it right :) ... otherwise let me know, and I'll be better the next time :P I would like to get help to choose a DAC/AMP to pair with my MacBook Pro to be able to listen music on HI-quality on my LDAC Bluetooth headphones. I'm not an expert of this...
  11. P

    Cheap Sony Discman that can be plugged into the wall?

    Hi, I want a cheap Sony Discman with decent sound quality, can read CD-Rs, can use regular headphones and can be plugged into a wall outlet to run without batteries, what should I buy?
  12. S

    Newbie introduction and needing DAP suggestions

    Hey everyone, i'm totally new to this hobby and want to start getting into DAPs and pairing them with decent IEMs. I have a budget of about 2000€ (for DAP + IEM) and really wanna invest into something portable, since i do travel a lot. Overview of DAPs i looked at: First off the IBasso DX240...
  13. C

    Wanting to buy new headphones

    I currently use the m50x, they sound ok but not very impressive. I don't exactly know my preference in the tuning. But I like how the 7hz timeless sounds, same with Mangird tea's. I know that headphones don't sound the same as iems but i like tuning of them. I mostly listen to rap. I prefer them...
  14. F

    Dead OH10's?

    Hi all, I'm fairly new in the Audiophile hobby (absorbing information stage) and need some help. So story time. I bought my first pair of IEM's, the Ikko OH10's, used them in my crappy headphone stand DAC and on my phone, and they were really fun IEMs to listen to, great clarity, great bass...
  15. Pinkomeno

    [Help pls] Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition having some sort of ripples

    Hi! I was listening to music when I decided to do some A/B testing between my Aune X1S and an onboard soundcard. I was truly shocked as how much of a difference there was actually, the Aune being much brighter and having a lot of (I think) ringing in the upper range of the frequency spectrum, so...
  16. Ten Pence Piece

    New IEM suggestions and help ~£250-400

    Hello, I'm looking to get some new IEMs somewhere in the price region of £250-400. I recently got the Flare Audio E-Prototype but will be returning as the build quality and overall sound is not up to what I expected. I listen to mostly hip-hop, rap, jazz, rock, and classical music. I prefer...
  17. H

    Sennheiser HD 650 Headphone Driver Dents Help

    Hello Headphone audio was distorted for some time in my HD 650's and I decided to take them apart and clean the drivers. There was a ton of hair, dust and dirt inside both drivers I used a tweezer and soft paintbrush to clean them. In the process I think I might of cause a few very small...
  18. H

    Sennheiser HD 650 Headphone Driver Dents Help

    Hello Headphone audio was distorted for some time in my HD 650's and I decided to take them apart and clean the drivers. There was a ton of hair, dust and dirt inside both drivers I used a tweezer and soft paintbrush to clean them. In the process I think I might of cause a few very small...
  19. P

    IEM Under $175 CDN + and Maybe a Cheaper one as a Present Recommendation.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an IEM under $175 CDN (I'll explain why later) and a sub $100 IEM for my sister (though I might already have it). For my sister I bought a CCA C10, but it's so uncomfortable I'm already thinking about the process of returning it. The earbuds are either so big...
  20. J


    Would these earphones be good paired with this dac? Earphones: Dac...
  21. Amber~Nikki

    Amp and Dac or a better amp and no dac?

    On my first setup and was wondering you all's opinion on whether its better to buy and amp and a dac or ditch the dac and use that money to get an even better amp
  22. D

    Need recommendations for headphone DAC and AMP

    More looking to learn what is good at each price point (just going for sound accuracy and ability to drive higher impedance headphones for whenever I get them), and what the differences are when you go up a tier. Budget is probably 2k or less combined, but maybe flexible if it's really...
  23. C

    Looking for a upgrade from my current iems.

    I am looking to buy a new set of iem's but since I have only ever owned my current pair (Ibasso It01's) I am unsure what to get really, but I have been between the sets listed below. Also I'm open to any suggestions you might have! my budget is 350.00$ usd... but because of where I live I have...
  24. S

    Thoughts on the KRK KNS 8400?

    Hiya, new member here! Just curious on everyone's thoughts on this pair of cans before buying them, particularly on the reliability side of things. I've previously owned the Shure SRH940 and been burned on the reliability of the headband (broke after ~2-3 months of usage) and the AKG K845 BT...
  25. L

    Headphone Upgrade from AKG Q701

    Hi all, new to this forum and looking for some help and advice on some new headphones to upgrade to from the AKG Q701. I recently purchased the Beyerdynamic Amiron and, whilst they do have some great qualities to them, have found them to be a little different to the Q701. Granted the Amiron do...