help and recommendations
  1. Y

    Best male vocals on iem?

    I keep hearing great things about the elysian Diva, but they only mention female vocals, and I don't really have a lot of female artists in my playlists. A majority, like 98%, is male. What are some other recommendations, that don't break the bank.
  2. A

    Help Comparing UM Mest OG VS MK and IER Z1R

    Hi, I just recently got a UM Mest OG and I’m liking it a lot so far. I enjoy the bass but i also feel like it could slam a bit more. I’m wondering if the MK2 has better bass then the original? On the other hand since bass slam is mainly what I’m looking for if I should just go after an IER Z1R...
  3. N

    Headphone Power Requirements.

    So I've been doing a lot of casual research over the last couple years on headphones/amps and they function as a whole. Still learning more and always willing to get more answers from this talented and I feel may be *slightly* over-qualified audio community 🙃. Nah, in all seriousness you guys...
  4. A

    "Audio64 Tia Trio Review: Laid-Back Sound with Recessed Mids and Less Fullness - Looking for Recommendations"

    So, I've recently tested plenty of IEMs and I was really impressed with the Audio64 Tia Trio. I enjoy its laid-back sound and everything else about it. However, I've noticed that the mids feel recessed and a bit less full, which is my only complaint. I'm looking for recommendations on how to...
  5. Z

    IEMs under $300 to replace Moondrop Aria

    Hi, I wanted to upgrade my pair of Arias and I've set the budget to about $300. Obviously I'd prefer something near $200. I listen to mostly Hip-hop but I dabble into everything else too. My preferred sound signature is warm/not lifeless. I was hoping to find something that sounded more spacious...
  6. A

    Topping E50 vs D90se

    Hi, I wanted to find out just how much better a D90se is vs the E50. I just got into hifi a few months ago with a e50 and l50 stack. Since there is a sale going on for the D90se I want to find out if it worth the upgrade. If I upgrade to the D90se I’ll probably also end up getting the a90d later...
  7. M

    Help me to choose between these headphone models as my first decent one

    Hey! I've been struggling to choose my first good headphones. After reading articles and reviews, I got some candidates but can't choose. Would you help me pls? I'm considering between: -Sennheiser 560s -Shure SRH-840A (or 440A) -Audio-technica 50 (wired, probably) -Meze 99 Neo (not classic...
  8. exhale

    [Help and recommendations] Complimentary pair of headphones

    Hello everyone, I usually do my own research and draw my own conclusions and make my own decisions when it comes to headphones. But for a while now, i'm at a loss and my issue is this: i am searching for a complimentary pair of headphones, something that goes well against my current daily...
  9. SoundCzech

    Please, help me find one (or two?) new headphones...

    Hello, fellow headphone lovers! I am reaching out regarding my search for new headphones. While I am getting ready to visit Munich 2023 Hi-Fi expo, I would like to make sure I do not miss any brand/model you think might fit my needs. Let me open by going over headphones I previously owned...
  10. Leomasta

    M1570 vs the LCD-2C? Looking for recommendations

    Hey! Been thinking if I should go for the M1570 or the LCD-2C or just save for a LCD-X. Maybe you've other headphones to recommends too. I prefer to use planar cause i'm using EQ. :D
  11. S

    Newbie questions: HD820 thoughts and power requirements?

    Hi there, I am recently into more "serious" listening, therefore I apologize in advance for my uneducated questions and seemingly stupid decisions. The main question I have is whether the HD820 can be powered adequately by the ZEN DAC v1. I am not very happy with the sound and I cannot help but...
  12. L

    Tube Basic Question / Confusion 6N3, 6A8Q, 2C51, ECF82, 6H3N

    I'm new to the hobby of tubes but got a taste for it with a little Douk Audio T8 Tube Balanced EQ. I really want to try tube rolling and am therefore looking for suitable tubes. Now it is the case that tubes have many different names and although the numbers are relatively similar, they are not...
  13. Wiscious

    Help me describe bass impact/slam

    Hey, I wonder if everyone might be able to help me articulate what type of sound I’m trying to describe. I love the physical effect of a bass drum ‘hitting’ my ear. That slamming of a beat that is physical and ‘punchy’ but without sounding muddy. I also like to hear each instrument and...
  14. P

    I've been using <10$ IEMs for the past few years, maybe its time to "upgrade" to <50$, any suggestions?.

    I've gone through a few pairs of these, likely knockoff, AKG IEMs that I got off Amazon and the last pair is finally starting to give away with the left side's audio being completely gone. After a bit of searching I quickly came to the conclusion that I have no idea what I'm looking at and...
  15. DmitriWolts

    Upgrading from HD600 to either Arya V3,HD800s,LCD-X,MM500,Focal Clear,Aeon Noire? Need help with choosing.

    Hello everyone! I have been enjoying my beloved HD600 for a while now, and they are almost perfect to me, but i itch for more technicalities, a planar HD600 if that can be achieved. I have sort of tried some of the cans mentioned, i had owned the OG HD800, i loved the technicalities, the...
  16. D

    Need help finding IEM.

    I have a budget of around 200 dollars and I need an IEM that is capable of good noise cancellation and is wireless. I have no idea what to buy.
  17. H

    Which TWS should I pick? TWX9/Free byrd/FW1000t

    Hi yall, I am looking for advices on which TWS should I choose. I have been browsing different websites and threads in head-fi, now I have 3 top picks but they do not have demo units to try at where I live so I hope people who know more about headphones(all of you) or have tried/bought them to...
  18. J

    Budget iem- upgrade from blon bl 03

    Presently i am using blon bl o3 with shanling ua2 portable dac….can anyone suggest me some iems to upgrade from blons budget around 100-150$
  19. Pumpo

    Absolute best speaker setup for under 1.5k USD

    Hello all, I am looking to get into speakers, but have no idea where to start, I am in need of a complete setup (I.E Audio interface, cables, stands) and am wondering what the best setup I could get for $1.5k is. Near field monitors are my main target right now due to my room acoustics...
  20. T


    Hello UM MEST MK2 owners! I'm most likely going to be acquiring a set of Unique Melody MEST MK2s in the near future, but the seller has mentioned that he/she doesn't have any tips to go with them (why, I'm not sure, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me personally). As I've never had experience...
  21. sesu

    In-Ear recommendation needed, new IE after 12 years

    Hello everyone, so after using my Westone 2 for, I think 12 years, it is time for something new. The cable is not user replaceable and starts to fall apart. I‘ve AirPods Pro and Sennheiser TW2 but they are more for day to day travel. For working in the office and listening to music so I can...
  22. zabiri

    Recommend, Moondrop kato vs 7hz timeless which is better for soundstage and imaging?

    Hi I am a new member here. I am planning to finally upgrade from Fiio fh3 to a bit better gear. I am aware of the sound characteristics and technicalities of both Moondrop kato and 7hz timeless. I need one with better soundstage and imaging. So please let me know which is better. Thanks.
  23. C

    Just here for a simple amp question for SE846's for PC!

    I currently have a pair of Se846's and se215's. I dont want to use them outside of my windows PC. I use them for music and gaming and zoom calls. I want to amplify their sound/use them properly and am looking for a DAC+amp that just simply works for PC without issues. I have a magni 3 amp...
  24. J

    What DAC/AMP to use with a MacBook Pro to stream audio to LDAC Bluetooth headphones

    Hello, My first post and I hope I'm doing it right :) ... otherwise let me know, and I'll be better the next time :P I would like to get help to choose a DAC/AMP to pair with my MacBook Pro to be able to listen music on HI-quality on my LDAC Bluetooth headphones. I'm not an expert of this...
  25. P

    Cheap Sony Discman that can be plugged into the wall?

    Hi, I want a cheap Sony Discman with decent sound quality, can read CD-Rs, can use regular headphones and can be plugged into a wall outlet to run without batteries, what should I buy?