1. SolidVictory

    EarSonics SM3 in-ear monitors + FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier + Unused Comply & Silicon tips + FREE shipping in U.S.!

    Hello head-fiers!  My old head-fi feedback thread is here.   Today is a sad day for me as I have finally decided to part with my beloved EarSonics SM3. After having purchased a set of customs (JH-16's), I no longer need these SM3's and am putting them up for sale.   The SM3's are in...
  2. Connnorrr

    FS - Audio-Technica ATH-A700 W/ Free Fiio E5

    Looking to sell my ATH-A700's that I got back in August '09, have over 300 hrs on them, in great shape. Great starter headphones, and I'll be throwing in a Fiio E5 for those interested. No original box, comes with 1/4th adapter. If you need pictures of something on the headphone or the E5...
  3. Windsor

    ==SOLD== FiiO E5 headphone amplifier + free in-ear headphones

    I'm selling an almost new, seldom-used FiiO E5 headphone amplifier. As a bonus, I'll include a free pair of in-ear headphones to the winning buyer.   The price is in UK £ and shipping will be £3 for special delivery.
  4. trex998

    KSC 75, Fiio E5, Fiio E3, Sony D-11 Discman bundle sale. FREE Miu-Audio MR2-Pro to buyer. (AUS)

    The bundle sale includes: 1.) KOSS KSC75 (Re-terminated with neutrik plug) (AUD15) 2.) Fiio E5 amplifier (AUD15) 3.) Fiio E3 amplifier (AUD5) 4.) Sony D-11 Discman (SOLD)   All in excellent working condition.   I would also like to pass on to the buyer a pair of Miu-Audio MR2-Pro...
  5. iano

    SOLD: Lightly used Fiio E5 (x2), and Fiio E3

    These portable amps are available, all very lightly used. Willing to consider trades for little dot components (particularly CDP1), any interesting IEM;s or CD players, I would add extra cash of course for those items. Any common sense offers considered, thanks, SOLD or above for the...
  6. muxenle

    which amp to get? fiio e5 vs fiio e1

    okay, I'm consdering either getting a fiio e5  (possibley with a LOD cable) or a fii0 e1.   head phones I'm looking to amp is a pair of JH 5 pros   I've read that over all the e1 is a bit better than the e5, but I also do a fair amount of listening on my laptop. My other main source, as...
  7. jellothatsyellow

    A Black 4gb Sansa Fuze, FiiO L6 LOD, Fiio e5 and extras

      I am selling one black 4gb Sansa Fuze, one FiiO L6 LOD, one black Fiio e5 portable amp and extra misc. items for the Fuze. This set-up has been my portable rig for about a year now, but a rapidly approaching confrontation with independent life is forcing me to abandon everything not...
  8. gunhound45

    FiiO E5 questions

    I plan on using this with my computer. Using some HD558's and a Xonar DX soundcard.   1. will I notice any difference? 2. can I power it solely by USB? 3. are there better amps for the same price?
  9. bkchurch

    Best universal IEM for $100-$150 to be paired with Pandora/MOG/Spotify and amped by a Fiio E5

    Pretty much what the title says. I've no interest in carrying a pair of headphones around with me when I'm on the go but I'd still like something that sounds good and isolates well. My primary source of mobile music these days is Pandora and MOG (MOG is apt to be replaced by Spotify when it...
  10. bkchurch

    Amps the size of the Fiio E5 but... better

    So after a long hard fought internal struggle the HiFiMan RE262 beat out the Fischer Audio DBA-02 for my future IEMs. My original plan was to use these with my phone and a Fiio E5 with services like Amazon Cloud Storage and MOG (and pretty soon Spotify *girlish scream*). The phone/streaming...
  11. DannyBai

    HIFIMAN RE262 bundled with Fiio E5 and other iems for sale.

    I purchased these from another Head-Fier and have rarely used them.  The earphones are in like new condition.  Includes the gigantic hard box, three pairs of single flanges, three pairs of bi-flanges, four sets of speaker cover stickers, shirt clip and manual.  The Fiio E5 is brand new with all...
  12. oldschool

    1 inch 3.5mm interconnect + Neutrik right angle plug + Fiio E5

    - Interconnect is Mogami Neglex OFC wire, golden Neutrik  plugs; very flexible, perfect for portable amps - Neutrik right angle golden plug, cryo treated - used Fiio E5, good condition, no cable   $15 shipped. EU preferred.
  13. r_monk

    Sansa Fuze+ 4GB with Fiio E5 portable amp

    For sale: Sansa Fuze 4GB in mint condition. Bought it about 6 weeks ago and unfortunately... don't like it.   Comes with: Fiio E5 portable amp.   Including USB cables (both for the Fuze and the E5)
  14. ilmenaglar

    Monster Turbine Copper combined with FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier.

    Hey guys,   Just wanted to know if anyone has used this combined with the Coppers. Is it worth it? Will it boost up my bass by any chance? Or is there any other amplifier that is even better than this one?   Thanks
  15. mps83

    FiiO E5 or FiiO E6 ??

    I've ordered the FiiO E5 to use with my Phonak PFE headphones and my ZuneHD mp3 player. I didn't realise that there was a FiiO E6 available.   My question is.......   Is it worth getting the E6 over the E5 model?   Thanks   P.S Sorry can a mod please move this to the correct forum.
  16. vytman

    Ety ER4P + 4S adapter + Fiio E5

    Hey guys, I received today my 4P to S adapter, I paired it with a Fiio E5 I had at home and I'm not blown away with the sound quality. To be true, I prefer the 4P alone.    Should I get a better amp or my adapter isn't very good?   My source is a SGS with Voodoo Sound.   Thanks.
  17. Totally Dubbed

    FREE = Now GIVEN AWAY - FiiO E5

    Hey there :)   Free to go to a home. My E5, works...but not fully.   When put on "no extra bass" settings, it seems like the right side of your earphones or headphones is louder than the left But on bass mode -> it sounds fine.   So not worth selling, not worth keeping (I have...
  18. KKSlider1337

    Really bizarre issue with Fiio E5...

    Hey there,   I use a Fiio E5 with an iPod Touch 4G and LOD cable, and my headphones are Goldring NS-1000s. I've noticed a really weird phenomenon though, and I'm sure I'm not imagining it. For some reason, the sound quality seems to improve when the battery has been depleted a considerable...
  19. wormsdriver

    Ultimate Ears Super Fi 3 + Fiio E5

    Up for sale is a pair of UE Super Fi 3 in good condition. Only one pair of sleeves included and I'll throw in a Fiio E5 portable headphone amp which makes this a very nice and affordable little set up.   $45 + $5.15 for priority mail shipping. Paypal as a gift or add 4%. ConUS shipping only...
  20. soundstige

    FiiO E5 Silver Mini Headphone Amplifier, Free USA shipping, no PayPal fees

    I have a FiiO E5 for sale. Works perfectly, naturally. It's so tiny, the perfect size for a newer generation iPod Nano, or something like a Sansa Clip Zip. It comes only with the amplifier, a generic charging cable, and a generic 3.5mm connector cable. Price in title is inclusive of all fees in...
  21. Snowmen96

    Fiio E7 vs Fiio E5 + Sound Card

    Hi folks! :)   I recently bought my first pair of decent headphones based on a review I saw here at Head-Fi. The chosen ones were the Denon DN-HP700 and I couldn't be happier with them but now, I want them to truely shine. So far, they only ran on onboard audio and my iPod touch, both being...
  22. wormsdriver

    Thinksound ts02 + free Fiio e5

    Up for sale is a pair of Thinksound ts02, they are in good condition. I am not shure if I have any sleeves for these, but I'll see what I find when I get home in the morning and update this post. I will throw in a free fiio e5 amp and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect. $43 shipped. Paypal as gift...
  23. guerillaw

    Miles Davis Tribute Great Condition Priced to Move ASAP - Free Fiio E5 amp

    I bought these recently from this forum for 175 shipped. They were advertised as almost new including the purchase receipt and that description is accurate. I use them For 2 weeks and the sound is excellent  just as the reviews state. However, after trying these and several other in ear monitors...
  24. gintoh

    Amp as small as fiio e5 but without hissing during quiet parts?

    Anyone know of any? Using to amp hm5.
  25. Night Crawler

    FS: 4GB Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) + FiiO E5 + SanDisk 32GB microSDHC

    Selling my first ever fully portable rig, which I used exclusively for all of my IEM's, and no longer use since I've found a new portable rig (J3 + E17). As per the title, setup consist of the following:   4GB Black Sansa Clip+ (updated to the latest firmware, complete with the latest...