1. bkchurch

    Amps the size of the Fiio E5 but... better

    So after a long hard fought internal struggle the HiFiMan RE262 beat out the Fischer Audio DBA-02 for my future IEMs. My original plan was to use these with my phone and a Fiio E5 with services like Amazon Cloud Storage and MOG (and pretty soon Spotify *girlish scream*). The phone/streaming...
  2. ilmenaglar

    Monster Turbine Copper combined with FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier.

    Hey guys,   Just wanted to know if anyone has used this combined with the Coppers. Is it worth it? Will it boost up my bass by any chance? Or is there any other amplifier that is even better than this one?   Thanks
  3. mps83

    FiiO E5 or FiiO E6 ??

    I've ordered the FiiO E5 to use with my Phonak PFE headphones and my ZuneHD mp3 player. I didn't realise that there was a FiiO E6 available.   My question is.......   Is it worth getting the E6 over the E5 model?   Thanks   P.S Sorry can a mod please move this to the correct forum.
  4. vytman

    Ety ER4P + 4S adapter + Fiio E5

    Hey guys, I received today my 4P to S adapter, I paired it with a Fiio E5 I had at home and I'm not blown away with the sound quality. To be true, I prefer the 4P alone.    Should I get a better amp or my adapter isn't very good?   My source is a SGS with Voodoo Sound.   Thanks.
  5. KKSlider1337

    Really bizarre issue with Fiio E5...

    Hey there,   I use a Fiio E5 with an iPod Touch 4G and LOD cable, and my headphones are Goldring NS-1000s. I've noticed a really weird phenomenon though, and I'm sure I'm not imagining it. For some reason, the sound quality seems to improve when the battery has been depleted a considerable...
  6. Snowmen96

    Fiio E7 vs Fiio E5 + Sound Card

    Hi folks! :)   I recently bought my first pair of decent headphones based on a review I saw here at Head-Fi. The chosen ones were the Denon DN-HP700 and I couldn't be happier with them but now, I want them to truely shine. So far, they only ran on onboard audio and my iPod touch, both being...
  7. gintoh

    Amp as small as fiio e5 but without hissing during quiet parts?

    Anyone know of any? Using to amp hm5.

    Need a portable amp... Fiio E5 or E6??

    hey guys im thinking of getting an amp for my IEMS, dont want to spend too much, up to $US 50 is ok. So, E5 or E6?? thanks for any suggestions
  9. RJL24

    Unique need, FiiO e5, e6 or e7

    Own a LG 37LH30 TV with an optical digital audio (Toslink) output.  No headphone jack.   I own a pair of decent Bose in ear headphones, and other headphones.   May purchase Sennheiser RS120 or other wireless phones also.   Considering purchasing for my setup:     Fiio E 6 or E7 (I...
  10. Agony

    FiiO E5

    What do you guys usually use your E5 for? I just received mine today, and the thing overall seems useless, except for the bass boost feature. It didn't really help drive my TF10s; I know for sure the 3GS cannot power it sufficiently. Or can it? Ah well.   I'm just curious as to how you guys...
  11. papaya

    Fiio E5 Battery replacement question

    Hi guys, any of you have replaced the E5 battery, mine needs replacement. I read it uses same battery as ipod shuffle, however i couldn't figure out which generation of ipod shuffle it shares the same type of battery.   Can any of you folks help?
  12. Davicii

    Headphones under $50 recommendation

    I'm looking for some headphones under $50. I typically listen to Dubstep and often complain about the lack of bass or sound I get from most headphones, but i also listen to other types of music. I have my eye on one pair here but I'm not sure it will be up to my standards, if you have any other...
  13. ilikedonkeys39

    Amp for my m80's

    I've had my m80's for about a month now and i like them a lot, but in certain songs i feel like the bass is a little lacking, i am a slight bass head though so that is why. I've tried using my ipod eq and it just sounds bad. So what is a good cheap portable amp, (around $30ish) to make the bass...
  14. cyris69

    Looking for my first set of cans.

    I'm want to start off saying I apologize for creating a newb thread. I just couldn't come to my own conclusion.   With that said I've been scouring the intraweb for a first set of high end headphones.   The only high end phones I own are some Turtle Beach true 5.1 headphones no digital...
  15. zantaff

    Completely new to Amps. Are they actually worth it?

    I've been looking at headphones for a while now, and all of a sudden amps start showing up. What are they, how do they work? Do they need batteries or external power? Are they actually useful for portable devices?     Sorry, lots of noob questions. Ignore this post, or direct me somewhere. 
  16. boost3d

    Need help with IEM for Trance (have it limited down to 3 IEMs)

    As the title states Im looking for a set of IEMs that shine when listening to trance. My budget is ~$50. After some research I have the selection limited to the Soundmagic E30, Brainwavz M5, or Brainwavz R1. Im not quite sure which direction to head into from here and some help would be...
  17. Xcuz

    Headphone Amp Under $100

    I'm looking for a suitable headphone amp under $100 for my laptop to use with my Audio Technica ATH-M50's and my Sony MDR-1R's. I mostly listen to chill electronic and dubstep. Preferably portable, but I don't want a large amp.   I've already looked at the Fiio lineup, but none really suit...
  18. bigcat47

    Need Reasonable Priced Portable Dac/Amp to Power the Sennhesier's HD 598

    Need something with enough muscle to drive the Senn. HD 598 Through a portable device ( andriod tablet , mp3 ) and pc. ANy suggestions ?  Thanks.
  19. Sraigux

    Amp or DAC?

    So this January I bought myself a pair of ATH-M50's and have been thoroughly impressed with them. However, I am looking to upgrade my kit, and am wondering whether I should buy an amp or a DAC?   Or if its feasible, both. I've been looking at the O2 for an amp, or the Fiio E17 an an amp/DAC...
  20. ctykil

    Monster Turbine, Beats Tours or Sennheiser IE60?

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for new in ear headphones, but I can't decide which one is the best for the music I like. So i hope you could give me some advice. I mainly listen to Rock music, but I also listen much to Pop/Dance/House/DnB. I know music is mainly personal experience, but I just...
  21. pisiiki

    Sennheiser HD 600, do I need an Amp?

    Hello I have spent a couple of days reading about headphones and amps. My old HD 595 is dying and I am looking for a replacement so I thought I could buy the HD 800 and "just plug it" into my pc. Then I realized that I was going to literally throw the money to the trash if I didn't pair them...
  22. Korean

    Loudest Bass IEM

    Hey all, I need some help deciding which IEM's to buy. I would like the absolute [B]loudest[B] bass I can get when plugged into my iPhone. I recently lost my Audio-Technica CKS-77's and decided I needed something with louder bass. My price range is around $100, and some IEM's I've found from...
  23. GodGunZ

    Best headphone under $80

    i will buy a headphone formy new computer, i know that "gaming" headset are overpriced so i am looking for the best phones for the price I will buy in amazon and in here they are selling for $67.99 i think is good. but don't know are better option at the same price i see the sennheiser hd 429...
  24. posticepurr

    best headphones for under ~$100-150?

    Hi, i know this is probably a bit lower budget than what usually is discussed here, but right now i really don't have any more money to spend without it just being extremely financially irresponsible. And my older pair of headphones is broken, so i literally do not have any headphones right now...
  25. Stdella

    How to connect ath m50 + fiio e5 portable amp to Ps3 ?

    So i ordered the ath m50 headphones and i want to use them with my ipod, phone and also my PS3 but i dont know how.   Ive been told that i need a portable amp for a better control on volume and better sound quality to take full advantage of my headphones, im on a budget so the fiio e5 is the...