1. Nicholasheadfi2

    Need dac/amp for shure 535

    Hey headfi people Just purchased the shure 535 and am running them on my iPhone 4s I am currently looking for a suitable amp/dac to improve the sound Quality ' don't get me wrong they sound amazing as they are but feel They are to bright as they are , they feel very loud overall on the highs...
  2. NinjaDuck

    Which IEMs would you suggest that don't exceed ~$80? (details listed)

    Long and dreary:   I've grown tired of purchasing $20 IEMs only for them to crap out in 10 months, and I end up having to buy a new pair, or use ones that came with a device I had bought. So during the past couple of weeks, I've been beginning to get familiar with all the terms. I'll admit my...
  3. ilusha1

    need a budget mobile amp ~40$

    HI, i am getting my ath m-50  and i want a budget mobile amp so i can enjoy the sound on the run,  paired up with SD sansa + mp3 player and m-50  budget 40~  thanks in advance!
  4. opsitiveguy

    Good Audio Source for headphones??

    HI Everyone, This is my first thread in head-fi, I enjoy listening to music extensively. I have a HM5 and sony in ear monitors. I will go mid range headphone soon but haven't unleashed the full power of my HM5's yet. I will listen music from galaxy s2 320kbps files using poweramp or nrg player...
  5. Itskewl42

    Lookin for sub $50 headphones

    I have radius atomic bass 2s which i am very happy with but i want some over ears and my knowledge of those goes about as far as some $30 skullcandys. I listen to rap/reggae/house/dubstep so i want really good bass but i need clarity too. Thats about it but please actually own these before you...
  6. KodaO

    150~ Headphones, well balanced, slight emphasis on bass

    My XB500's burnt out and I want something well balanced with a slight bass emphasis, the bass on the XB's was too muddy for me. I don't plan on getting an amp. Any suggestions?
  7. Lumos

    Semi open vs open headphone for classical music

    Hello people I am about to buy open or semi open headphone for orchestra and opera music. Besides AKG K 240 studio and Audio-Technica ATH AD700 nothing is in my head... can you suggest if I have any more options?   Which one is more better semi open or open?   My price range is 100 $...
  8. avilamillar

    Portable amp for Grado SR80i

    Hi, i just bought a Grado SR80i and im using it on my ipod, would it sound better if i use an amp? i dont want to spend too much money. something like this: FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier: Electronics Thanks
  9. charger35

    Headphone amps

    What is the best way to determine if you should buy an amp for your headphones?  Is there a certain impedance that headphones should have before you consider an amp?
  10. danquoc

    What do amps exactly do?

    All I know is that they enhance the music experience. I'm thinking why not get one of these badboys. How's the Fiio E5 with the M-80s? Can it enhance/reduce bass?
  11. nucgaek

    Ultra-portable Amps

    I was just wondering what ultra-portable amps were available? The only ones I've seen so far are the Digizoid ZO2 and the iBasso T3, other like the T5 are similar in size but muc heavier, so  is there anything else worth considering in the $60-150 range?   Some specs:   Digizoid ZO2.3...
  12. Pika007

    Fiio E5 Vs. Fiio E6

    Hi I'm searching for a small portable half decent amp, the first option that popped up was the ever so popular Fiio E5. Now, i saw that there's another model, the E6, that is sold for roughly the same price. Some places claim that it is the same amp, just with different shape, some say the...
  13. bowei006

    [FiiO] E02i 'Rocky' Review

    FiiO E02i Rocky Smartphone Headphone Amplifier       More pics in Spoiler box!:   Imgur album link:   READ THE REVIEW HERE:   Introduction: FiiO has just unveiled a new headphone amplifier...
  14. Andy80F

    DT770 (Beyerdynamic) 250 ohm. Will a CMOY power it?

    My local store has the DT 770 available in 250 ohm guise and from searches so far it seems that some sort of amping will be needed.  I have a low end Fiio, the E5, which I know will be useless but also an older but well made CMOY, Penguin Caffiene, amp which runs from a 9v PP3 battery.  Will the...
  15. jaylim0512

    Audio Technica ATH-M50/Galaxy Nexus

    I have the Audio Technica ATH-M50s and I'm using the Galaxy Nexus as a portable device player.   Will I be able to power these headphones with this cellphone or will I need an amp?   If the Nexus isn't a good music player, what else do you guys suggest that could play FLAC files?
  16. amsleeping

    My new/used/vintage DT990s are arriving! Portable amp possible? please recommend

    Hi the title states it all. I recently found a vintage dt990 600ohm and a hd595 for relatively cheap over the internet (needs some sprucing up)  I decided to bite the bullet and add it to my collection regardless.   This is my first high impedance over ear headphones and im very excited...
  17. Exigence

    Do I need an EQ or an Amp for my Sony XB 500s?

    I'm really new to the whole Equalizing and Amps business. I just have some questions about it: 1. Is an EQ and an Amp the same thing? Can they be? 2. Do I need an EQ/Amp (or both) for my XB 500s? 3. How do I use it? 4. Which do you recommend ($25 and under please :) I'm very on-budget)
  18. ohiojosh78

    Best budget closed cans for Sansa clip+ unamped?

    I was looking at the Audio Technica M50 or Koss Pro DJ100. What else is there sub $120 range for best performance, cost aside? I am NOT looking for best bang for the buck just best performance on the widest variety of music. These will be 100% music only and probably play a lot of music like...
  19. MoeFizzy

    Portable headphone amp needed for EDM production! Please help!

    Hey guys,   I recently purchased a pair of AKG K240 MK-II's. I like them so far for music production (mainly trance music), except it's really annoying because they don't go up to the loudness I need to produce properly. I've read quite a few of the threads in here about this stuff, but...
  20. sneaglebob

    Amp for Beats Pro?

    *Puts flame suit on*   Hello everyone. I am here today to ask if I can use an amp for my beats pro to make it louder since  out of my phone it is incredibly quiet, as I need to crank it up to full volume just for it to sound comfortable for me and most people. Now I was looking into the...
  21. kaspars

    Koss DJ100's vs KRK KNS 6400 & AMP choice.

    I'm having a bit of a struggle deciding between Koss DJ 100's and KRK KNS 6400's.   I listen mostly to rock, dubstep, electronic & ambient music. I've read tons of posts about these two, and I'm guessing DJ 100's would be better for this kind of music because of better mids & bass than...
  22. 15avigil

    Will the Fiio e6 be adequate for DT770 pro 80 ohm? (Very new to this)

    I know it's far from the best, but my files aren't too high quality (120-300 bitrate mp3's) and my budget is really tight. It looks like it is the best option, but I'd just like some feedback before going through with my purchase.
  23. CashNotCredit

    PreSonus AudioBox USB, does it have potential?

    Hello all, I acquired a PreSonus Audiobox USB last Christmas, and although I have very little experience with amps (or headphones, for that matter), am thinking it might be a keeper. At the $130 price point (sometimes as low as  $40 on Guitar Center Used), it has a Cirrus CS4270-CZZ DAC...
  24. xx77aBs

    Head amp for Sennheiser HD 215

    Hello guys ! As you can see I'm new here ...   I have Sennheiser HD 215 headphones.   When I first got them, I've immediately noticed that they "don't have bass"...