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amp for Ipod & IEM?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mrinflatable, May 28, 2012.
  1. mrinflatable
    Hi i currently use a 4th gen Ipod Nano & Vsonic GR06 IEM as a music player to travel to work, gym, and just casual listening of music
    Im just wondering if adding a portable amp will increase the sound quality (and bass)?
    I'v been looking at getting something such as the Fiio E6 & LOD
    or any other recommendations? E,1 E3, E5, 
  2. ZARIM
    The Better AMPs you go with the better soundquality you will get in return, but with Fiio lower end AMPs only bass quantity will improve. I will recomend the Fiio E11, JDS LABS C421, IBasso T5.
  3. ExpatinJapan
    also the Pico slim and ibasso T3 go well with iems.
  4. ValentinHogea
    Leckerton Audio UHA-4 s also a great choice. Although I think it's far too wide for the 4th gen Nano. Correct height though.
    Great for IEM's. Espcially the Cross-feed which gives a much more open-cans type of sound on the IE8s.
    It came down to the Pico Slim, Headstage Arrow or UHA-4...
    Check it out!
  5. kiwirugby Contributor
    A couple of other choices would be Ray Samuels' Shadow and Mustang.  I have the former with a 6th Gen ipod Nano and it's small, compact and really good-sounding,

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