1. Jeff240sx

    First quality IEMs - Brainwavz B2, Westone 2, or q-Jays?

    Hey all,   First post here.  I've read a ton on the forums, and Joker's excellent 197 IEM review, and seem to find a ton of completely opposite opinions.  I'm hoping that "q-Jays has no bass" is in comparison to an IEM designed for pure lows, and the q-Jays would blow away my current buds...
  2. dbzmaniac1000

    Ultrasone pro 550 or HFI 580? Or others?

    So I am having a lot of trouble deciding on which pair of over-ear headphones I should buy. I recently purchased a pair of ATHAD700s, but after using them a little while, I couldn't take the excessive leaking and lack of isolation, since I'm using them in college (I know, open-air, bad choice)...
  3. omerbu1

    is the Fiio E5 can drive an 80 OHM Headohnes?

    hello im thinking to but the beyerdynamic dt770  pro 80 and i want to know if the Fiio e5 can drive them properly. I'm also thinking of buying the ATH-M50 or the HD-280 but these Cans are 64 Ohm so i guess it wouldn't be a problem for the Fiio E5.   Thank you
  4. bcrowley

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II + FiiO E7?

    Hi,    Quick question...   Would the sound from the Sennheiser HD25-1 II be improved if used with the FiiO E7 portable amp? 
  5. Chronos

    DAC+AMP combo for Denon D7000's under $500?

    Hello, i currently own the ibasso d2 viper and thought my Denon D7000 sounded amazing through them compared to Fiio E5 and no-amp (my only experiences).  However, my D2's need to be fixed so I'm starting to look in to a new amp.  It doesnt' matter if its portable or fullsize, but I'd just like...
  6. dodawasthere

    help me in this so i could go and sleep

    a very beginner question please dont get mad and just help me with this im so confused  , look at the picture please  it wont take u a minute to figure it out     i have that system , hd650 , laptop . little dot amp   , fiio e7 as a dac  , now i dont know how to connect it , or what the...
  7. mj0nesy

    Need Help Deciding between two headphones for desktop PC

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a college student in the UK living in dorms at the moment. I have a desktop PC and I currently am using a pair of knock-off Beats Studio Headphones I bought in Hong Kong (cost me 80 USD) as my audio solution. They sound really really good for the price even though they...
  8. jeezus

    is this really an amp?

    is the astro mixamp really an amp or just for dolby headphone?  astro says nothing in the description saying it enhances audio. they just talk about dolby headphone and the chat and audio mix capability.  
  9. SonyMdrXb700

    amp for sony Mdr-xb700's?

    I was wondering should i get an amp for my Sony's , i really love the bass, i was thinking of getting the FiiO E5, Should my Samsung impression be enough to power them there only 24 ​ohms, but they have alot more bass when plugged in my computer then in my phone
  10. Baiton

    Fiio E5 to drive Shure SRH 940s

    Thoughts? Good combo?
  11. c64

    Fiio E5 clip has come off anyone got pics of theirs ?

    The spring and screw came out on mine when i unclipped it anyone got a pic of how the spring goes in ?
  12. Justinsane82

    What to expect from a E11?

    I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject of either upgrading or getting a better amp. A few years back I picked up a E5 to power my XB700's. Neither my Zen W or my laptop could properly support the headphone which is when I was guided to try the E5 to see if it offered any difference...
  13. Lucasthevest

    Portable amp for my HD25-1 ii

    I use my HD25-1s for pretty much all music. On my home system, my headphones sound a lot better with my amp my father bought me, the bass is deeper and rich, the soundstage is a lot better etc. (I have no clue what brand it is.) My budget is 120 dollars, I was thinking the ZO, the pa2v2, or the...
  14. larrymd

    Q701 users, what dac/amp are you using?

    I am totally green for Hifi listening, just got a Q701 and my main listening source is macbook pro, also have a ipod classic (160G), but mainly I use IE6 for my ipod, which i think it is fine even without dac/amp. Hence I want to ask you guys which amp/dac (portable first, desktop is fine) you...
  15. wrathzombie

    Urgent Advice Needed

    I am a beginner with limited equipment and unlimited music. I have put down the things I have:   Headphones/IEM:   MDR-ED12LP/R  Brainwavz M2 JVC HAS700 XB300 SR-60i HD518   Source:   Laptop Ipod Nano/Classic(Cant be rock-boxed) E-72- Primarily for FLAC   Speakers...
  16. FinnTheHumen

    Would The Fiio E5 Headphone Amplifier Better The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS?

    I mean would it give more bass then it has, i hear that if you have good earphones its pointless to buy a amp. This is a vid on youtube on the effects...  
  17. Gilly87

    Sony Hybrids for Shure SE215? And other questions

    Will Sony Hybrid tips fit Shure SE215s?   If not, any recommendations for smaller sized tips? The included foam ones have incredible isolation, but they hurt my ears after about an hour of listening; I want something small and comfortable that isolates well.   Also I am new to the...
  18. phil2yoo

    Help needed. Sennheiser HD25 vs Beyerdynamic DT1350 vs B&W P5 vs noise canceling cans (WeSC Chambers, or Bose)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a portable headphone. Currently I'm using the Sony retractable clip-ons for my iphone. They aren't keeping the outside noises out and the left one is crumpling up my ear a little bit. I do have a Beyerdynamic DT770, Sony MDR-v6, and two headphone amps, a fournier...
  19. Totally Dubbed

    Denon AH-C710 Review - Comparison to the 751's + A LOT of Pictures-Videos

      The Denon AH-C710's provide a deep powerful bass, but yet also give great highs and mids - something its younger brother the 751's lacked. Here are my ratings, and then my impressions of the 710’s:   Comfort: 9/10 You can hardly feel them whilst you have them on: Only downside is the...
  20. pox67

    Bluetooth Sennheiser HD25-1 II – my search for decent Bluetooth headphones

      I have been on the lookout or a set of Bluetooth headphones for a long time. The price has always been too high for something I can't demo here in Australia.   The Sennheiser MM and PCX range looked good but are pretty expensive for something that get mixed reviews on the sound quality...
  21. Subliminal

    Is my iMac a good music source for these headphones?

    I'm quite a noob to all this source stuff, I know that computers have sound cards and the better the sound card = the better sound quality. So does my 2009 model core 2 duo 27" iMac have a decent sound card and enough power for my M50's/Beats Pro's (and soon to possibly be HD650's). Would there...
  22. sampaul.p

    Suggest me a IEM for fuse+ upto $100 only for Rock/Metal genre

    I am planning to buy a new IEM for fuse+ and my budget is upto $100. I am satisfied with the stock earbud's sound signature and suggest me the IEM with this same sound signature with better and clean sound. Mostly I will be listening to Rock/Metal music genre. Bass should be punchy/tight...
  23. bcasey25raptor

    Shure SRH750DJ headphones appreciation thread.

    i will start off by saying that for the 150$ price these cant be beat. the ath m50s may beat it but thats the only headphone that comes close. the bass is very realistsic and not boomy. it has a very good frequency response. and it can be driven without an amp. people i think we have a winner...
  24. asher286

    Koss pro DJ100 VS Akg K99

    Wich wins at:  bass  mids  treble   comfort naturality flatness   etc
  25. mrlolftw

    Portable amp for AKG K702?

    Hey guys, i've recently purchased (well bid on) a second hand pair of AKG K702. Theyre in spectacular condition and come with everything original. The way i decided on them? I went to your forums and spent days researching the many options, and it seems that the AKG K702's are well praised! At...