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Best headphone under $80

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by godgunz, Nov 9, 2012.
  1. GodGunZ
    i will buy a headphone formy new computer, i know that "gaming" headset are overpriced so i am looking for the best phones for the price
    I will buy in amazon and in here they are selling for $67.99 i think is good. but don't know are better option at the same price i see the sennheiser hd 429 are they good?
    I will play game, the type of music that i listen is Rock, metal mostly and other minor things, so i want the best all around nothing too expensive.
    What are other good option at the price range of $60-$80. In the future i want to buy a high en one but not have the money rigth now haha. 
    Thanks for the help 
  2. CrakkerJakk
    Do you want headphones(no microphone) or a headset(built in microphone) ?
    Do you want a open or closed pair of headphones?
         -Open will offer better soundstage for locating enemies, often more comfortable because your ears wont become hot and sweaty, but you will be able to hear noises from your surrounding enviroment
         -Closed will offer better noise isolation, stronger bass, less soundstage, better immersion and less of a competitive advantage.
    Sennheiser HD280 ($99)
    Audio Technica M30 ($57)
    Give me more information and I will try to find you the perfect pair.
  3. GodGunZ
    I think that open ones are the best option, i want a headphone i can buy one later, i want that ones that are comfortable and with good sound .

    Which will be other options?
  4. CrakkerJakk

    All prices taken from Amazon:

    Sennheiser HD 202 ll ..........($28)

    Sony MDR XB500 ..............($52)

    Audio Technica M30 ......($57)

    Sony MDR-V6..................... ($68)

    Beyerdynamic DTX 910..... ($76)

    Grado SR60i ......................($79)
    AKG Acoustics K-240...........($78)
    Sennheiser HD280 ........($99)
    I have no experience with any of these headphones or know if they are even good[​IMG]. I just did some searching on amazon for headphones that are in your price range.
  5. formula1
    Low end sennheisers have a specific sound signature that not everyone likes. What kind of games you play? FPS, or another type of game where accuracy is not a must? 
  6. GodGunZ
    I play fps, rpgs, adventur and action games, that akg k240 look wonderful
  7. formula1
    Given your uses/taste, look into the Krk Kns6400. They are balanced headphones, accurate, good soundstage for a closed hp. May be a bit over your budget, but worth the price in my opinion. 
  8. tdockweiler
    You can get the Koss Pro DJ100 right now at Best Buy for $60. You can even demo them. With the extra $20 you could even invest in some M50 pads if needed.
    That puts you right at $80.
    IMO the only thing that's comparable somewhat is the Sony MDR-V6, K240 Studio, KRK KNS-6400 and Creative Aurvana Live. I think the DJ100 has them beat though.
  9. GodGunZ
    After search a little about all those options i think i will huy the akg k 240 is. A good option the cable can be change that is good for me, inhave bad luck with that and always broke them haha, and in case of have less money i have other options

    Thanks for the help
  10. tdockweiler
    Just as a note, they're going to need an amp. I own the K240 and it's not very good without one. It's only 55ohm.
    You may want to spend a little more and get a Fiio E5 or E11. On nearly any device the K240 will need to be maxed to hear anything.
    Or you can find an old CD player with a headphone jack. $20 at most thrift stores and they're usually in mint condition.
  11. GodGunZ
    Yeah i know that an amp like the fiio E5 is good to have for almost every headphone.

    I will buy the fiio e5 as soon a i can.
  12. GodGunZ
    Another question.

    Which will be the best amp for while conect to an iphone or any portable the k240 without spend a lot?(agaian amazon Prices)
    For the pc a xonar dg will be enough?

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