1. TehSquash

    First time buying headphones

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting anything on head fi, so bear with me haha. I've been searching for a good pair of headphones for a couple of months now, and I am absolutely confused as to what to get. I've decided on closed back circumaural headphones below like 150 bucks, but that's...
  2. nouveau riche

    which headphones to buy

    hi... i am new to this place.   i want to buy a headphones and my price range is $100. also i live in India so I cannot go for European brands. I am a bass head, i enjoy bass but that does not mean that I would love to destroy the sound quality just because of heavy bass. in short, i need...
  3. flashheatmvp3

    $60 Headphones

    Hey I'm looking at some new headphones to use for college. I'm on a bit of a budget so I'm hoping y'all can help me get the best bang for my buck.  I'm looking mostly at ones on Amazon since I have a giftcard there.  So far I have it narrowed down to but I'm not limited to:   Sennheiser HD...
  4. khalvinsur

    Best headphones for under $50? (Any Suggestions?)

    I'm interested in replacing my philips shp 805 which sounds great (to me). Now I want to upgrade to something better. I've researched and found Seinheiser 419 and 429 or 428 and Audio Technica ATH-M30.   I just want to know which pairs are the best? Or if you have any other suggestions...
  5. cardan

    Having trouble figuring out what I want in headphones. Have a $100 budget

    So I've started coming to site more frequently over the past few months for people's opinions on various sets of headphones (it's been both a blessing and a curse, lol) I can never seem to fully grasp what people talk about when it comes to the different levels of the sound spectrum, especially...
  6. noobftw1989

    Help with Tv headphones

    hi all, Im new to the forum so i hope my post is by the rules :) i tried searching the forum for an answer but there is none catered to my question and i need some help before purchasing. Im wanting some Tv headphones and i am looking at the Sennheiser Hd 429/439/449, just wanted to know which...
  7. Aaron94

    Looking for new home listening headphone!

    Hey guys, recently Ive been looking for another new headphone that I can use while sitting at my desk enjoying my music, as well as some light gaming. In the past months Ive really grown away from my LP2s bloated bass, and my Zoros clamping pressure, both have begun to fatigue my ears after...
  8. jbob181

    Looking to buy some Sennheiser headphones?

    My range is $100 and under I am a headphone noob I looking for comfort and good quality sound I will be using them on the bus to listen to music and to watch movies on my laptop.
  9. Zaruk

    "I Need New 'Cans,'" the Newb Said...

    The title says it all. I am an utter and complete novice when it comes to audiophilia (is that right?). My current set ( Turtle Beach X12) is working fine, but I want something a little higher end, so I thought, If you want something done right, go to the pros. My budget is...
  10. Koenigseggfire

    I need some good over-ear headphones.

    I am mostly an earbud guy, but listening to music on my TB X12's when I play games is really starting to make me want a new pair of over-ear's. I'm looking for some that are under $100 and have a nice bass response and good mids.  I'm currently eyeing the Noontec Zoro's, the Audio-Technica...
  11. Rosbife

    Much appreciated suggestions for Electro/House closed cans

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the hi-fi sene for quite a while, unfortunately, but not long enough for a mate of mine to ask for help picking up his first decent set of cans.  All he asks for is that "they're good" (well, duh), around 50-80 euro (let's make it 60-100 USD), and...
  12. GreenPanther94

    Best Noise Canceling Headphones?

    I travel very frequently, usually by plane or train. I have a pair of sennheiser HD 429's which are fine, but the sound leaks out and, it obviously doesn't have noise canceling abilities. I've been looking at the Bose QC 15, which seem fine, I just wanted a second opinion. Thanks,
  13. flat bob

    hd419/429/439 comparison

    yo everyone   They're selling the low end hd4x9 series at my local store and they look quite tempting. I mostly listen to hip hop and alt r&b, and I've heard the three do decently at the low end. I will be driving them straight off my android phone with poweramp. Got some questions about the...
  14. Rukeith

    The Bassiest out of These Sennheiser Headphones?

    So if I had to choose between: HD202, HD219, HD419, HD429, HD439 which of those would have the more powerful bass? I'm use to using turtle beaches (Not necessarily headphones I know) primarily for music with a bass boost of 12dB@150Hz turned all the way up, so how would that compare?
  15. baddog

    Moving (thoughts) from Sennheiser HD 429 to Denon 1001

    Hello,    I need your help once more.    I m using my Sennheiser HD 429 with the known bass mod, for a year now and i m very happy with them. Now the word Upgrade stuck in my mind so i m planing to buy the Denon 1001.   Is it worth; I m using them for music listening only with my iPOD...
  16. 1337r0x

    Sennheiser HD429S vs Skullcandy crushers

    Hello,   So I'm confused about Sennheiser HD429S vs Sennheiser HD215 vs Skullcandy crushers . Now before everyone gets mad because I'm comparing the quality to the fashion : I want to say that I feel the crushers are an exception . I usually listen to vocal dubstep / dubstep / trance / techno...
  17. junaidjag

    An overview and comparison of the sennheiser hd429 ad hd 439.

    I was thinking of buying a headphone in the price range of Rs.5000 ($100) and I shortlisted the HD429 and HD439 and now I'd like to know which one is better in terms of bass and volume (how much volume you can get when connected to a portable player). So anybody have an opinion?
  18. Ichirei

    Sennheiser HD 429 or Razer Electra?

    First of all, sorry for my possible bad english! I am looking to buy a pair of headphones, and I'm surely not an expert, so I need your help! I have a budget of just €60, and I'd like a headphone both good for gaming and music. I want to use it both on my PC and MP3 player. Doing some...
  19. dakanao

    Is the Sennheiser HD 429 worth the $100?

    I'm planning to but them, I can get them for only $100, are they worth that?
  20. dakanao

    Which is better, the sennheiser HD 429 or 448?

    I can choose between those 2 headphones, so which is the best one in terms of sound quality, comfort and bass?
  21. BruinAnteater

    First impressions of my new Sennheiser HD429s

    So I got these cans as workout cans: basically, relatively inexpensive headphones, with descent sound. I have Sennheiser HD650s for listening at home on my better equipement, and until recently used Sennheiser PX360s as my everyday portable workhorse, a role  that is going to be inherited by my...
  22. Aerilon

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs Sennheiser HD 429s vs Sennheiser HD 335s vs Sony MDR-V55

    I'm planning to buy a headphone but I don't know which one to buy. This will be my first headphone I will buy. I will be only using the headphones for my iPod.  I usually listen to pop, electronic and sometimes rock, acoustic and dubsteps. soo which one is the best for these?   Audio...
  23. fairlycrass

    Closed headphone recommendations, under $50.

    Looking for some advice on closed headphones.  My wife and I share a home office (3 feet apart), and I need something to drown out the little, distracting noises, so I would like something that is sealed well.  I listen to just about anything, music-wise, and appreciate decent sound.  I have...
  24. Basick

    Bose AE2 vs. Sennheiser HD429 vs. Monster Beats Solo

    Hi which of these three is the best?   Bose AE2: 149$ Sennheiser HD429: 129$ Monster Beats Solo: 139$   These are for my gf who likes her bass but likes overall sound clarity and performance just as much.   These are all from bestbuy in canada as we have a giftcard.   Thanks!
  25. dinesh29888

    Amp or Sound card for sennhieser HD 429 ?

    I got a new Sennhieser HD 429 headphones to use with my pc to specially watch movies late night without any disturbance to my parents next room. But the problem is that the headphones is not sounding as loud as I wanted. It's giving me good & loud sound when I connect it to my iPhone ... But...