1. XERW

    Entry-level recommendations

    In the market for either IEM or a full-sized cans (closed) that can be driven without AMP. Budget around $160 (USD) remote location means I'm stuck at ordering online. Any recommendations? Going to venture outside inner-fi this time - need more input.   Previously owned cans: - HD201 - HD202...
  2. redme

    Please help me find new headphones!

    Hi everyone,   I'm currently looking for cheap headphones (preferably $25 or less) that will offer decent sound quality, comfort, and durability.  I've heard good things about the Monoprice 8323 and Sennheiser HD202 II - can anyone give me any suggestions as to which one I should get, or...
  3. Audionaut

    What' a far price for the Denon AH-D2000?

    Since they've been discontinued, what's a fair price for the Denon AH-D2000 in the current market?  What are some reasonable price ranges for new and for used?   Going headphone hunting on Friday and there's a shop nearby that might have them new for $350 USD.  Thanks.  
  4. Matrixerx

    New Headphones for under $50 (For hardcore/electronic music)

    So recently, my Sennheiser HD 202 IIs blew out. I'm looking for some new headphones for about $50 or under. I list to a low of rick, metal, hardcore/post hardcore and even some electronic music including dubstep. I'd like a headphone with a really full sound that is cost effective.   Former...
  5. Trevonn

    Cheap gaming headphones (50-80$)

    Hello, I was planning on getting a Sennheiser HD 202 II or a Samson SR850, are they worth or or are there better options? 80% gaming, 20% music. Also srry for bad english   
  6. kingdixon

    Nice iem under 200$

    Hello Everybody, Iam new to the forums, my name is mohamed and i just need your advice regarding the subject, sorry for opening a new thread if there was one regarding same subject. I love music so much and i need a good iem under 200$ budget, i love to try alot of earphones but i always try...
  7. coldhart

    Over the ear HeadPhone for computer?

    im thinking about buying Over the ear HeadPhone (or in-ear-phone) for pc since my brainwavz m2 got damaged.   Purpose :- Music (Rock, hip hop, rap rarely pop), movie, gaming, tutorial only on my desktop & need for very long use per day (10 to 12 hour) need headphone with really clear...
  8. jjsnacks

    HELP!: Recommend Closed Full-Size Headphones for around $250

    I am not sure of which headphones to buy for the genres of music I listen to.   I usually listen to moderately paced instrumental, post-rock, classical music and indie post-punk music: - Adele - Balmorhea - The Calm Blue Sea - Celine Dion - Clint Mansell - Coldplay - Daughter - David...
  9. paintedaudio

    Superlux HD681 or Sennheiser HD202-II

    Hi, I'm new here and I currently stuck between these 2 headphones: - Superlux HD 681 - Sennheiser HD 202-II   Which one is better? Which one should I go with? Thanks.
  10. EvoSpider

    Selecting the right headphones....

    Hey guys..I'm a newbie at headphones..But, I know the brands of audiophile headphones ;).Anyways I'm trying to find a pair of over-the-ear headphones that are around the price range of $10-$40..Some features that I would like included is some noise cancellation..Hopefully, you can recommend me...
  11. maykello

    Sennheiser HD202-II with Rolls 4 Output Stereo Headphone Amplifier

    For Sale!!!   Sennheiser HD202-II Headphones - excellent condition - with cord take-up   Rolls HA43 - excellent condition - with adaptor   I'm using my AT M50s more so I need to sell this.   Meetups: Astoria-Ditmars McDonals near N subway station (New York)   PM me...
  12. rinhbt

    [Help] Compare Superlux HD681 EVO with Sennheiser PX90, HD202 II and Sony MA100

    I just have around $40 so my choice is very limited, I've asked in another forum and they advised me to choose those headphone. But I don't have time to go to the store and try it so if someone here've tried all those headphone please help me. Thanks you very much.   p/s: Can you give me more...
  13. ShreyasMax

    Decent (read budget) portable Over Ear Headphone needed

    Dear Head-fiers,   Just joined this community, and as an audio enthusiast new to hi-fi audio gear (can't describe myself as an audiophile...yet :) ), am looking forward to getting good guidance from all the experts here.   Requirements: - I'm looking for portable closed Over-ear...
  14. GodGunZ

    Best headphone under $80

    i will buy a headphone formy new computer, i know that "gaming" headset are overpriced so i am looking for the best phones for the price I will buy in amazon and in here they are selling for $67.99 i think is good. but don't know are better option at the same price i see the sennheiser hd 429...
  15. YellowKnobs

    Which should I choose? Either the Sennheiser HD201, 202 II, 203 or 205 II?

    Hi there, I'm pretty much a complete noob when it comes to headphone shopping, and sort of music in general, so I've been having trouble deciding which of headphones I should order.   They're the Sennheiser HD201, HD202 II, HD203, and HD205 II.   I currently own the Koss Ur29, and I...
  16. Sandman21dan

    Advice in buying Sennheisers

    Hello to everybody, first post here, i have read quite a bit of posts, anyway... I'm buying new headphones, but in my country there is very little choice when it comes to them, pretty much nowhere to try out any headphone to see if i like sound and find them comfy. I'm replacing an old pair of...
  17. topgunitsme

    Buying new headphones need your help!

    hey guys, ive shortlisted ath sj-11,sj33,re70; sennheiser hd 202 II, Sony MDR XB400, my budget is kinda low, around 2000-2500 INR (40$-50$) i listen to rock,rap,metal and house. so pls tell me which ones will be the best based on comfort,portability,sound quality and value for money or if u...
  18. Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black)

    Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black)

    The Sennheiser HD202II are closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones. Good insulation against ambient noise and a deep bass response make them the ideal companion for DJs - or anyone who likes to listen to modern, powerful music without disturbing others. High efficiency drivers for maximum...