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Loudest Bass IEM

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  1. Korean
    Hey all, I need some help deciding which IEM's to buy. I would like the absolute loudest bass I can get when plugged into my iPhone. I recently lost my Audio-Technica CKS-77's and decided I needed something with louder bass. My price range is around $100, and some IEM's I've found from this forum are the Atrio MG7's, Hippo VB's, Sony XB90EX's, and the Monster Turbines. I personally never have tried these IEM's listed which is why I seek guidance from these forums.

    TL;DR My price range is around $100 and I would like IEM's with the loudest bass I can get when played through my iPhone.

    A gigantic thanks to anybody who reads this thread. :)
  2. theque
    My friend has the Atrio MG7's and I can say they have about as "Loud" of base as you could ever want...
    Not sure I understand peoples fascination with base in an IEM. Want base go buy an HSU VTF-15H, turn the knob to max and sit within 10 feet of it. May give you a heart attack if you play the right music... To me you feel bass not hear it.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Atrio MG7, from atrio.me using the coupon code CostProg50%

    Hippo VB, from Jaben Audio

    Velodyne vPulse from Velodyne

    Monster Turbine from amazon

    Add a FiiO E5 headphone amplifier using bass boost to increase the outcome.
  4. lebomb
    Soul SL99s are the loudest, deepest Ive heard.  They also sound really good.
  5. thapchild
    I had a similar topic a few months back.  I ended up getting some UE SuperFi 5EB, but coming from the TF 10, the mids/highs were so garbage that the extra bass wasn't worth it.  I'm definitely a bass head, but i"m also an audiophile and the sacrifice in sound quality wasn't worth the bass.
    Be sure that you're willing to give up your mids/highs.
    I've hard the Sony XB90Ex's are bass monsters, with decent highs/mids.  Unfortunately they don't have a mic button for the iPhone.  I'd give those a whirl.  You can buy them for $90 or less brand new.  You can even get imports from japan in black or other colors.
    You can get TrippleFi 10 for $150-160 on amazon currently.  $400 headphones when they were new in production.  They sound amazing, but are not bass monsters.  The sound quality to me is amazing though.
  6. Ayre
    I listened to the Atrio MG7's a lot a while back using the same code that H20Fidelity posted(that promo has been going on for awhile now, eh?), and I can definitely confirm that these have ample amounts of bass in great quality. Great for listening to electronic and hip hop. I however have not listened to these all that much recently as I found them lacking for vocals/acoustic music(which is fine, because that's not what they were intended for anyway). 
  7. Swimsonny
    If you want bass i would get a Cosmic Ears HY3XB or a Hippo VB
  8. bigmiketn
    I have the atrios and they are great for bass.  I used a friend's iphone and they sound great through it.  Also, a little equalization in the bass region will turn these into little subwoofers if the loudest bass is what you are after.
  9. ostewart
    Hippo VB
  10. Korean
    I would like to thanks those that put input into this thread. :]

    Anyway, from the posts I've read and reviews from others, I've narrowed down my options to Atrio MG7's, Hippo VB's, and the XB90EX's, and the Soul SL99s.
    It would be fantastic if somebody who have tried each one could make a few comparisons. 
    I'm currently leaning towards the Atrios because of the amount of people that posted about them on this thread, but my decision is still not definite.

    So thanks everybody for your help!

  11. tseliottt
    I've had the Atrios and XB90EX, and they are both bass monsters in the IEM realm. From what I remember from the Atrios though, the XB90EX have tighter bass and extend just as deep. What really sets the Sonys apart from the Atrios is the amount of detail and separation they have. I remember the Atrios were much more muddled, and it was hard to pick apart instruments. Especially when the bass was blasting. The Sony's are much better at separating, and though the bass thumps, it stays in the background and doesn't cloud the overall sound-scape. The Sonys also articulate highs very well. In fact I actually preferred vocals on the Sonys more than on the much more expensive Westone UM3x. The UM3x seemed to roll off highs, while the XB90EX had a sparkle more comparable to my Etymotics. 
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Personally owning both Atrio and VB once upon a time (back in my basshead days) I much preffered the VB. I felt they were better value for money. Bass reaches lower with more rumble and overall I found the SQ signature more enjoyable. VB can be little sibilant art first, they need about 50 hours burn in. But considering the cheaper price tag and IMO better sub-bass rumble, VB I would take first. I didn't like the Atrio design, it's plastic and feels like something you win in a kinda surprise egg. So VB would be my choice, plus it has the changeable bass ports, so if you decide one day you don't to be basshead that week you can tone bass down. VB reminded me of two little mini air compressors pumping air in my ears, at high volumes they would begin trying to shake their way out of my ear canals (seriously when amped the earpieces would shake). :cool: I bruised my eardrum one evening abusing them. :xf_eek:

    Pay less, get more, makes sense to me.
  13. BigDave
    Why don't you just jump on the sony mh1c bandwagon?  These have good bass that blends well with the whole spectrum and are cheap.  the controls won't work with your iphone and the cord is a pain, but value for money is hard to beat.  Have not been listening to any of my other iems since I got these two weeks ago.  A very enjoyable listen.  Bass monster iems usually have their bass at the expensive of the other frequencies....IMHO
  14. Prakhar
    FWIR the MG7 has less bass than the cks77
  15. lebomb
    Go to youtube and look up the unboxing and reviews of the SL99's.  It should help you some. 
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