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best headphones for under ~$100-150?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by posticepurr, Nov 5, 2012.
  1. posticepurr
    Hi, i know this is probably a bit lower budget than what usually is discussed here, but right now i really don't have any more money to spend without it just being extremely financially irresponsible. And my older pair of headphones is broken, so i literally do not have any headphones right now =(
    The price range i've mostly been looking at is around $100, but i feel 150 is a maximum. I'm looking for something that:
    -Works well with a portable device, such as an ipod.
    -Good build quality. I'm really clumpsy so they shouldn't break to easily. the main problem i've had with previous hedphones is that the cord starts glitchig after a while, so a thick sturdy cord is a good thing.
    -Detatchable cord is a huge plus, because of what i said above. Allthough i've noticed that suprisingly many headphones in both this and in higher price ranges doesn't feature it, so to not exclude the majority of candidates it doesn't need to have this, but as i said it's a plus.
    -Good looking. Since it's something i'm gonna wear on my head in public this is actually quite important to me. I really don't like ones that look too plastic and futuristic etc, but prefer a more clean and classic look. In other words, i think most sennheisers look terrible, while most AKGs look fantastic.
    -Good sound quality of course, i listen mostly to rock and that sort of music. so a rich and clear sound is more important than a thumpy bass.
    The headphones i've mainily been looking at is the various AKG models in the price range, like the K540, K514 MkII, and K520 but the very few reviews i've found seems very mixed.
    So, yeah, i guess that's it. Please help me, i'm lost. Thanks in advance.
  2. ostewart
    AKG K618 DJ, its new and looks great.
    or Koss Pro DJ100, they have a lifetime warranty, so if the cable breaks you can send them back
  3. posticepurr
    thanks i'll take a look at them :)
  4. MalVeauX
  5. posticepurr
    i've been looking into the koss pro dj 100 a little bit now and they seem amazing. they look just the way i like, and seem to be very sturdy and robust in terms of build quality etc, at least for that price. big thanks for the tip, will probably buy a pair later in the week if nothing better turns up.
  6. Fuzziekiwi
    Still on sale for $50
    Original price on amazon is ~$80
  7. posticepurr
    not sure i want the tony bennet version though :p allthough detatchable cord is allways nice. But yeah, they seem dirt cheap for the sound and build quality they seem to/are said to have. allmost makes you wonder what the catch is...
    well i don't live in america anyway, but they are cheap over here as well.
  8. jasonb
    the problem with the DJ100 is they like a bit of power, more power than an iPhone or iPod can give out. They do sound good, and are built well, but just like a bit of power. 
  9. posticepurr
    ok, but that seems to be the case with most full size headphones(wich i strongly prefer to on-ears etc), so i have thought of getting a portable amp anyway, and if i get these i can still afford a cheap one well within my budget. and not to turn this into an amp-thread or anything, but just a very general question. if i buy a random cheap 20$ amp, will it actually lessen the sound quality, and make it worse than it would without an amp, or would it just not amplify it as good as a high-end amp?
  10. dlwilladsen
    Get a pair of Fostex T50RP ($70) and mod them ($30) per one of the numerous methods you can find on the internet.
  11. Fuzziekiwi
    E6 works well for the the Koss headphones. DJ100 and TBSE are the same headphone but with the extras.
  12. posticepurr
    do you think e5 would work? is there a great difference between the two? because E6 doesnt seem availible at all in my coutry and it's sort of a pain ordering from overseas. but if there is a difference i guess it's worth the wait, as they don't seem to differ much in price and i like the look of the E6 more.
  13. Fuzziekiwi
    E5 should work fine. The Koss fanboy uses it (http://www.head-fi.org/t/571216/koss-pro-dj-100-the-budget-king/1200#post_8846128).


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