1. TSi

    Need new IEM!!!! :(

    Guys and gals, I need help! My customs broke (FreQs)   I want a pair of IEM that is pretty neutral, great in all departments (bass, mid, highs)... not looking for customs, cause they are too expensive right now... but IEM price range is anything under 300 - 400$? (unless there are customs...
  2. bmasseur

    Advice on getting some monitors under $400

    I've been doing a lot of research of the past couple of weeks on in-ear monitors, and I am looking to make an investment; I have never had IEMs before. My current use is primarily for listening to music, but will be using them to record within the next couple of months. The conclusion of my...
  3. master83

    Recommendations for in-ears. I want the best for 5-600$. Have had Ety ER-4P in the past...

    Hi. Been inactive on the head-fi forum for a couple of years now, but thought I´d check back here for suggestions on getting a serious in ear headphone (budget not over 5-600$ :) ).   A little history... I had a pair of Ety ER-4P like five years ago, but had to sell them due to low cash...
  4. CareyPrice31

    Ordered a pair of SM3's

    Now I am looking for a portable amp, any recommendations? I'm looking at the Pico Slim and iBasso T3D? Any thoughts? Also, how do the custom earmolds work for Ear Sonics? Do I need to send them an impression?
  5. jmy2469

    New earphones for iPhone 4?

    Just signed up,new here. Wanted to get some info. I need to replace my earphones for my iPhone 4. I am looking for comfort as well and best sound quality. Controls and also mic for incoming calls would be nice too. What are some of the top of the line earphones out there right now that would...
  6. ScottK

    Replacement for se530s

    I'm looking to buy a replacement for my se530s but after hours reading threads in here, I'm more confused than ever.   My current thoughts are that I should probably go for some SM3s but MTPCs and se535s also getting some good reviews on here.  Or, do I get some lower end custom IEMs?  ...
  7. Geruvah

    3 choices: Repair headphone jack for ipod 5.5, just buy an amp for it, or buy a whole new DAP? (Experienced SM3 users, please chime in)

    Using the Earsonics SM3, I have a 5.5G ipod and finally, the headphone jack broke (seems to be a common problem but mine lasted quite a few years with heavy use).   I love the high capacity of the ipod, and believe me, I use it because I never know what mood I'll be in an hour after I walk...
  8. DougB

    Looking to buy new IEMS

    So my Klipsch Image S4s are getting old and I feel like the sound quality simply isn't accurate enough for me.  When turning the volume up, it's easy to hear many imperfections in the sound.  Since Christmas is just around the corner, I've decided to treat myself nicely and pick up some high-end...
  9. Phoenyx1

    So many terms, numbers, and lingo - some advice for someone new.

    So I've lurked this site for quite a while - I'd say for at least a year.  Ever since receiving my UE Triple-Fi 10s, I've been on the hunt for an even better pair.  However, I find myself in the same problem every time I look around - another option to consider, another review contradicting the...
  10. Hydrocharged

    Best High-End in ear headphones for RnB?

    Everything I read about high-end headphones - be them EarSonics, Sennheisers, Westones, etc. - always seem to be done by listeners of Country, Rock, or Classical. Can somebody give me some suggestions as to the best ones for RnB? Thanks!
  11. shigzeo

    [Review] Sensaphonics j-phonics - the BEST professional universal stage ear monitor yet

    The following is a paraphrase of my full j-phonics review at TouchMyApps.   What is it?   Sensaphonics Japan have put together a winning package. I've been a fan of the Prophonics 2X-s for a year or so, but I'll be the first to admit that it could improve in one basic area: treble...
  12. hyururi

    The Best IEM (my Taste ranging from $400 to $500

    Hi, First of all i have AKG K330 and it broke.. Then i bought AKG K701 which was unfortunately hard to be carried around. So i was wondering to buy a nice IEM. My music taste are like.... umm i can't explain but i have the link here (more like i don't know the type)  ...
  13. meurglys0

    Recommend me a neutral IEM with great soundstage and controlled bass

    I currently own an Earsonics SM3. Some people say it's a neutral IEM, but I decided I need a more neutral IEM. Though I like it with some albums, with other albums, especially the ones with a thick midrange, it just fails to produce a pleasant sound, rather it gets annoying. Because it has a...
  14. mythless

    REVIEW: Earsonic SM3 vs Hifiman RE-262 Comparison

    RE-262 vs SM3: Natural vs Neutral?     **Warning: These are my subjective (and maybe slightly insane) opinions**     Accessories and Build Quality   The SM3 is quite Spartan when compared to the RE-262, but the RE-262 isn’t a treasure chest either.  Both come with spare tips, and...
  15. ucrags84

    Sensorcom tip & fit issue w/SM3s

    My right ear canal is significantly smaller than my left one. As a result the sensorcom and stock tips i'm using with the SM3 aren't going in deep enough on the right ear. The left ear has a good seal, but the right ear has an "okay" seal. The foams included were too small, and i found the...
  16. average_joe

    Comparison Review - Earsonics SM3 vs. Earsonics EM3 Pro vs. Earpower EP-10 Plus vs. Audeze LCD-2 vs. Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

      Headphone vs. Custom (vs. Universal): Tesla T1 vs. LCD-2 vs. EM3 Pro vs. EP-10 Plus vs. SM3     I have owned many many high end universal IEMs at one point or another, but then the SM3 changed everything for me.  To me, they were better than all the other universals.  That was the...
  17. dweaver

    So I found headphone nirvana now if I can just do the same from an IEM perspective.

    I have been using the SM3 for the past 6 months and have a pair of MTPC as well. I have also tried Senn IE8, and many mid level ($100 range IEMs) as well as $30-70 ones.   I also have been experimenting with fullsize headphones over the past year. I thought I was done with fullsize though...
  18. Evoke

    DBA-02 vs SM3

    Hi guys. My local online shop is having a good discount of the dba-02 and sm3. I am going to get DBA-02 but was wondering if it's worth the extra 200bucks get the SM3. I am worried about the rolled-off highs of the SM3 that I have heard from some users here.   Any opinions?
  19. Ubijza

    Are SM3 cheaper in Europe than US?

    Topic. They are french made after all, so it would make sense...   Ebay.co.uk sells them at prices way above US and I dont know of any *cheap* reliable headphone web sellers in Europe:(
  20. W0lfd0g

    HPs for Monteverdi to Metallica?

    This is the first post of a wanna-be cash-strapped audiophile.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a set of headphones/earphones/IEMs that meet the following criteria? 1. approx $400AU 2. Suitable for listing to a very diverse range of music including (but not restricted to) renaissance...
  21. disastermouse

    Thanks to my Grados, I can't use my Jaybird Bluetooth headphones at the gym anymore..

    Heck, I can't listen to my iPhone in my car over BT anymore either.  I find I'm ripping CDs again now, LOL!   Anyway, I was working out with some old Shure Se210s.  Wow, are those things muddy - not to mention uncomfortable.   I was THIS close to buying SM3s when I realized that I may...
  22. Peterman

    Has anyone Compared SM3 to HJE900 ?

    I own HJE900's~ I love them.   Curious to what I would be looking forward to with the SM3's ?   Has anyone done a comparison, heard both or own both ? :)   I know the SM3's are a 'higher' level but by how much? ~ And are they worth the price difference upgrade?
  23. g5tar

    earsonics sm3 w/ ibasso t3d, sensitivity?

    the earsonics SM3 are a bit too sensitive for hifiman hm-602, do you thinking going line-out into a t3d would eradicate this?
  24. JessJackson

    IEM's for Producing / Mixing

    My first post... I've been reading these forums for a while and appreciate reading the wealth of knowledge you all have.   Basically I am looking for a new in ear.... I work as a producer for a living and spend most my time in loud studio enviroments. I usually have my engineer at the front...
  25. blur510

    Earsonics SM3 or Fisher Custom TF10

    I recently purchase a set of UE TF10, unfortunately I could not get a good fit with it. So I was thinking about getting it reshelled at fisher, and maybe get some cables.  For the price I am going to spend making it custom, I could get an earsonic SM3. From reading the forum, i know I will get a...