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The Best IEM (my Taste ranging from $400 to $500

  1. hyururi
  2. yello131
    are you in Japan?
    you can get lots of nice earphones in your price range.
    SM3, Shure 535, Grado 10,  Ortofon e-Q7/e-q5, CK100, HA-FX700
    What is your prefer sound signature?  Heavy base, balanced or more mid oriented. Dynamic or Armature drivers?
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  3. proedros
    if i had/could spent 400-500$ i definitely wouldn't go for SM3
    hell , you can buy new from the fs forum a pair of re-262 for half the money of SM3
    however if i wanted to spent 400$....
    Or maybe some customs ?
    in any way , do some search , read some threads , and tell people what kind of sound you like.
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  4. ZARIM
    UM3x, GR10, SA7, CK100 and SM3...........
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  5. hyururi
    I'm sorry but could you explain the differences of Dynamic and Armature Drivers? Well i don't like heavy bass maybe in the middle like the  K701. 
    I have read some other threads but i think i didn't found what i was looking for or maybe i was scared to spend this lot of money to something i didn't sure of. A customs earphone? mmm.. no thanks, i don't like custom earphone. No reason just don't like it.
    thx, i'll look into it
    By the way, My Friend said to me to buy W3 or senn IE8 will that do?
  6. AhokZYashA
    IE8 is a bass monster..
    for 600US$ you can go for customs, 
    JH5 or JH7
    or if you dont want to go customs.
    CK100, GR10, e-Q7, TF10, Westone 4, q-jays..
    are great.
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  7. unclej
    Or for $500 you could go for 1964Ears (a relatively small company, but has been getting very positive reviews at HF): http://1964ears.com/products.html
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  8. Sunmermaster

    for that amount I'llgo for 1964 ears too.
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  9. hyururi
    1964-Q Quad Driver IEM
     it looks convincing... Does it only accept shipment? or could i just buy it in any store?
  10. hotsport
    It is a custom IEM
    You need to place an order and provide your ear impression.
  11. hyururi
    "provide your ear impression"
    could you give me example i'm kinnda confuse thx
    Meanwhile is there $400 - $500 IEM that is worth the price but no custom? Thx again for replying [​IMG]
  12. nanaholic
    Looks like you listen mostly to anime/game music with female vocals with fairly light bass.  Plus looks like you like using AKGs.  And no customs....
    If that's the case I'd say Westone UM3x or Shure se535.  
  13. AhokZYashA
    all of those i mention earlier...
    its worth their asking price..
    ear impressions means, you have to have a mold to your ear..
    go to the audiologists near you to make them
  14. helljudgement
    The ck100 and e-Q7 are worth considering.
  15. loremipsum


    What that means is that you go into an audiologist (I think), and they insert molding material into your ear canals to create an impression of the shape, and then you send the impression off to the IEM company and they build a shell that's the exact shape of your ears. For that price I'd definitely go with customs, universals in that price range aren't really worth it

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