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Replacement for se530s

  1. ScottK
    I'm looking to buy a replacement for my se530s but after hours reading threads in here, I'm more confused than ever.
    My current thoughts are that I should probably go for some SM3s but MTPCs and se535s also getting some good reviews on here.  Or, do I get some lower end custom IEMs?
    First post on here, so any thoughts appreciated...
  2. ProjectDenz
    It really depends on what you are looking for. Did you enjoy your SE530's? What genre's of music do you listen to.
  3. ScottK
    I enjoyed the 530s a lot, but they were my first £100+ pair, so didn't have much to beat...
    I listen to pretty much all genres of music (very limited rap/r&b, probably spend most time listening to acoustic/classical just now) so need something pretty universal.  Also, spend a lot of time travelling so good isolation is important.
  4. ScottK
    Any help guys?
  5. maverickronin
    Given your musical preferences you'll probably want something fairly balanced, which will throw the Coppers out the window IIRC.  I don't know a whole lot about the SM3s either.
    I can say (since I own both at the moment) that the 530/535s are a good match for acoustic and classical and have quite wide genre bandwidth.  The chief advantage of the 535s is their larger soundstage, which generally helps a lot with classical.
    The 535s fit quite differently than the 530s though.  I prefer the sound of my 535s, but will likely sell them soon since they just aren't as comfortable.  All this is very individualized though, so its hard to make generalizations.  I can wear my 530s for hours on end with no discomfort and they remain sealed throughout nearly any physical activity.  The 535s get annoying quite quickly and loose their seal at the drop of a hat.
  6. lucozade
    ortofone eq7 is very nice for acoustic stuff ,reproducing strings beautifully  sm3 is also nice and has great bass Isolation is very good on both .
  7. ScottK
    Perfect, thanks.  I've had a few pairs of Shure so wanted something different.  Will try and have a listen to the ortofon's and if I don't like them I'll go for the SM3s.  Cheers.
  8. james444 Contributor
    Ortofon e-Q7, e-Q5 or Grado GR10. These have very similarly tuned moving armature drivers, only slightly different sound signatures and all three are excellent with acoustic and classical. The SM3 has IME too thick/warm mids and unsuitable soundstaging for classical.
  9. Nuwidol
    I agree that the SM3 are too thick sounding (not just for classical).
    Your earlier thought about low end customs would be worth looking into. The JH5 would be an ideal place to start reading up on. I'm not too sure on their sound signature as I've never heard them but they are apparently quite an engaging listen.
    JH5 Appreciation thread
  10. ScottK
    Tried the Ortofon's and didn't prefer them to the Shure's, so I've just ordered the SM3s.  Very excited!
  11. ScottK
    SM3s arrived this morning.  Far far better than I was expecting.  From reading other comments on here I was a bit concerned as to how they would sound straight out of the box, but to me the sound is great.  Big improvement on the Shure's.
  12. firoze

    Congratulations! Wish you many hours of happy listening with them...
    I've been interested in this thread because I too am looking for a high end universal IEM that isolates very well. Currently my main earphones are my FAD 1601SB's which are fantastic. But they don't isolate at all and I use them only indoors. However I travel a lot in noisy environments and have been using my SE530's for that. But they don't come close to the sound quality of my FAD's and have been looking for something that sounds considerably superior to the SE530's and also isolates as well or better than the Shures. I am interested in hearing more from you on the sound of the SM3 compared to the Shures...
  13. lucozade

    The Sm3 are indeed  fantastic sounding as is the Se530 , and while i like the Sm3 more than the Se530 i would not say they are considerably superior , they do have a fuller bass but the rest of there sound signature is just a different flavor rather than superior to the Se530 .
  14. Sil3nce Moderator
    Just be wary with the sm3 when it comes to some music genres as the highs do appear to roll-off.
  15. james444 Contributor
    ^ They do appear to roll-off, but in fact are quite extended and simply somewhat overpowered by thick mids. But let's face it, tastes differ. I didn't vote for the SM3, because I listen to a lot of acoustic and classical (just like the OP) and don't think their sound signature suits these genres. Yet to the OP they sound great. Recommendations can only do so much, whenever possible it's always better to try for yourself.
    Btw @firoze, I somehow missed the fact that you got the 1601SB. Did you post your impressions? (sorry for OT)

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