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So many terms, numbers, and lingo - some advice for someone new.

  1. Phoenyx1
    So I've lurked this site for quite a while - I'd say for at least a year.  Ever since receiving my UE Triple-Fi 10s, I've been on the hunt for an even better pair.  However, I find myself in the same problem every time I look around - another option to consider, another review contradicting the one before, or just another term I gotta figure out.  So I decided to plea my case (yes, another one of those threads).
    I consider myself pretty bass-happy, but I do like sound quality on all levels.  I've done some research and with the company I work for, I get a pretty good discount for the following and would really like your recommendations on them as well - 
    Monster Turbine - Gold,
    Sennheiser IE8,
    Shure 535,
    Klipsch Image 10,
    Etymotic HF5,
    I plan on using them with my MacBook Pro/iPhone/iTouch and currently have a NuForce Icon DAC-2 as well that I use quite frequently.  I've got about 400 tops to spend, so if you have any other thoughts or suggestions (maybe the NuForce Icon HDP instead of headphones), I'm all ears.  
    I'm still new to the whole "audiophile" family, however I'd like to get the best from what I have.  I do thank you for taking the time to help me out, really.  :)
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Haven't heard the Monster, but out of the list I'll recommend SE535 because I do find it a good all-arounder.
  3. rymd
    The phones you listed won't be THAT much of an upgrade from your TF10s
    Since your budget extends to 400, why not go for some of the higher higher end universals like the SM3 or low end customs? 
  4. unclej
    I would second the SM3s. I had the opportunity to audition them at a headphone store, and I couldn't believe that a universal IEM could pack such great sound (better than the 10s, and better than any other higher end universals I've heard) into something so small. They could be compared to some custom IEMs for sure.

  5. MR.X
    You prolly should consider customs especially since you have a lot of options at a very reasonable price with customs and they should give you the improvement in sound that you are looking for.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    I think everyone misses that part where the OP mentioned that he get discount for those particular models from the company his is working for.
  7. Phoenyx1
    I'd like to buy through the company and have some money left over for some more beer but I'll look into the SM3s some more.  I've also thought about customs, however my girlfriend enjoys listening to my headphones as well.  If I get custom ones, means I'll have to buy her a pretty expensive Christmas present, haha.  
  8. QuantumXL
    I dunno. If you like bass, the 535s are more neutral and expresses detail more than concentration on a specific spectrum. It is a great set of IEMs and I would seriously recommend them. But like I said, if you are a bass heavy person, you are going to end up picking up the TF10s more often because they are "funner" to listen to with their very exceptional lows. I have never tried MT golds, but from what I know MT golds are fairly bass heavy and many bass heads love, and I mean LOVE the monster Turbine golds. Too many to mention lol. That would probably my next route I'm going to go to after I get enough money to get an ALO LOD for my Ipod. (its between the MT golds and reshelling my TF10s.) From what I hear about the Sennys IE8's is that there is bass adjuster, which may be a plus for you. You probably already knew that, but they seem to be a happy medium between the 535s and TF10s. I have also heard many good reviews about these IEMs. I'm also a newbie, but personally I would pick up the MT golds if I had the chance.
  9. Phoenyx1
    Yeah, that's why I've been considering the Golds; I'm still pretty stuck between them and the IE8s.  I've been also looking at the SM3s too, might be willing to shell the cash out for 'em.
  10. SolidVictory
    I would say the SE535 from your list. I would recommend the SM3, or if you want to go the custom route, try the JH5.
  11. proedros
    from the list , 535 hands down.or ie8 for the bass.
  12. Phoenyx1
    So I've spent the day researching and it's come down to the SM3 or the IE8.  I like the 535s, however I do enjoy my bass; I also know I can get them for about half off from work anytime so I'll leave them on the back burner for now.
    I know I can't really make a "wrong choice" between the two, but I'm going to wait a few days and think about it.  If you guys have any last comments, please let me know :)
  13. SolidVictory


    I had the IE8 for around 6 months before I bought the SM3. After just one day of cross-comparing the IE8 and the SM3, I sold the IE8. It simply did not match the transparency/bass/detail/soundstage/clean sound of the SM3.

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