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HPs for Monteverdi to Metallica?

  1. W0lfd0g
    This is the first post of a wanna-be cash-strapped audiophile.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a set of headphones/earphones/IEMs that meet the following criteria? 1. approx $400AU 2. Suitable for listing to a very diverse range of music including (but not restricted to) renaissance choral, baroque chamber, classical orchestral, jazz, hard rock and folk.  3. Reasonably comfortable for extended listening.  I live in a rural area and so won't be able to try the set out before buying.  Am considering the Ortofon e-Q7, which I can get from Sydney for a little over $400.00.  Any advice would be appreciated, but remember I am a noob.  Please keep it simple!
  2. yello131
     New Otofon e-q5 may be another option for you.
    Also SM3 by Earsoincs.
    What type of sound signature you prefer: More or less bass. Forward mids, more balanced or Trebble orriented?
  3. W0lfd0g
    I wish I had enough experience to answer your question with some degree of objectivity.  In short, it depends on the type of music I am listening to. In gerenal, however, I would like a clear, un-muddied bass with a balanced response across the spectrum.  I wish I had more of a basis for comparison, but am just starting out.  Classically trained musician wanting natural music reproductions.  Ultimately, wouldn't the recording and the source effect the quality and nature of the sound reproduced?  If that is the case, I guess that I want something neutral, if such a thing exists, that can be coloured as necessary.  Can this be done by EQ?
  4. yello131

    Contact Dimitri from Musica Acoustics.com
    He is a distributor of many earphones and he is also a professional musician as well. He might be able to help you to answer your questions in depth, as well as many headfi members are kin to help you to choose best possible IEMs that will suit your needs!

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