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Has anyone Compared SM3 to HJE900 ?

  1. Peterman
    I own HJE900's~ I love them.
    Curious to what I would be looking forward to with the SM3's ?
    Has anyone done a comparison, heard both or own both ? :)
    I know the SM3's are a 'higher' level but by how much? ~ And are they worth the price difference upgrade?
  2. Confispect
    Dkft, James, Eric these are people who I've heard comparisons from, I've been interested as well, slowly fading though.
  3. violinvirtuoso
    You might also want to ask ljokerl, he should be adding the SM3 to his massive IEM comparison sooner or later.
  4. Anaxilus

    SM3 far better bass and mid quality than the 900.  I personally think the SM3 is a bit pricey whereas the 900 used to be able to be had at a steal considering.  The SM3 offers a fuller sound ranging from jazz, acoustic to hip-hop w/ more monitor type of detail than the 900 though the 900 is a more aggressive sounding type of phone for rock and electronic.  Not sure if build quality is important but the 900 wins there w/ better housings and detachable cables.  Though I've read more cases of 900 drivers going compared to SM3s.
  5. Confispect
    That just about sums up what I've seen/heard as well, I've also heard phrases like 'full step up' 'bigger soundstage' "better bass quality'. I have a loaner coming in shortly plus a couple of others I'll let you know via pm.
  6. proedros
    as always the 2 questions you should ask yourself are
    1)what 'signature' do i want ?
    2) how much can i spent ?
    So ?
  7. Peterman
    Koool Confispect, Luv to hear your impressions of the sm3 vs hje900 :) 
  8. Redmetal1897

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions confispect! Been getting an itch for the SM3, but it's a mighty pricey way to relieve an itch [​IMG] If you think its a huge upgrade over the CZ's I might spring for them since you and 
    I have a similar take on the Pannies

  9. Confispect
    Hey guys I'll be sure to post impressions probably DBA-Pana-SM3 IDK I've been taking notes Pana and DBA so we shall see [​IMG] Almost forgot I have the Gold on the way too kinda we shall see. 
  10. albau


    I also love my HJEs but occasional sibilance and recessed vocals on certain records sometimes get onto my nerves as well as a short cable.
    Since I'm cheap for W3 I tried W2 which I'm sending back right now after two weeks of testing. I knew that W2 and W3 have different signatures with W3 being close to Pana but couldn't imagine that W2 will sound so much the opposite of HJE. If Pana has V shaped sound curve the W2 has inverted V with mids sticking out considerably relative to bass and highs that feel recessed. And while W2 has marginally wider soundstage to my ears HJE beats it noticeably in imaging and instrument separation. As a result W2 sound a little veiled, laidback and lacking this magnificently full and energetic3D sound that make HJE such a fun.  Among all IEMs I had (HJE, UE 5 Pro, Phonak Audeo, Shure E3)  W2 and lowly Shures were the only ones that I had to EQ on iPod/iPhone4 with Jazz or Rock presets. On a positive side W2 are clearly the most efficient IEMs among the one I listed but EQing took this edge out.
    I understand W2 and W3 have similar design and build with W3 having bigger shells. Both shells and cable on W2 are much lighter than HJE and because of that seem more cheaply made which I don’t think the actual case. Granted HJE look much more stylish. I have no problems with HJE fit but W2 feel still a tad more comfortable and come with an extensive collection of tips versus Pana’s paltry three single flange pairs. W2 cable length and lightness are perfect and chin cinch stays put as opposed to the one on HJE.  Both HJE and W2 have a relatively shallow insertion so isolation for both is comparable and isn’t great.
    I also heard that Earsonics SM3 have a sound signature in the same mold but they are hard to drive. Not sure if there’s a comparo between HJE or W3 and SM3.
  11. Anaxilus


    SM3 hard to drive?  Uh, not at all.  Easy, peezy, lemon squeezee.
  12. gameboy115
    Don't want to hijack the thread, where could I buy brand new JE900 under 100 now?
  13. Redmetal1897
    I could have sworn I saw a couple in the FS section... but brand new you would be hard pressed, AFAIK JR was the only place selling them for that cheap

  14. rawrster
    You did see some..they just all have been sold :p
  15. gameboy115
    Thanks for rawster and Dannish, I guess I have to try my luck at FS forum then

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