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So I found headphone nirvana now if I can just do the same from an IEM perspective.

  1. dweaver
    I have been using the SM3 for the past 6 months and have a pair of MTPC as well. I have also tried Senn IE8, and many mid level ($100 range IEMs) as well as $30-70 ones.
    I also have been experimenting with fullsize headphones over the past year. I thought I was done with fullsize though until I went to a head-fi meet a couple months ago. It was there I heard all of the top fullsize headphones available at the time (HD800, BD T1, Denon D7000). I loved them all and realized I was missing out on what that type of headphone had to offer. The challenge was the price, so I tried several entry level cans that I found on the cheap or bought after researching head-fi. The entry level cans were nice but I was haunted by the top cans I had heard.
    Fortunately for me I stayed in touch with several of the guys at the meet and in the end bought a pair of D7000 from one of them as I found that headphone to be the nicest pair of the high end HP's I had listened to. So I have been listing to these ever since and have to say they have brought me headphone nirvana. They just do what I like more than anything I have ever heard. They don't have the sound stage of the HD800 but are better than most of the headphones I have heard aside from the HD800 and a couple others, but don't have the issues I had with headphones that have that large of sound stage either. They are not as detailed or bright as the T1 or the HD800 but they have enough detail I am hearing more emotion and edge to my music than ever before but without exposing my music's faults to the point where I am distracted by the flaws of my music. They have a wonderfull bass that is deep and detailed but not overdone, especially in the midbass. The midrange is just about perfectly placed in my opinion and the treble is detailed and forward enough that I hear everything I want in that arena without being fatigued or put off by to much energy (on my most treble centric tracks they actually are slightly too bright but these songs are in the minority).
    So why am I posting this?
    I guess I have to admit I am not happy with my current IEM's as they just are missing the boat in comparison to the D7000. So now I am in the hunt for a D7000 equivelant in an IEM or possibly even a portable headphone. In the portable front I have been told to look at the M50 which I will do. But I am curious if any IEM guru's have heard the D7000 and can give me some suggestions on what would be close to the D7000.
    Here is a list of what I have owned or currently own.
    • Senn IE8
    • MTPC
    • MTPG
    • MT
    • SM3
    • Klipsch S4
    • UE TF10
    • MP4Nation M1
    • MP4Nation M2
    I have currently done a test trade of my MTPC for a pair of Radius DDM (which are still in transit) so will see how they fill my boots. My current challenge with the SM3 is they just are missing to much in the treble range and their bass while good is a bit week in comparison to the D7000 and some of the other IEM's I have owned, but I love the midrange of the SM3. What I love about the SM3 aside from the midrange is the fact it doesn't do anything really wrong, a feature I find also with the D7000. What the D7000 does though is extend the treble and bass while still not doing anything really wrong. So I want and IEM that has that quality.
    Some of the IEM's I am thinking about or have heard that might fill my needs are:
    • Fischer DBA 02 ( I know at least one head-fi member who owns the D7000 who has recommended this IEM)
    • Sunrise SW-Xcape  (will this one have enough bass?)
    • Possibly a Denon IEM??? (Not too familiar with these)
    OK, there it is, any suggestions are welcome. A couple things I should mention are, that I will be using these from my iPhone and prefer to not have to use a portable amp (althought I do own a Rocoon amp that is very nice if needed, I just find I have to shut off the phone in the iPhone due to shielding issues). I am not in a position where I can spend gobs of money on this IEM, so prefer to stay on the south side of $500 and the further south the better.
  2. Painful Chafe
    Have you considered customs?
  3. 3X0
    Sell your D7000s and use the original $500 with the proceeds to purchase a pair of JH16s. They should be right up your alley.
    Though I'm slightly biased as I prefer the JH16s over the D7000s..
  4. edvardd
    It will be interesting to heard about what you think about Radius DDM in comparsion to D7000. From what I've heard they seem quite similiar. I ordered DDM myself 1 day ago. and I've been looking aat Denon headphones for a while now..
  5. dweaver
    I am really hoping the DDM's will do the trick. I don't need them to be 100% as good as the D7000 just something close. If they are I will post back here so you know, along with what I am noticing differently.
    For those suggesting customs, I am thinking about that as well. I may custom the SM3 or I may go with a lower end JH model or possibly try out the 1964 companies custom. Not sure yet. As for the JH16, that is to far out there financially for me plus a REALLY like the D7000, so barring winning the lottery they are not on my radar but thanks for the suggestion :).
  6. fanboysareevil
    DDMs>Monster IEMS in terms of sound by a lot IMO. 
  7. dweaver
    OK so I now have the DDM's that I have made a trial trade for, also I have been re-listening to my SM3 and find they are not quite as bad as I was feeling the other night.
    The DDM reviews are pretty spot on in every way listing the good and the bad. In my case though since I have a decent isolating IEM in the SM3, I like the trade off in loss of isolation the DDM has in regards to them sounding more like a full-size headphone plus I can hear a bit more around me at the office and at home. They also amp extremely well, going from being a good headphone that often sounds very to to be a very good headphone that often sounds great. I also think they sound similar to the D7000 with the exception of the treble not being as high. They don't have the same sound stage nor the same amount of detail as would be expected since they different types of products in design and in price but they offer about 85% or better of the D7000 in most areas.
    I am going to see how I feel over the next couple of weeks and of course my trading partners decision also will come into play about whether he wants to keep the MTPC I traded him or not but so far these are helping to scratch the itch I was feeling. If nothing else I am enjoying the chance to hear something new and different.
  8. average_joe Contributor
    First, sell the D7000 and get the LCD-2 [​IMG]
    Then shell out for a dynamic/armature hybrid custom such as the EP-10 Plus or new UM offering.  Although I know the EP-10 Plus takes soundstage for an IEM (or is it an ear bud) to a new level plus they don't isolate all that well :wink:
    Call it a day.
    After all, this is head-fi and sorry for your wallet!
    OK, so you might not want that plan.  I have not heard the C751, but the C710 was nice, although very bass/treble heavy.  The treble did subside a good amount with burn in, but was still bright.  I don't think the DBA-02 will get you what you want.  I know some people prefer it to the SM3, but they are very different.  To me, the DBA-02 is the CK10 with a more laid back presentation and slightly more body.  Not sure about the Sunrise.  All I can think is the FX700, which is a fantastic IEM and has some of the Denon qualities, from my recollection.
  9. dweaver
    LOL thanks Joe :)
    I may try the Sunrise next year. I have to say though, I really do like my D7000, they have great bass and just the right amount of treble for me as it verges on being to bright on my harshest recordings. Actually part of my thinking this current trio might work though is I do find my ears fatigued slightly with the D7000 so do wonder if more treble than in my current IEM's might be to much. With this combo I can use the SM3 on the train where let's face it quality listening isn't happening plus they are great when I want to focus on detail for most of my music. I have the DDM for at work when I need to hear whats happening around me or when I have a quiet time and want more of a fullsize headphone experience but am not in a position to use my D7000. Then I have the D7000 for the couple of hours a day I might be able to spend really just listening to music (and typing posts on this darn site LOL). BTW I have heard the LCD-2 and the T1 and actually prefer the D7000 to them [​IMG].
    Now as for customs, as much as I like the idea of their sound I just can't get past the challenges of putting them in and taking them out in a work place environment or home for that matter as I pop my uinversals in and out all the time and need to be able to do it in a timely fashion.
    As for the DBA02 I think you might be right about that headphone for me, but I wouldn't mind hearing them someday just so I know for sure and to scratch that itch to try something new (kinda like trying the Sunrise IEM).
    The DDM kinda remind me of the IE8 BTW but I like the DDM's treble better as I always found the IE8 had to much of a ping type sound to cymbals for me. I have to say though if the IE8 was the price of the DDM I might have kept them, but at the $300+ I paid for them I just never felt they were worth that much money. So if I ever see a crazy Sennheiser IE8 sale like what happens with the UE TF10's I will likely have to partake of them again as I do think  they have better detail LOL.
    Anyway, it's been fun but I have to now get the heck off the Head-fi one way track to over spending madness LOL.
  10. average_joe Contributor
    I am glad you are liking your D7000.  What source did you use with the T1 and LCD-2?  They are both hungry in different ways and don't sound all that great without a great amp and synergistic source, and the T1 is more amp specific IMO.But, if you know you like the D7000 better, that is good for your wallet!
    My customs come out very easy, actually easier than my universals since.  With the EM3 Pro, I just rotate them in or out, and same with the EP-10 Plus, but rotate a different way.  And I do like the lack of isolation from the EP-10 Plus along with it's headphone sized soundstage!  
    I guess if the IE8 was $99, I would buy one now that I have the Stepdance; that amp can tighten the bass on anything.  Although it wouldn't get any ear time due to my other stuff.
    And, if you think the D7000 is a big step up from the DDM and SM3, customs are much closer to the performance levels.  Check my T1 vs. LCD-2 vs. EP-10 Plus vs. EM3 Pro vs. SM3 review, which is still a work in progress, but is over 50% done.
  11. JackKontney
    All universal fit designs share a sonic ceiling. Custom takes it to another level. If you really want nirvana, that's where you should be going.
    I recommend the Sensaphonics 2MAX for reference audio, and the 3MAX for those who prefer a bit more bass.
    Yes, they are a client of mine. And yes, they are the best.
  12. ilia7777
    Dweaver I totally share your love for DENON, I never listened to D7000, but D5000 out of tube amp completely blew me away. Let me tell you this you will not find a portable headphone that can do what D7000 can. It just doesn't exist. I listened to T5P which I don't consider portable and I was very unimpressed. Ultrasones are not getting second chance from me. After very long search I have found my perfect portable headphone and absolutely love it. Guess what its a DENON :) AH-D1001 is just perfect, it sounds great out of ipod without amplification and it still has the DENON sound signature that is just right, soft pleasant, detailed, balanced, non fatiguing. And there is no headphone more comfortable than DENON even though Beyers come close. I also have HF5 which is a serious player in IEM, but of course it doesn't have the full sound of DENONs. HF5 have incredible detail though and good mids.
  13. aamefford
    I have and love the d7000. I also have the DBA-02. The DBA is not the iem version of the d7000. Not by a long shot. It is a heck of a fine iem for under $200. I'll keep em around for a while. Decent mids, good detail, a touch bright, and defined bass, but not prominent bass. I like them for travel because they are not fatiguing. I hope this helps a bit?
  14. dweaver
    @average_joe, I have heard HD800, BD T1, and D7000, all on the same couple of rigs, one was a little dot stack compiling the balanced amp, and the tube amp with the DAC, the other configuration was Libby Dac/amp I believe. The LCD-2 was with a couple different amps but I can't remember which ones
    @ilia7777, thanks for you input, I have considered and still am considering the D1001 or the new D1100, I also will be getting a chance to hear the A100 next week (must resist urge to buy insanely priced but beautiful woodies!!!). Have you any experience with the D1100? I hear it may have more bass than the D1001 but also hear it has more detail.
    @aamefford, thanks for confirming the differences between the DBA02 and the D7000 that Joe mentioned. I wondered that as well. I still want to hear them someday but may have to hope I run into someone with a pair at a head-fi meet vs. buying to just satisfy curiosity.
    I also agree that I won't be getting a portable headphone that sounds as nice as the D7000, unless I spend serious coin as suggested by Joe anyway. So I will enjoy the DDM's for now and when home simply lose myself in the D7000 when I have the time. Already been doing that for several hours tonight....

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