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Recommend me a neutral IEM with great soundstage and controlled bass

  1. meurglys0
    I currently own an Earsonics SM3. Some people say it's a neutral IEM, but I decided I need a more neutral IEM. Though I like it with some albums, with other albums, especially the ones with a thick midrange, it just fails to produce a pleasant sound, rather it gets annoying. Because it has a midrange boost (especially the lower midrange bump which sometimes even with the help of EQ I can't tame down) and another boosted area at the low end. Pros of the SM3: The SM3 has a wide soundstage and so the instrumental separation is great. I'd like the new IEM I purchase to have the same quality. Even though the SM3 bass and lower midrange is boosted, it has very controlled and tight bass. Plus the SM3 has no shrill highs which is a good thing for me... So the recipe takes shape like this: I need an IEM that bears the following properties: 1) Neutrality. (Balanced sound all over the spectrum. No high, mid or low frequency boost. Neither bassy/boomy, nor shrill, nor the midranges are in-your-face or bloated. Just neutral.) 2) Wide soundstage and great instrumental separation. 3) Tight, controlled bass that does not get boomy and doesn't bleed into the midrange... 4) Good isolation. 5) Comfortable to wear. (I'll have this IEM in my ears for hours, so it has to be comfortable. The SM3 was comfortable for 1.5 hours, and then the housings started hurting my ears. I'd give SM3 3/5 in means of comfort). Looking forward to hearing your valuable opinions and recommendations. PS: I don't think I can stick the Etys into my ears, so they are out of the equation...
  2. Redmetal1897
    Hmmm sounds like the AT CK10, maybe you should pm someone who has used both the Audio Technica and the SM3
  3. Michiyo-Fir
    If you don't mind going custom, try the JH5 Pros.

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