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Earsonics SM3 or Fisher Custom TF10

  1. blur510
    I recently purchase a set of UE TF10, unfortunately I could not get a good fit with it. So I was thinking about getting it reshelled at fisher, and maybe get some cables.  For the price I am going to spend making it custom, I could get an earsonic SM3. From reading the forum, i know I will get a good seal/fit with the SM3 as i get a good fit with my Westone UM2.. All opnions are welcome, thanks in advance.
  2. Sil3nce Moderator
    Neither. If you have taken the time to read you would notice there has been quite a few owners of reshelled tf-10s stating that the customs are different or even worse than stock. As for the sm3, It sure is a great universal but I have to also agree that people are finding it overhyped and not worth it. Hence the increased amounts of for sale sm3 on the forum. Best bet? Go for a pair of customs from a reliable dealer such as the Jh-5, Ue-4, or even from new companies such as 1964-D. That's of course if you want to make the jump.
  3. Guidostrunk
    I highly recommend the Sm3. IMO they smoke everything i have previously owned combined ie. TF10, CK10, MTPC, Silver Bullets, Re0's ... IMO opinion you could put all those together and couldn't produce what the Sm3 offers.I really don't see them being over hyped. When you start getting into top tier IEM'S it comes down to preference in the sound you're looking for. I wouldn't waste your money on reshelling the TF10. If your looking for customs i agree with Sil3nce go for one of the suggested. If you are looking for universal i cant help but recommend the Sm3 , it is my fav. at the moment.
  4. pellegrino10
    X2 on this path. Forget universals and get a good pair of "entry level" customs at that price point ($350+). The JH5s, for example, which I own, were originally priced at $599, but reduced to $399. A tremendous value in my view, and much bette than any high-end universals I have owned, and I have owned a lot. Or, you could try the new 1964 Ears dual customs, which are $125 cheaper than the JH5s. I would rather have the JHA sound and a two-year warranty than the $125 in my pocket. But there is a less expensive path to customs. Reshelling the TF10s does seem like a crapshoot. I would sell the TF10s and invest in the JH5s or 64 Ears customs. You will be happy.

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