1. jamesfonda

    RE ZERO and the Law of diminishing returns

    Hello,   I thoroughly enjoy reading the site and forums but have never posted before.   I've had the ZEROs for a month or two now and really like them. I previously used the CX300s and the difference was astounding.   My question is this, apart from customs, are there any IEM...
  2. Anouk

    Compact Monitors stage 4 custom iems

    Hi, Thanks to James444 I read about this German custom iem company since I am looking into custom iems made in Europe. they seem to have a new top model here: http://www.compact-monitors.de/cms_e/stage-serie/stage-4.html I might try to get a demo model. These are quite expensive but the westone...
  3. High_Q

    Poll: Which Earsonics SM3 tips do you prefer most?

    I've tried Shure olives and Double flange tips, but I still prefer the comply tips, and curious what most people prefer.  How can I fit MC tips to the SM3? Seems too thin for MC tips to stay in place.
  4. Erieg

    Post# 1,276 Asking For Advice

    I just purchased a pair of Ultimate Ears TF10s and just spent the last three hours listening to them. They sound great but I ran into a few issues. The first is something I think I saw in a post or two which is that the mids are very recessed. The second issue is that I apparently don't care for...
  5. vizZir

    Earsonics SM3, Sleek Audio SA6-R or Shure SE425 ??

    Everything is in the title. I'm looking for new iem to replace my current UE SF5.    I have considered the following 3 intra:   - Shure SE425 - Earsonics SM3 - Sleek Audio SA6-R   I was quite interested by the Shure and Sleek Audio as they have removable wires. However due to...
  6. mralexosborn

    SM3 review

    This is a review of my Earsonics SM3. If you want the short story, I never thought IEM's could sound this good for what, I think, is a great price. They are effortlessly good sounding. After you get used to them, they seem to have a flawless sound signature. Now to the real thing.   Gear...
  7. eccdbb

    DAC/amp for SM3

    Helloes, what is a good dac/amp combo for EarsSonics SM3?  I will be using it with my laptop using usb, but I'd like the possibility of optical/coax too.   I like neutral/flat FR sound.  Budget is max $400.   I was thinking iBasso D6, or pico dac/amp.
  8. dweaver

    What would make an IEM go whoom instead of BOOM?

    Would this lack of punch or bass impact be a result of all mid-bass with no sub-bass or the opposite, or would it be caused by something else like a lower mid-range deficiency? I am trying to determine what would cause this type of behavior in an IEM. The pair I am testings/own seems to go...
  9. Duck-Sauce

    Looking for a pair of IEM

    Hey!   My SE310 died some months ago and I tried the Monster Beat but wasn't satisfied (they hurt in-ear ><). So now I am searching new ear-phones to use it with my mp3. I don't really know what should be better for me, I mostly listen to house music, trance, rap, hip-hop or rock...
  10. shane55

    Nothing is forever. So what would you recommend, should the unthinkable happen to my DBA-02?

    Friends…   Say the horror of horror occurs and I either misplace or accidentally destroy my DBA-02’s. Or, let’s just say they decide one day (of their own volition) to stop putting me in audio nirvana.     Then what? I’d want something that doesn’t take months to get (as these did), or...
  11. sofastreamer

    IEM with wide Soundstage out of the head

    first a short summary of the iems i already own(ed):   EP630, Koss The Plug :-), ue300, UE Super.fi 5 EB, IE8, UM2; TF10   from these i like my tf10 best. But usually i am listening to my shure srh-840 at home. I like the warmth and the great 3d-alike soundstage the Shures produce.  ...
  12. dweaver

    Denon AH-C560R Photo's, First Impressions and Review - Could these be a contender?

    So I received an unusual Sunday surprise from Canada Post today. Being quite anxious to hear my new toys I quickly snapped some photos of the box prior to unpacking and some initial photos of the IEM's. I apologize now that the pictures are not great, as I don't have the best camera in the...
  13. Anouk

    rsa sr71a vs mustang p51 vs shadow

    Hi everyone, I need an amp (not neccessarily portable) for my iems at home and possible future headphones (i intend to keep this one for a while) I heard from Ray that they have the sr71a back in stock (i thought this was originally a limited item). I know that probbably no one has heard all...
  14. clickhere

    Head Direct RE0 vs Senn IE6

    I'm looking for opinions from people that have tried BOTH the Head Direct RE0 and the IE6's.   I've read reviews on both products but did not find anyone that contrasted the two.   If you have tried both, which one has over all best sound clarity and quality?  (or if they are two...
  15. Caldoran

    Which of the following IEMs do you feel has the best quality cable?

    So, as the title says. Personally, I prefer the Sennheiser cabling for its high-end IEMs. So soft, flexible, and strong! Not to mention zero microphonics!  
  16. CareyPrice31

    Sensorcom tips for SM3?

    I have heard a lot of buzz about the "Sensorcom" tips for the SM3.   Where would I go about buying them and which ones should I get?
  17. CareyPrice31

    Best universal IEM under ~$500

    What would be the best universal IEM under ~$500.00.   I listen to Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, Club, Dance and a bit of other genres.   I'm looking at the SM3's, GR10's, SE535's, DBA-02's + possibly another IEM for that price..?   What do you guys think?
  18. matto

    SM3 Vs UM3x vs ?

    Okay I'm sorry that I'm making another thread though from what I've read no one has as much diversity in their library as I do. I've been reading SM3's and UM3x since about 2 months ago, My uncle got me to get him a pair and for some reason my ADD didn't kick in and make me shred that damn box...
  19. CareyPrice31

    What IEM's should I buy with $500.00

    I want to try a couple of universal IEM's.   My music consists of Dance, Club, House, Techno, Pop, Rap, R&B and other genres (not as much).   What are some IEM's I should pick up?
  20. CareyPrice31

    Livewires Tripple

    Are they any good?   How would they compare to top-tier universals such as the Westone 4's and SM3's?   What is the difference between faceplate and shell color?
  21. Aud1oph1le

    what high-end IEM to buy?

    Hi   I've been reading a LOT of reviews recently and several times I've been close to placing an order, but each time I am getting close to buying, I find a review or a comment linking some other thread with some different opinions on that pair, advising someone to buy something else. So...
  22. au5t3n5

    New IEMs: What To Do....

    Ok. Begin at the beginning. I have been trolling these forums (with only my eyes).    I want some new IEMs. I have Shure SCL2's from years ago, which need to be updated. I recently got Shure SRH840's and an iBasso D4 Mamba to go with them. But those who know about the 840 know they are by no...
  23. cactus_farmer

    Audio Technica CK100 questions...

    1). Is the CK100 actually discontinued? I can't read chinese, but it's still listed on the hong kong Audio Technica official website.   2). Are the three drivers split 2x bass and 1x treble like the Shure SE535, or 1x bass 1x mid and 1x treble like the Westone 3?   3). Do they sound like...
  24. Anaxilus

    Diary of a Madman (My wild one day CES ride)

    Just completely exhausted atm.  Been up since 3am, drove 300 miles, pranced around CES for 7 hours.  Only North and Central Halls.  Not enough time for South and the Venetian so no high-end toys today.  To be elaborated upon once I regain consciousness.  Till then.  Some quickies.   UERM v...