1. DirNez

    Portable Amp Recommendations for the ath pro700mk2

    So I'm relatively new to head-fi but I've done some research. I'm between the ZO2 and the e17. I'm definitely open to other suggestions but I'd like to the keep the price sub $200.
  2. MartWilliams

    portable amp for Galaxy Note 2 and Grado SR80i heaphones?

    Hi all. I've been plowing through these forums for the last few days and largely as a result of what I've read here and after testing a few headphones bought a pair of Grado SR80i's to play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now while I am very pleased with what I am hearing (being a non audiophile...
  3. charlie875578

    Merry Christmas me!....Help me out.

    So I had some Denon 5000's a couple years ago. Hard times forced me to sell them and my Fiio E11. Downgraded to some Grado 80i's, which I thought would be fine. Hated them. didn't seem like anything to me. But now come christmas, I want to get a good set-up going again. This is where I need...
  4. bobjohnson201

    Updated: Monster PRO Copper VS Klipsch X10i VS Sony XBA 3 ?

    Hi, This is my first post here and I'm looking to buy in-ear headphones and would like some advice.  The ones that I am strongly considering are: Edit: I narrowed down the list to my favorite 3 Monster Turbine PRO Copper  Klipsch Image X10i, (would prefer X10, but discontinued) Sony XBA 3...
  5. basslover6500

    Headphones Just For EXTREME HEAD-RATTLING Sub Bass

    Hey guys, this is my first post and my first thread here. I'm going to go ahead and establish the fact that I'm a complete noob when it comes to headphones. All I care about is the lower bass in music. I don't care much about mid bass, and I honestly don't give a poop about mids and highs. All I...
  6. aznsniper911

    Need more bass in my IEM

    Long story short my Monster Turbine Copper died and now I have to get a new pair of IEM but I need something with more bass!!! Yes those had some good bass and clarity but I want moar bass!!!:D my budget this time is about $400 and I listen to mostly pop/hip hop/rap with the occasional classical...
  7. drawingbreath

    IEM for replacing Denon AH-D7000

    Hi everyone Our office is about to move from separate rooms to an open plan environment; something no one is looking forward to. For the last year I have been using and appreciating my AHD7000's at work each day, but because sound isolation isn't the best I think now is the time to get some...
  8. Bassheadspl

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    Hello headfiers, i am a extreme basshead and would like a headphone will lots of bass that you can feel. I want the bass to shake vibrate your head and jaw and i want a headphone that can make your eyes blurry when the bass drops. Currently i own the Sony xb700, amped off a fiio e17 and the bass...
  9. RPGWiZaRD

    A "basshead's" unexpected experiences from demoing a little more neutrally balanced headphones...

    Well today I got to demo AKG K272 HD, Sennheiser HD25-II (adidas), Sennheiser HD 598 and Sennheiser Momentum as I went on a trip to Helsinki (capital) in Finland   The AKG K272 HD suprised me probably the most, REALLY enjoyed listening to this and to my suprise, I didn't find the bass...
  10. silversonic6500

    Headphones for EXTREME BASS

    Hey guys, I am retracing my steps a bit. Let's just say I'm a total nooblord, and all I want is EXTREME BASS. I want the most hard-hitting, punchy, and powerful bass that any pair of headphones or IEMs (either one) can deliver...as close as it gets to a subwoofer
  11. dvada191

    Headphones like AKG K77

    Hi.   As can be seen in some of my other posts here, I like the sound of the AKG K77's. I think they have great bass, but not overpowering, but with slightly recessed mids and treble. The sound signature overall is appealing to me. Can any other Head-Fi'ers who own or have heard the K77's...
  12. losthubble

    Distortion in MDR-XB1000

    When I listen to songs with a lot of Bass the vocals become distorted and choppy at loud volumes( not extremely loud but loud enough for the Bass to have an impact). I was listening on my phone using a ZO2 and the song was an MP3. Could It be I need to listen to FLAC or need better...
  13. SkyBleu

    Need Help on Selecting a Headphone/Portable Amp - Between Fiio E7 or Fiio E11 for V-Moda M80

    So, recently i had purchased a new pair of headphones, the V-Moda M80, which are very appealing to me. Before i bought this item, i had did a bit of  research on it to see if i was wasting my money or not, and in my case, i surely did not! They perform exceptionally well to me, but from the...
  14. SkyBleu

    Volume Control Enquiries About the Digizoid ZO2.3

    Well, to start off, I would like to know if anyone could clarify with me if the ZO2 amp on Amazon from Digizoid are the new ZO2.3s. Link here ( http://www.amazon.com/Digizoid-ZO-2-Personal-Subwoofer/dp/B00747N5ZE/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1351335318&sr=1-1&keywords=zo2 )   Now...
  15. monsterask

    Digizoid ZO2 + Monster Turbine Gold

    Hi, would appreciate some help.   Right now I have a Cowon C2 and MTPG and im really happy with the sound, but I tought better is good so I started looking for an am and I think I make up my mind to go with a Digizoid 2 (Because of the size, price and almost no distortion)   So my...

    Need more bass for ATH-M50? fiio e11?

    Ok. So once i got my audiotechnica ATH m50's i was beyond dissapointed by the amount of bass they have. I expected alot more from them. I know they are monitor headphones but come on! The bass is VERY clear and not muddy at all even at high volumes. But it's just not enough for my headthumping...
  17. brent03

    Beats???? Mehhh...other options??

    So here is my dilemma. I do not consider myself to be an audiophile, but I do consider myself to be someone who enjoys good music and a good set of cans to deliver it.   I've been surfing the forums for a pretty good while now, and figured I would post a thread of my own.   First off, I...
  18. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Digizoid ZO2.3 Personal Subwoofer Portable Headphone Amplifier Review: True Power of Bass

  19. sherby42

    Amp for hd25-1II

    I'm not really sure if this needs an amp. Yet it is 70 ohlms if it does need an amp what would be good under $100 that could be used portably.
  20. thehulq

    Car Audio Basshead Seeking Basshead Headphones

    This is my first my first post so forgive me if I am not doing something right. I am a bass head and have been one for a long time. I usually listen to music in my p/u truck with my two 12" type-r subs under my back seat and my type-r door speakers (all amped of course). Now that I am in my 30s...
  21. D

    Should I replace my Sennheiser HD25-1 ii's with something else?

    So I accidentally left my cans outside at a job a few towns away and couldn't find them for about 2 months. They were introduced to every element that nature felt like exposing them to, including rain. Finally when I was reunited with them I let them dry in the summer heat of my baking car for...
  22. biggbenn74

    Have The XB500, Where Do I Go From Here?

    Hello again, Head-Fi. Today, I need some help from a few resident bass heads like myself. Here is my situation. I already have the Sony XB500. I want more bass. I can get more bass from my FiiO E7 and E11, but I want even MORE bass (both in quality and quantity) My budget is $150. I love more...
  23. Xtaze

    need advice on portable AMP zo2 vs e17

    still not sure on the headphones im buying... senns 598 vs dt880 premium 250 ohm   listen to everything classical to metal and hip-hop   this is my first portable setup
  24. danquoc

    Looking for a new pair of cans with bass

    Hey, I'm lookin for a new pair of cans. I got the beats solo last year as a gift and were my first pair of on ear headphones. It wasn't long ago that my brother got te M50s and I couldn't believe the quality difference. I was going to buy the m50 as well but I did a last comparisson with that...
  25. milk

    Which amp should i get?

    Well i recently got my m audio q40s and dont have the bass/power i expected so i figure i may need an amp and was wondering whats the one that will clean music at high quality but give me insane bass boost and im talking skullcrushing intense bass boost but not bass that will ruin the music or...