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Headphones Just For EXTREME HEAD-RATTLING Sub Bass

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by basslover6500, Nov 21, 2012.
  1. basslover6500
    Hey guys, this is my first post and my first thread here. I'm going to go ahead and establish the fact that I'm a complete noob when it comes to headphones. All I care about is the lower bass in music. I don't care much about mid bass, and I honestly don't give a poop about mids and highs. All I want to hear in my music is SUB BASS!!!!!! I really dig that sub bass in Swagga by Excision & Datsik. Right now I have a pair of Klipsh Image S4. I can understand why thet're such a good buy with bang for buck, but they don't do me any good. So I'm looking for a pair of headphones that provide rumbling, vibrating, head-shaking, diarreah-inducing, subwoofer-like bass (lots of adjectives, I know:D), Thanks in advance!
  2. SoundFreaq
    Sony XB700. What's your budget?
    Do you need for them to not leak sound? Because those do. 
  3. machoboy
    You'll grow out of it.
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  4. MalVeauX
    Sony XB500 with a Digizoid ZO or a Fiio E6 or Fiio E11.
    Very best,
  5. basslover6500
    My budget is around $500, amplifier and accessories included. I'd like for the headphones themselves to be around $300, but I'm willing to pay more if it's worth it. I'd like for it to be portable, so it's better to have little or no sound leak. As long as it's not super loud, I'm fine.
  6. basslover6500
    I've heard that the XB 1000 has a head-sucking sub bass. Could anyone compare the XB 500, 700, and 100 in terms of JUST THE SUB BASS?
  7. biggbenn74

    Listen to MalVeauX, I do the exact same. Although, the FiiO E7 to me seems to produce more shake to the bass than the E11, but less volume. So, whatever you prefer, really. Go with the XB500. :)

    Hope this helped.
  8. Dutchi MerenGue
    i cant comment on the xb700 as those are the only ones i dont have, but i do have the 1000's and 500 and can say without hesitation, that the xb1000's have the deepest and most ample sub bass i've ever heard
    on certain songs, the bass reaches so deep that it creates a sort of wierd suction on my eardrums and it vibrates them even at low volume, listening to a distance ep i have which is really sub bass heavy, the top of my skull rattles along the aluminum headband
    the 500's are just a solid wall of bass, head pounding bass, but in terms of sub bass and not mid bass, its lacking when compared to the 1000's. 
    edit: for portable amps, malveaux is right, the zo2 adds a sh!tload of bass without bleeding into the other frequencies, giving you a darker fuller sound, the fiio e6 on the red bass setting makes the sound punchier and more hard hitting, also powerful bass
  9. szanella
    Since your budget is fairly nice, I'd go with a used pair of Ultrasone Pro900 (~290) + Mark Lawton Angle Pads (~100) + Fiio E11 (portable) or a HiFiMan EF2 (~120, if you'll listen to the cans only at home/work)
  10. ssrock64
    The XB500 has more bass purely quentitatively than the XB1000, but I think you'd get more enjoyment out of the XB1000 because they provide nearly the same amount of bass with much more detail. Also, the Digizoid is basically a rite of passage for a pure basshead, and there's really no other option when it comes to HUGE bass.
    Most of us on here are probably slightly disdainful of your extreme case of bassheadedness, but we're here to help either way.
  11. DanXbix
    Also try the ATH-PRO700MK2 with a Fiio E17. You can feel air going into your ears!!!!! Massive amounts of bass. They are dark headphones :)
  12. SoundFreaq
    here's what I know in a thumbnail. You are looking for a Sony XB model most likely. 
    XB500 = Most bass of the series, but mid-bass centric
    XB700 = More refined, more sub-bass centric.
    XB1000 = Most refined, largest soundstage, extremely capable bass. The most bass of them all with EQ. Most neutral without EQ.
    I would go XB1000 and play with EQ to get that feeling of jarring your innards out on the dancefloor. 
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I'm in Japan
     JVC HA-XM30X W/57mm drivers.
    Onkyo ES-HF300's,
    Audio Technica ATH-Ws55's,
    Logitech UE 600's and AKG K845.
    ** The Sony XB 1000 were muddy.
    The V moda are the new "Beats". They are over priced and distort way too early for that price. I simply don't get the love for V moda except they are the anti christ to Beats but they sound like brothers . The skullcandy crushers with the vibrating 2nd driver? i don't know what to say? That's a mess.
    Visited 3 of Japans largest audio chains over 2 weeks and tested every bass can with my fiioe12 amp with the bass switch on and a Cowon with a flat eq and mach bass on 8.
  14. xdog
    You could the Somics Mh489, which to me gives a subwoofer quality to the music (it gives you kind of the feeling of adding a powerful subwoofer to normal stereo system).
    And you can EQ easily to make the bass overloading.
    With the diffrence with Sony XBs it does the mids well (in Sony xb series is generally muffled, with strong tonal switch, but here the mids are at maximum warm)
    and is quite spacious (so it gives a lot of space for other things than bass).
    The higs are recessed, but not that much as with the xb series.
    Takstars HD5500 and denons d600 also have a lot of bass, but they have more overall bass, and are not that concentrated on subbass

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