1. nucgaek

    Ultra-portable Amps

    I was just wondering what ultra-portable amps were available? The only ones I've seen so far are the Digizoid ZO2 and the iBasso T3, other like the T5 are similar in size but muc heavier, so  is there anything else worth considering in the $60-150 range?   Some specs:   Digizoid ZO2.3...
  2. jwbrent

    Question on Phiaton MS 400s - tightening cup holder

    I just bought a pair of these from a Head-Fier and other than a slightly forward midrange, I think they were a good purchase . . . for now. My question is on the retaining ring that holds the ear cup: one of the cups is very loose so that it just drops to a horizontal position when holding the...
  3. bassballboy

    Amp or EQ/soundcard to increase bass with computer

    I want to preface this with the fact that I have NO knowledge about headphone amps/sound cards. I'm looking for something to use with my Sony XB500's to enhance their low end (playing with them on super bass tracks shows me that they have the ability to put out much, much more bass than I'm...
  4. viewtifuljon

    Amp for Shure SRH-940?

    I'm currently selecting an amp to go with my Shure SRH-940. The options that I've been considering are:   1) Digizoid ZO2.3: I like the small size of this thing, and the bass boost would be nice to use every once in a while. However, I am mostly happy with the bass amount in the SRH-940, and...
  5. fractionz

    need help picking a ~150$ pair of portable headphones for bass-heavy electronic suff

    When I'm at home, I use speakers. The only time I use headphones is when I'm on the road or when I'm out somewhere using my laptop. I have a pair of cheap headphones which aren't letting me really enjoy my music. (I like really bouncy edm stuff like gabber/hardstyle, and some dnb/dubstep) So...
  6. Malav

    So which 2 should I get?

    Ok so I'm looking at getting two bass heavy headphones and I have picked three please tell me which two I should get. These are the 3---V moda crossfade lp, cks77, and v moda m80..:) thanks in advance
  7. OliverBB

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 How much bass?

    Hi,   I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on these headphones. What keeps me hesitant is the bass. I know they are often mentioned as being bass heavy. How much is there? I am NOT looking for that head rattling thump that a lot of people seem to like. For a reference the Klipsch Image...
  8. potpiedpiper

    headphone baby here

    hello, head-fi. Just thought I'd introduce myself and get some suggestions all in one. I got into good audio a few months ago with a pair of incase sonics, which I know aren't the greatest for the money, but I was satisfied and loved the way they looked, so I didn't explore beyond them much...
  9. sneaglebob

    Can I amp the Audio Technica M50 to be as bassy as beats pro?

    *Puts flame suit on*    Hey guys, yesterday was my 15th birthday and I asked my dad if he can get me a pair of Beats pro and he happily did and I love them very much although my dad felt that he was slightly swindled but no matter he didn't complain. Now I absolutely KNOW about headphones...
  10. Melvins

    Blox MC2 and amplification

    does anyone here use a pair of Blox Mc2's with amplification? even a simple pa2v2 or cmoy? just curious. Used to own a pa2v2 and was thinking about getting another used one if it would be beneficial to my current portable headphones (blox). Thanks for your time!
  11. Grandorn

    Portable Amp suggestions for Hifiman Re-262's?

    Hey guys, So, I purchased the Hifiman Re-262's a few months ago, and I absolutely love them. I had read that a portable amplifier was suggested to really have the 262s shine, so I added the FiiO e6 to the order. However, when I got the e6 it did not at all live up to my expectation, and made...
  12. Vlooienuker

    Best DAC/Amp Combo with a Cowon J3 and Westone 3?

    Hi all.   I'm looking for a great DAC/Amp combo to pair up with my Cowon J3 and my W3's.   My budget is 700 USD...   I know the W3's are a low impedance phone but I really want to "make the most of them" and get the best sound possible. I dont want just a "slight" difference I want a...
  13. davez0r

    headphone id anyone?

    I was looking at the site for the ZO 2 and saw the full-size headphones on the left. Can anyone ID them?    
  14. WestCoastPatty

    Amping the V-Moda LP2's

    So I am planning on purchasing the LP2's shortly. I have read many reviews on them and decided that is what I want. What I haven't found or heard from you guys on here is whether it is needed to amp them or not. I will be listening mostly to dubstep and watching movies while deployed. If I was...
  15. 7nationarmy

    Portable Amp for my RHP-20

    I own a pair of Reloop RHP-20. Firstly, would it benefit much from a portable amplifier? If yes, which one would you suggest : JDSLabs cMoyBB, PA2V2, E6, E11, or ZO2? Or maybe any other amps in the same price range? I listen mostly to rock, alternative, RnB, and hip hop.
  16. Rudy7917

    Digizoid ZO2 vs FiiO E11 or 7 for ATH M50

    Hey guys, I'm new for all this but I wanted to get knowledgable opinions on an amp and I hear good things about the above mentioned amps? Which do you reccomend? I'm not a bass head just looking for something that would improve the quality of my music coming from my iPhone! Thanks!!
  17. theMixFeed

    Ultrasone HFI-580 Review (Non audiophile)

    Let me start of by saying thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions and feedback on what headphones to get. Without Head-Fi, i would have no doubt simply gone with a pair of Beats. With that said, let me also point out, I am NO audiophile and I love bass. I have gone through countless pairs of...
  18. Eudoxa

    Zo2.3 for low volume listening?

    Hey Headfi, Preliminary information:     So I've got a J3 + W4 at the moment and I've been becoming increasingly interested in low volume listening.  My brain seems to be conditioning me to dislike loud sounds because listening as I used to is starting to make me feel somewhat sick and dizzy...
  19. Hephaestus123

    Help with Double-Amping: Fiio E7 paired with Digizoid ZO2

    Hi everyone. I'm currently in the process of deciding whether or not to use a Digizoid ZO2 amp (when I get it in the near future) to dual amp the source to my headphones . My proposed setup would be like this: Source(Laptop through usb out)---->Fiio E7---->Digizoid...
  20. papaverhybridum

    Fiio E17 or Z02?

     for an ATRIO MG7+SANSA ? (electronic music generally)   Thanks.
  21. ClieOS

    The Sub-$100 Portable Amps Shootout – 11(+1) amps compared

    As an IEM user and avid gadget lover, I am always have a particularly interest in portable amps. The sub-$100 price range is where I started my amp journey and I am sure it is the same for many others as well. Though I have moved onward to better portable amps at higher price range, I have...
  22. Joshii

    Not enough volume??

    Hey guys,    I have got the Audio Technica Pro700MK2 anniversaries, with a ZO 2 and a fiio L3, ever since i started to go low gain paired with my L3, the volume can't really go that loud. i pretty much have to listen to all my music on the pre high gain mode (purple). The thing is, high gain...
  23. somefi

    Looking for portable car-friendly headphone amp (sounds crazy, but it isn't!)

    For years I have been using the BlackBerry Music Gateway product to get the audio from my phone to my car's system.  Sound quality and volume are excellent, but it has some bluetooth related issues, forcing me to look at a new solution.  I purchased the Griffin BlueTrip AUX adapter, and while it...
  24. RPGWiZaRD

    digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread

    The digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread     Since the version has been updated I thought it would be great with a fresh start as those early impressions in ZO2 Impression Thread doesn't reflect the current product anymore. This thread is to discuss and write about your ZO2...
  25. SkinnyPuppy

    ZO2 Impression Thread

    Hey, we had to do it, didn't we?     I'll update the OP with Impressions as they come.   http://www.digizoid.com/returns/index.php