Zo2.3 for low volume listening?
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Aug 5, 2010
Hey Headfi,

Preliminary information:
    So I've got a J3 + W4 at the moment and I've been becoming increasingly interested in low volume listening.  My brain seems to be conditioning me to dislike loud sounds because listening as I used to is starting to make me feel somewhat sick and dizzy (mind you it wasn't especially loud, only around 17 max out of 40 on the J3; 22 max for a taiko drum cd I have which is similar to the volume levels found on classical music in general).  Anyways, to go about accomplishing this I've got some UM Miracles coming for some extra isolation, clarity, and soundstage.  In addition, I'm tinkering with eq settings on the J3 to allow me to hear more details.  At the moment I'm after achieving good bass at low volumes.  

The question:
    To get to the question, I wanted to know your opinions on getting a digizoid Zo2.3 for my J3 + W4/UM Miracles for low volume listening.  
Why I'm interested:
    I've seen that it's advertised for the possibility of full punchiness at low volumes with "increased soundstage".  Currently I notice that at low volumes with my J3 the very "sides of my stage" disappear a little bit,  turning it up returns it (which leads me to wonder if an amp can fix this?).  As I understand, the BBE Mach3Bass can degrade sound quality somewhat while the Zo2 is supposed to maintain clarity.  I haven't done serious listening to see if my Mach3Bass setting of 8 causes degradation, but I remember that even a setting of 2-3 with my volume at 17 has caused muddiness in the past.  
Why I'm hesitant:
    I don't see anyone pairing the J3 with Zo2 since the J3 is generally said to be fine without anything else, especially the Zo2 since the J3 has its own suite of tools.  Secondly, I've heard that the eq could conflict with the Zo2 causing distorion.  Thirdly, I've heard that there's been problems with the Zo2 actually diminishing soundstage and in general having problems with sound quality degradation for a variety of reasons.
Thank you.

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