1. ddmonkey15

    Can someone please help me pick out a headphone/amp combo for a basshead under 200$? (how this is in the right section)

    Ok, so I love my bass :D so I want to get something that will destroy my head, rattle my teeth, blur my vision. So I currently have XB500s which are nice and bassy but I want MORE. So I don't want to spend more than 200$ between both and I have been looking at the Fiio E11 and the ZO2 paired...
  2. audioconsumer

    westone 4 with zo2?

    hello there! first off i am very sorry if i didn't post this in the right place but im new to this so please be kind.   i am currently waiting on a pair of westone 4's to be delivered to pair with my colorfly c3 and a digizoid zo2.3. i am trying to find a nice balance between an analytical...
  3. noobyguy

    I need help!!!!

    i have the xb500 which are ok but i'm looking for something with better sound quality all round like the beyerdynamics dt770 but without sacrificing too much bass. i have looked at m audio q40's but i dont know if they are better.my budget max is 200 but i dont really want to spend that much. i...
  4. Bassheadspl

    Which IEM have you heard that has the most deepest subwoofer bass?

    Hi, i am looking for a IEM that has superior subwoofer bass that extends really deep and brings out the lows in music. From your experience, which IEM have you heard that provides really deep subwoofer bass that doesn't crackle at high volume levels from an amp?
  5. T

    Best bass with audiofidelity for under 200??????

    I'm coming from owning an xb-500 (my first headphone aside from apple earbuds) and then V-moda crossfade lp (recently bought). I literally went to best buy 4 years ago and bought the xb500 not knowing anything about headphones and just thinking to myself "sony is a good brand". Fast forward to...
  6. T-bag

    Audiophiles, I need your help.

    Okay so I'll just get straight into it. First of all, I am not an audiophile and I can't consider myself as one,but I'm not a newbie. I have a Sennheiser HD-598's and I love them. I've done 50+ hours burn in and they're amazing. I used to listen to music from my macbook and then shifted the...
  7. Dkesner4

    Which portable headphone amp produces the most impact bass.

    I have the ultrasone pro 900 and am looking for a portable amp that will make its bass unmatchable. I listen to mostly dubstep, if that helps. I am thinking, maybe the digizoid zo2? So if you know of a portable headphone amp that produces the most impact bass then let me know. :)
  8. ecnar

    Digizoid Z02 will not recharge.

    My Z02 that I bought used on the forum last year for $50 will no longer recharge. It was working fine then, one day after not using it for a few days, the low battery LED started to blink causing a thump to be heard through the headphones. I plugged in the usb cable to charge it and, the...
  9. Bobby123179

    Where to buy a Digizoid ZO2 amp?

    Hi, I just purchased a pair of V-MODA Crossfade M-100's. I love them except for one thing: I'm a Basshead, and these cans always have really weak bass. So, people suggested I buy a digizoid ZO2 amp. I could only find ONE on the Internet after a week of searching. Guess what? After it not being...
  10. MizMoxie

    DigiZoid ZO FS & ZO FS+ (a.k.a. ZO3) Updates & Discussion Thread

    **Latest Official Update**    Dec 21, 2013   So I know we initially said zo3 would be ready in time for the holidays, but we decided to change our initial game-plan for the enclosure. Based on the not-so-ideal experience we had getting the previous zo enclosures manufactured, we wanted to...
  11. kharken

    IEM Bass Portable Amp

    Is there any besides the Digizoid ZO2? It's out of stock right now maybe because of the new release.    Anyway, I just wanna ask if there are any alternatives (better) for bassheads like me. 
  12. willitblend

    Where can I find the digizoid ZO2?

    I cant find it anywhere. I found it on amazon and they have 1 for $500 and its used. Can you include a link to where I can buy one for the cheapest? Only if you know its a reputible seller.
  13. dementor338

    Digizoid ZO3 Specs

    Digizoid emailing me some information on the ZO3: "The output power of ZO3 is designed to be at least 10 times the power of ZO2." "The board is in design stage and final numbers will not be in until the board is built and tested. In other words, any number I would give you now would be based...
  14. fiveseven808

    Looking for Suitable "Bass" amplifier replacement

    Hi guys. I bought a ZO2 many moons ago and it was working great! Until it stopped.. It sat for quite some time and now it doesn't quite work... I really appreciated the boost in bass it gave without ruining it or affecting other frequencies.   I looked around a little and it appears that...
  15. sloomingbla

    Zo2 + fiio e11?

    I have heard different things about using both, so what are you guys thinking about this? I currently have the ultrasone hfi 580 and the fiio e11, and i want to add the zo2 simply for the bass enhancements... Any upside/downsides to this?
  16. alecenriquez

    Best headphones for EDM

    Hey what's up guys.   So I've been researching for a while which might be the best headphones for my preferences. Let me give you some background first. I currently own the M50's and am looking to upgrade in terms of bass. I listen to EDM almost religiously: Trance, Progressive House...
  17. Gorebag

    More bass: my ATH-A700 + new amp or $450 for new headphones + amp?

    Hello there,   I'm wondering whether I should buy an amp to boost the bass of my current headphones, or spend $450 on a new pair of headphones that are built for bass in the first place and get an amp for those. $450 is the most I can spend in total, including an amp (and potentially a dac...
  18. er0senn1n

    DT-770 Pro 80hms crappy bass

    UPS guy dropped off my headphones 5 minutes ago, I was so happy to hear them until I played a song on them with my Galaxy S3. These things lack so much bass. My brothers Beats have more bass. Is it because I have to burn them in? I don't have a amp yet but i will be getting the ZO2.3 soon. Will...
  19. WahWah

    Looking for a portable audio amp for the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms

    Would the digizoid ZO2 power these headphones or can someone reccomend an audio amp that would?   
  20. Oregonian

    Double amping................amazing but why can't a single amp do this?

    OK, so I have an E-11 fed from a iPhone 5 using EQ10 or Equalizer app (via LOD connector), then into the ZO, and out to my XB700's. Yes, I am a basshead.    The thump is amazing, the depth and quality of sound is a thing to behold.   Why is this?    Why can't a single headphone amp...
  21. AlbanianBoy

    i do not have so much money

    So as the title said, i would like a good amp that very boost the bass and all those things (but mainly the bass, very important, i want a lot of bass... a lot) but whos cheap (like under 70$, yeah 70$ max) and that i can use it like many hours before charging it up.   Thank you very much...

    Which is slimmest, long lasting & toughest portable amp for the ipod classic 7g.

    Need your help please.   I'm looking for a portable amp for my ipod 7g. I use it for listening to trance. Since I use iTunes they are 256 aac encoded. I will be using them with IEMs and portable headphones like (1R & HD25-1ii)   The amp should be the same size and thickness as the ipod...
  23. lukEM22

    New amp

    I recently bought a pair of Monster turbines, and already own XB500's. I plan on soon buying a pair of ultrasone pro 550's, and I have quite a bit of extra money laying around since christmas and my birthday just passed, and I just sold my Bose AE2's. I am looking at buying an amp (used 95% at...
  24. ddmonkey15

    Can someone please help me pick out a headphone/amp combo for a basshead under 200$?

    Ok, so I love my bass :D so I want to get something that will destroy my head, rattle my teeth, blur my vision. So I currently have XB500s which are nice and bassy but I want MORE. So I don't want to spend more than 200$ between both and I have been looking at the Fiio E11 and the ZO2 paired...
  25. Goofy145

    30 pin to lightning adapter DAC + Mr Speaker Mad Dogs + Digizoid ZO2 + (Insert best headphone amp 100$ and under here)

    Need a good amp for the MD's.. Using Digizoid ZO2 as an EQ (for bass boost) and the little adapter's DAC for now, might change my setup in the future (Override the iPhone DAC or something). Was looking at the E9 but I'm open to anything. No need for portability since I will only be using the...