1. N0sferatu

    Small portable AMP with decent power

    I've done some homework and found that my phone (Galaxy S2) will not let you easily override the DAC in the phone so I'm forced with analog out.  With that said, I want a bit more power available on hand but I want something small enough that I can keep both the amp and the phone (it's rather...
  2. owenploughman

    Digizoid ZO2 problems???

    So I just got a ZO2 for christmas and I decided to try it out. I plugged it directly into my phone (a droid charge, if it matters) and into my headphones(pioneer hdj 2000's). I immediately hear a significant amount of hissing/white noise and strange distortion sounds. Also, whenever I did things...
  3. Avataradict23

    Is it true that a portable amp can boost the bass on a pair of headphones?

    I ask this question because I really want a pair of basshead headphones, yet I want the mids and highs to be warm and clearly bought out. BTW, I like to listen to jazz and contemporary music, as well as hip-hop and dubstep. I know that when buying a pair of bass-heavy headphones, the quality can...
  4. Luv My BASS 1

    Headphones with THE biggest bass

    I am looking for some headphones that have utterly enormous bass, that is fast, deep and BIG. However, if there is anything that I hate more than a headphone with insufficient bass, it is a headphone that muddies up the other frequencies with the bass. I will be driving these through an iPhone 5...
  5. nelson222999

    Bass heavy headphones.

    Hey, I recently bought Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro 250 ohms and I thought that they lacked a bit of bass and volume.   So I decided to buy a Fiio E6 amplifier which made a great difference, but I still think they lack a bit of bass and volume.   It is going to be mainly a mobile use, and I...
  6. Mr Pineappleman

    Best Portable Headphone Amp For A Basshead

    Hi all, Well I recently got my M100s and I'll be honest, I'm not impressed. Any who, I was hoping that a headphone amp will do the trick since I'm just listening out of a iPod 5th Generation, which may be why I'm not impressed with the sound. I don't know a lot about headphone amps other than...
  7. ClieOS

    The Sub-$200 Portable Amps Shootout – 13 (+11) amps compared

    This is basically an extension of the sub-$100 amp shootout as the evaluation and scoring method are essentially the same. As always, this comparison is only a subjective evaluation and nothing more than my own personal opinion.   Evaluation Method Sources: Sansa Fuze via custom LOD...
  8. willitblend

    What's the best amp for the ATH-M50?

    I know this has been asked alot but I need to know which amp I should get for them. Just running them strait out of my ipod makes them sound a little to dark and dull and boring. So it must be portable. I will spend up to $100
  9. softbunlet

    Listening to line-out

    My current setup is: iPod Touch 3G > Fiio L3 > Shure In-Line Volume Control > 3.5 Male-Female adapter > Shure 535LE with Lune MkII For some strange reason, I find that the cleanest and sweetest sound comes from listening to the line-out without any amping. I actually own the iBasso D12...
  10. Feldin

    Dubstep headphone

    Hey guys, back again I need a new headlhone for dubstep I have a MAX $400 for everything Preferably 200-300 range I drive from a iphone but if its neccesary ill buy an amp I want around ear that dont leak much and are stylish enough to wear on the bus to school every day and around town I would...
  11. WubWubDub

    Headphones for Dubstep!

    I spend quite a few hours a day listening to dubstep on my laptop, but all i have to listen to it is a set of crappy Skullcandy lowriders. I want something that is going to give me a massive Eargasm in the 200 dollar range. I have had people tell me to get the Audio Technica ATH-M50S but would...
  12. Andrei316

    Help for setup!

    ---Delete Thread Please :)
  13. tonhaum

    What to buy with $ 290 ?

    I want a headphone to listem music in computer and my IPOD. i want too a headphone amp ( i saw in amazon Digizoid ZO 2 Personal Subwoofer)     I listen pop, rock, hip hop, country... so, i want a amazing quality sound and great bass too..     someone can help me ? i'm lost.. there...
  14. wilflare

    E6, E7, E11 or SoundMagic A10

    hey all -this should be my first post here ever- I'm in the States for awhile and thought I should take the chance to upgrade my gear.   I am looking for an amp for my portable listening system and hopefully it comes with a DAC to better the output from my MBP. I am currently leaning...
  15. chuckle490

    Can anyone point me towards a good beginner DAC/Amp for electronic music?

    i have been researching and researching and cannot find anything on a good DAC/Amp for edm so i really need some help. I love nice tight thumping sub bass and clear mid bass that does extend into the mids, with warm mids and highs (Sorry I lack the vocabulary to properly explain what I...
  16. digiZoid ZO2 Personal hi-fi experience

    digiZoid ZO2 Personal hi-fi experience

    Imagine if you could put the power of a live concert performance or immersive theater experience in your pocket. For anyone who wants better sound from their home, car, and mobile audio systems, ZO is the only accessory that delivers a dramatic performance upgrade, instantly transforming your...