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Headphones for EXTREME BASS

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by silversonic6500, Nov 15, 2012.
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  1. silversonic6500
    Hey guys, I am retracing my steps a bit. Let's just say I'm a total nooblord, and all I want is EXTREME BASS. I want the most hard-hitting, punchy, and powerful bass that any pair of headphones or IEMs (either one) can deliver...as close as it gets to a subwoofer
  2. silversonic6500
    ^Note: I already use ATH M50s with a Fiio e11 for my audiophile cravings. Now I'm looking for a "fun" pair of cand that basically have CRAZY bass with POWER. I'm willing to but any portable amp that I can velcro onto the back of my iphone 4S.
  3. Beagle
    Mods, is it possible to open up a separate basshead forum?
  4. biggbenn74
    1. Sony XB500.

    End of list. Go buy these. They are the most bass you can get. Only 50 bucks too. They are seriously the most bass heavy cans. Like 2 subwoofers. If you won't more bass, you'll have to get a pocket amplifier, FiiO E7.

    What are you waiting for? Go get some! :D

    But for real, coming from a guy that uses his almost every day for dubstep and whatnot, trust me. :)

    Hope this helped!
  5. AgentCOPP1
    Well, I would suggest the Denon AH-D400. It really is the single greatest super bass-heavy headphone out there in my opinion.
  6. grokit

    Have you compared with XB700, XB1000?
  7. Kaiser
    I like the thread, just bass, nothing else.
  8. MalVeauX
    Frankly you will not find what you're looking for.
    There are some IEM's that are bassier than the XB500. Especially with the Fiio E11 with EQ set to 2 (since you already have the E11).
    Very best,
  9. silversonic6500
    IEMS that have more bass than an XB500?!?!?! I've never dreamed of that! Can  you give me a couple examples please?
  10. MalVeauX
    I'm pretty sure there's an expansive thread with reviews, by DSNuts, in the portable forum. Some of them are $20~60 tops, so inexpensive to try out.
    Here it is. 320+ pages to chew through.
    Very best,
  11. JonnyRocket
    Sennheiser IE8 with the bass knobs turned all the way up are good bass IEMs or the newer model IE80
  12. ProjectDenz
    I'm pretty sure that when I had the XB500, out of an amplifier giving extra juice with something like a +20db bass boost nothing rattled my jaws more than that, not the IE8 or Atrio under similar circumstances. It's primarily due to the driver size difference. Actually if I remember correctly I couldn't use that +20db bass boost because the bass was just out of control that the driver vibrations was literally distorting the music, so I had to push it down to a +12db bass boost.
    If want bass and absolutely nothing else, go for that.
  13. silversonic6500
    @MalveauX, I've actually read through that forum quite a bit before I became a member, and I've trued out most of those IEMs already. They just don't seem to satisfy my "out of control" bass needs. I already have ATH M50s, and I am planning on using those for less bass heavy music. So I'm going with the XB 500s for now. Just one last minute question: A lot of the bass heavy music I listen to isn't exactly dubstep. It's more hard-hitting and a bit punchy bass such as DS Sound Maze (link): 
    So will it suite that kind of music well. I'm pretty bad at distinguishing kinds of music so just making sure...
  14. MalVeauX
    I just listened to the track, most of that is mid-bass and lower mid-bass, not so much sub-bass. So any headphone that outputs monstrous levels of mid-bass will rattle your face off.
    The Ultrasone PRO900 would likely satisfy.
    Very best,
  15. silversonic6500
    So how does the mid-bass of the Pro 900's compete with the XB500's?
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