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  1. Denver Max

    Recable the Ultrasone DJ1?

    This is probably a long shot, but I recently got my hands on a free pair of Ultrasone DJ1 closed cans! The problem (for me) is that the cable is coiled, long, and unfortunately non-removable. I'm not looking for a recabling that increases the quality of these headphones, because I honestly...
  2. Denver Max

    Lets Talk Metal

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bullseye Well lets keep talking metal I am listening to The Ocean -Precambrian (Proterozoic)- CD and it just kicks ass! The Ocean I recommend you listen to it, this song too Eoarchaean/The Great Void Damn difficult names Oh man, I...
  3. Denver Max

    Your 2008 Favorites

    Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure Russian Circles - Station Misery Signals - Controller
  4. Denver Max

    “Beats by Dr. Dre”

    I just bought some beats (got them half off, or else I wouldn't have even considered them). I saw them in person first and liked the aesthetics, so I decided to drop what was necessary to try out a pair. I've only had them 2 days, but here's my impression so far. This is with my ears being...
  5. Denver Max

    Posthardcore/Screamo/Metalcore Discussion

    It Dies Today would be exactly what you're looking for. You would like Sirens the most, because it is mostly singing, but Caitiff Choir is a really good album. For those of you that like Unearth, check out Arise and Ruin, they're a canadian metalcore band that had their latest full-length...
  6. Denver Max

    Ultrasone HFI-780 or PRO 750 - Final Verdict?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kevenz For the look, I certainly prefer the 780's black over the 750's blue.... I think blue and gray is ugly to be honest. Yeah, they can be ugly. Just make sure if you wear them in public that your outfit matches the color scheme, or else they will...
  7. Denver Max

    Phones for College

    I used a Beyerdynamic DT770 my freshman year of college when I lived on campus, and it really helped to have closed cans for a number of reasons: 1. Isolation: If you'll be studying outside, in the library, or at an on-campus coffee shop, it will really help to have closed cans both for the...
  8. Denver Max

    How many CDs / Records do you own?

    I outgrew my 125CD binder this past summer, so I'd guess I have closer to 250 by now. I've been averaging buying 5 new CDs per week for a while now, and that really taps into a poor man's paycheck.
  9. Denver Max

    Post-Rock Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by ephrank I've only listened to One Step Closer and You Die. I've got a documentary DVD as well but havent watched it yet. What Mono albums do you recommend? Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain is quite good.
  10. Denver Max

    Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head, the album to beat in 2008?

    It's getting a huge amount of listenership according to
  11. Denver Max

    Places in Cincinnati to try headphones?

    A fellow native of the nati! Nice to know you! There aren't many places I've heard of where you can check stuff out, but a place called ICB Audio might have a small selection. They major mostly in audio production and DJ equipment, but give them a call, they might have some headphones...
  12. Denver Max

    Ultrasone PROLine 750

    Elluzion, did you survive okay without any hi-fi headphones while those 750s and livewires were away from you?
  13. Denver Max

    THE FIRST FREQ SHOW REVIEW (Music Makers Triple Driver model from The FreQ) - w/PICS

    Quote: Originally Posted by AGC Anyone on this forum live in austin texas? Im looking for a good audiologist with a good price. its a long shot, but worth a try. Freq Shows coming out tommorrow! anyone else excited? Anyone very sure that they are gonna get them tommorrow and write a...
  14. Denver Max

    THE FIRST FREQ SHOW REVIEW (Music Makers Triple Driver model from The FreQ) - w/PICS

    Quote: Originally Posted by mcramen Attending Can Jam right now. Got my Freq Show from Todd earlier today. I call this 'Freq/Freak' Color... or Crazy color. Haven't got a chance to put these on yet, so pictures only. <pics> Oh wow, if I had seen those pics 2 months ago...
  15. Denver Max

    THE FIRST FREQ SHOW REVIEW (Music Makers Triple Driver model from The FreQ) - w/PICS

    Quote: Originally Posted by -=*P3nc3m3n*=- Ok, now I am done with his thread as it has lost my interest. And I also do not enjoy conversations with people who like to show people up, and people who try to strike someone down for posting reviews about headphones that they've truly...
  16. Denver Max

    Chili Dogs...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Skyline Chili Dogs are my favorite. WINNER!
  17. Denver Max

    Best recorded albums of 2007 / 2008 ?

    Rosetta's Wake/Lift was recorded entirely on analog tape, and it definitely sounds good if you're into that style.
  18. Denver Max

    Free Cone Day Today (29th) @ particpating Ben & Jerry's

    I went. It's the first time I've been to Ben & Jerry's since, well, last year's free cone day.
  19. Denver Max

    Do you think wearing full-size headphones in public makes you look like a spaz/geek/weirdo?

    I'm 20...and wear Proline 750s out in public. I've worn my Sr-60s outside too, but my DT990s have never left the apartment. However, the only reason why I was wearing them is my SE530s were stolen and I didn't have anything better to wear. I don't think that the 750s look bad when worn with...
  20. Denver Max

    mobile phone for music?

    The n91 is the only current available Nokia phone worth considering for audio quality. Read this article about new Nokia phone coming out that will have a "dedicated audio chip." It sounds promising. We can only hope that since they're advertising a dedicated audio chip as a feature, that it...
  21. Denver Max

    Ultrasone PRO-750, HFI-780, Denon AH-D2000? Grado Fan Needs Closed Cans

    I have personal experience with the Grado sound (from a set of SR-60 I've had for 3 years) and the Proline 750 which I have had for 2 months and use almost every day. The biggest difference to me is the bass presence that the 750 brings forth. It's HUGE compared to a Grado can! Not huge in a...
  22. Denver Max

    Sharing your music one album at a time

    I can't get enough of this album right now: The Pax Cecilia - Blessed are the Bonds It's experimental/art metal, that moves from rolling, building piano to emphatic distorted guitar and seems to provide a huge emotional journey for the listener. the Pax Cecilia Download it for free...
  23. Denver Max

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    I know this suction seal you guys are talking about, and I can sometimes achieve it, but it seems to create too much air pressure in my ear canal, which to me degrades/distorts the sound quality. My Livewires sit nicely in my ear and isolate great, but there isn't a huge amount of suction that...
  24. Denver Max

    Post-Rock Thread

    I'm more of a post-metal person, but I enjoy post rock too. GY!BE, Mogwai, Mono, Caspian, The Album Leaf (if they count as post rock), Múm are all currently in my playlists.
  25. Denver Max

    How to listen to sync albums?

    I finally ordered Galilean Satellites, an album by the art/post/astro metal band Rosetta, which I have been meaning to do for quite a while. It is a sync CD, with one sludge metal disc and one ambient disc meant to be played at the same time. So how do I do this? I imported the entire discs...