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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. Roasty
    Yep. But you have no issues on your own amp with those tube combinations giving me problems? What amp are you using?
  2. attmci
    same as yours, first gen.
  3. musicman59
    I highly recommend you Triode Wire Labs, I have some of them in my two channel and headphones equipment and I like them better than my WireWorld Electra and Silver Electra.
  4. Gibson59
    Anyone try the HEKse with a Woo WA6 or WA6se?

    I ask because I’m using a WA22 currently with my HEKse (and LOVE the combo) but may need to downsize for various reasons.
  5. UntilThen
    Don't give up the WA22 because in my opinion, it's great with the tubes I have in it. GEC U52, Sylvania 6sn7gtb chrome top and Tung Sol 5998.

    Despite having both ALO Audio Studio Six and Glenn OTL amp, I find the WA22 doing very well in this company. 2nd day using it with ZMF Verite Open headphone and I'm impressed with the WA22.
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  6. Thaddy Contributor
    Does anyone have recent experience going from a WA2 to the WA22 2nd Gen?
  7. attmci
    You have to get rid of that Sylvania 6sn7gtb ASAP.
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  8. UntilThen
    I did last night and replace with this NOS pair of Tung Sol 6F8G black glass round plates with a beautifully constructed pair of adapters from Poland. I think it sound and looks a million now. :) Last night I use only the WA22, not the GOTL and Studio Six. A bit strange considering how highly I regard those other 2 amps but the WA22 has exceeded my expectations with these tubes. Verite Open sound really good with Wa22 and these tubes. :)

    .... no noise. Very quiet in between songs.

    Gibson59 and Wes S like this.
  9. PatekBruguetMogul
    I have about 6 hours on my new WA5-B Upgraded and wow is the word for me. I bought a Marantz SA-10 for my source coupled with a set of Focal Utopia's and my first complete starter kit music setup..

    6433DEF2-8534-40BA-9EF0-C41F3DE928E8_1_105_c.jpeg 0BABCE25-E64F-41AD-9188-F4D3B55D775D_1_105_c.jpeg E6C3E665-FCF7-4EC7-B684-BD9E8680AD24_1_105_c.jpeg B5E6C480-96DD-4199-9E4D-38B5AA49C6D2_1_105_c.jpeg
  10. UntilThen
    Very nice setup. What's a WA5-B Upgraded ? I was loan a WA5LE by a friend for 2 weeks some time ago. It had Takatsuki 300b tubes, Brimar CV1988 and EML mesh plates rectifiers. Very nice indeed. I could be tempted with a WA5LE.

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  11. Gibson59
    Don’t worry I’m not giving up on it. Although I did just purchase a WA6 2nd gen from a fellow member here. I’m excited to do an A/B comparison of the two! With my easy to drive HEKse I’m so curious what the sonic difference is. I’ll be using a Chord Qutest DAC with both.
  12. JLoud
    I believe a WA5-B is just designating the color. So does it have speaker taps in the back? The WA5 does, the WA5le does not. Only difference. Other than the WA5 already has the upgrades.
    PatekBruguetMogul and UntilThen like this.
  13. attmci
    VO /VC are very easy to drive headphones. Enjoy.
  14. Roasty
    You're right man the sylvania 6sn7gtb tubes are the least favourite drivers in my stash..

    What other tubes are u using and would recommend?

    I have:
    Stock drivers
    RCA 6sn7 gt (ok tubes, a bit thick sounding and smooth highs)
    Sylvania 6sn7 gtb (recessed and flat sounding. Gets me disinterested in listening fast)
    Tungsol 6sn7 gtb tall boys (neutral)
    Sylvnaia 6sn7gt bad boys (nice bass slam, pleasant highs not too rolled off)
    Mullard ecc35 (my favourite so far, clear, forward, always enjoy listening with these)
  15. attmci
    WA22 likes clear top 5998/421A, WE422A, and ECC33 or 35, or B65

    It may also need a DAC which can be used as a Pre-amp.

    Then if you wanna something better, time to upgrade. :)
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