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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. vlach
    I hope i won't get in trouble for doing this; i am doing a copy & paste from another forum member who had a question in 2009, to which i never saw a reply (the thread is no longer active). I would be interested in the answer myself, here is the question:

    "I have a question for any Woo Audio owners out there. The transformer coupled designs at WA typically are rated for a headphone impedance of 8-600 ohms. This seems extremely large to me. I know at least some of them (maybe all of them) have a high/low impedance switch, but something about the switch tells me that the switch isn't changing the tapping point of the transformer secondary (like changing between 16-8-4 ohm taps on a transformer coupled speaker amp). The only way I can see this working is that the transformer has a 4 or 8 ohm resistor in parallel with the headphone load and that most of the output power is dropped across this resistor, with the switch basically diverting the input signal through another resistor such that it effectively reduces the overall gain of the amplifier for lower impedance phones. I find this to be a little bit inelegant and certainly a waste of amplifier power and efficiency. Does anyone know how the WA amps drive such varied loads from it's output transformer?"
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  2. MasonStorm
    Greetings all. Has anyone used 5Z4 rectifiers in the WA-234? Are they safe? I see that 5Y3's and 5Z4's are on Woo's compatibility list for the WA-5, but they don't publish such a list for the WA-234.
  3. ahossam
    20190908_030343.jpg My WA5 LE with upgraded internals just arrive running it for about less than five hours, sounding amazing with just the stock tubes.
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  4. Roasty
    I think i may have found my favourite tube combo for the wa22.

    Western Electric 421a
    Sylvania 6SN7 GT bad boys
    Emission Labs 274b

    Completely black background. Clear sparkly highs without brightness. Nice and tight, textured bass. Layered music with nice soundstage, not congested at all.

    The 6sn7 bad boys.. I guess the bad boy moniker is deserved. They do sound better than my other 6sn7 tubes (rca, tung sol, tall boys etc). Prat when called for, especially nice with rock. More forward presentation and very clear sounding. I actually like these tubes more than the Mullard ECC35.

    Now I'm curious as to whether I will get even better sound with a We 274b or tak 274b.. Not sure if I wanna take the plunge and splurge on these tubes.

    Can anyone chime in? Are the WE and tak rectifiers going to bring up the music to another level?
  5. PatekBruguetMogul
    I just ordered the WA5-B from WOO today and I am 2 weeks out on the build.. Yours looks really sweet..
  6. PatekBruguetMogul
    I just ordered and paid for a new WA5-B and my very first venture into a tube amp and excited about getting it. I found iout it does not come with either a power cord or a jumper between both units. I would like to bu ya high end power cable as well as the jumper and looking for suggestions... I ordered mine in black and already thinking i want to get those high end 300B's and 274's for it.. IMG_3438.JPG
  7. Astral Abyss
    It comes with the umbilical cord. It's proprietary, so would be impossible to buy separately. The only thing you will need to provide is a 3 prong power cord.
  8. VandyMan
    It does come with a jumper. It is listed as "Umbilical DC cord x 1" in the parts list.

    If you have a limited budget, I spend it on tube upgrades before getting a high-end power cord. Especially the 300Bs. I went with Western Electric replicas on mine and it made a very noticeable difference.
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  9. PatekBruguetMogul
    I am looking at the Kimber Power Cord 10AWG Wire ...? Thanks for the heads up on jumper as i really need to read about what I am buying :) I am really thinking to buy the High End 300B's and 274's for it to, but that's 4k in tubes..:)
  10. JLoud
    Pangea makes nice power cables without being stupid expensive. This is the link for a 2 meter 14 gauge cable. You don't need anything heavier, the wire in the wall going to your outlet is probably 14 gauge. 14 gauge will handle 15 amps with absolutely no issues. It is what I am running on my WA5.
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  11. phase0
    I was shocked at how much tube upgrades impacted WA5 performance. IMO focus on tube upgrades now and leave the power cable for later unless you can afford to do both. I ran Takatsuki 300B and those were great. TungSol 6F8Gs were also my faves. Some people told me you don't need to go all out on rectifier. I was running Brimar 5R4GY (IIRC) and Mullard GZ-32... Also I never did upgrade my power cable but I'm pretty certain your best bang for the buck will be in tubes first then cables. Congrats on the new amp! It's a beast.
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  12. JLoud
    I really like the Emission Labs rectifiers I am running. Their 300B is also excellent especially for the price. 90-95% of the Taks for 1/3 the price. IMO. They make a 5U4G and 274B rectifiers. I went with the 5U4G.
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  13. JLoud
    I felt the rectifier definitely changed the sound. Effected the size of the soundstage and speed of decay.
  14. Odin412
    I have a WA6 and I've surprised at how much the rectifier can change the sound. My experience is that the rectifier has as much influence on the sound as the driver tubes. At the moment I'm running a vintage Mullard GZ37 that I'm enjoying a lot.
  15. attmci
    High end 300B's and 274 cost more than the amp...........

    I like WOO but their upgrade tubes cost a lot. For example:


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