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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Jozurr
    So three times the price of the ones I linked and more expensive than the tubes themselves. I highly doubt the quality vs price here.
  2. watchdog507
    Price / Performance isn't the measure here. I wanted an all WOO system that looked and sounded good. The resale will still be higher for WOO adapters if I move on to another amp that doesn't use them.
  3. Badas
    Agreed. It's not often about price. Why by cheap when expensive will do. :smile_phones:

    I got Glenn to make my adapters. I wanted the wires to go out the back so they weren't seen or in the way.

  4. watchdog507
    I agree with the way that you've had Glen make the adapters with the cable out of line of sight.
    It's a great feature. Woo's school of thought must be if you have them flaunt them! Mine are definitely in your face.
  5. Badas
    I've got a set of those as well (in your face type). With the old school brown caps on top.
    They get a slight bit of noise with the wires out the side from the power tubes. I did notice a lower noise floor once they were out the back.

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  6. watchdog507
    Interesting about the noise. The wires are unshielded so it is possible that stray RFI could get captured. Mine are totally silent but I have Nordost and PS Audio AC12 power cables and a PS Audio P5 and Power Base filtering RFI, THD and providing regulated power.
  7. Badas
    I turn my remote controlled lights on and I get noise. Standard lights don't get noise.
    So the wires can pick up a bit.
  8. watchdog507
    Our whole house has Insteon wireless mesh and power line control. I think we have over 100 addresses but I haven’t heard any RFI fortunately.
  9. Badas
    I don't hear any either.

    It can happen internally. Like my remote lights. I did an experiment years ago and put a cellphone next to a wire and that
    set it off.
    I keep my DAC away as much as possible as I had noted a old DAC set them off when it was too close.
  10. attmci
    Your amp is too sensitive. You should ask Woo Audio to rewire your transformer. :)
  11. Badas
    Interesting. It might explain why I had so many issues with noisy power tubes.

    I'm in the wrong country to send back. So I will just live with it.
  12. HiFiGuy528
    eBay vs. ours.... you be the judge which has higher build quality.

    s-l1600.jpg 13EM7 to 13DE7.jpg

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  13. Xecuter
    Do you guys make this for the wa33?
    I need some custom ones for 2a3 with super wide pins. Like AVVT and Fivre.
  14. Uri Cohen
    Hey guys, I need your help.

    Was looking to try tubes for once. Currently using the Asgard 2 and Grados GH1 and GH2. So I was all set in buying the WA6-SE, until I emailed Woo myself. The rep actually recommend the WA2 for my Grados and having a really good sound signature.

    So now I am confused, since the WA2 is a pure OTL amp, and those don't normally drive Grados too well. Perhaps the WA6-SE is still solid state sounding?

    Any feedback would be nice. Thanks!
  15. abvolt
    Now that's a good idea looks great it has a very clean look to it, might have Glenn make me a pair if he has the time..enjoy
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