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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. phase0
    It's weird to me, that if you're going to spend $6K USD on an amp that some small pin converter for $90 / pair is suddenly an issue. My decision process was I want the best quality all the way through. As well many things made in China are garbage. Remember all the cheap iPhone charges that lacked protection circuits and caused the phones to be damaged? I know this is much simpler so it's not exactly a good choice for comparison but it's first thing came to mind. I don't have test equip and IANA EE so I'm not qualified to say really if the cheap one is any worse than what Woo builds. I can say the WA adapter looks much better. Another thing I was thinking since I was new to tubes was: what if I some how have something blow up or catch on fire? I could say Hey I used WA components 100% through and through. That may be a little ridiculous but that was one of the reasons in my head.
  2. Jacobal
    Ok guys, I’m planning to get the Wa6 amp and upgrade the tube to Takatsuki 274. I plan on getting the tube by itself off the Woo site. Wonder how it’ll sound.
  3. Badas
    I've heard a WA6 with TAK274B and Tung-Sol round plates 6C8G's (It had multiple driver adapters).
    It was fantastic.
  4. Jacobal
    Ah thanks, if anyone wants to sell me their Takatsuki rectifier or something similar, I’d be interested.
  5. Jozurr
    I just got the Tunsol 6C8G tubes along with 6C8G to 6SN7 Adapters from @2359glenn . Thank you for the excellent tube recommendation @Badas !! The tubes are better than the Sylvania 6SN7GT I had in there!

    Using them on the WA5LE-MKII with WE 300B tubes and RCA 5R4GY - I wonder if the next upgrade should be the RCA rectifiers to something better. I have the Sophia Mesh plates, but I dont seem to like them as much.
    phase0 likes this.
  7. attmci
    Why you wanna to get rid of these nice tubes.....

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
  9. Jacobal
    Are there any similar sounding tubes to the Taks and WEs out there? I’m planning on getting the EC Aficionado.
  10. Xecuter
    Try get copper rods, spring top, wavy plate for AF. one of the best sounding 2a3. Same if not better than my avvt and mono plate.
  11. attmci
    I see.
  12. Jacobal
    And how much do those cost? I need a pair.
    Send me a pm please. Thanks
  14. Xecuter
    Depends which brand. Philips and fivre make copper rod 2a3s. They are fairly unknown so prices aren't as bad as Cunningham mono plates, however I would expect 3-500 on a good pair.
  15. isquirrel
    The KR HP 300B Balloon and KR 274B HP are very very good. Consider I have Taks, WE's, Elrog's (new production and Elrog 274B) all my listening for the past 5 months has been KR HP 300B Balloon and 274B Rectifier. and they are great value for money. Forget everything you have previously heard of KR's these HP's are the business. Kudos to Joe > JPS Labs.

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