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The Stax thread (New)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by carl, Feb 17, 2007.
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  1. yawg
    Just compare your DACs with a (even older) DAC that has a decent tubed line stage. And the tubes should be first class NOS. Then you will hear a big difference, believe me ... If your ears are not "shot" already - nothing to do with hearing less of the extended treble when you get older. I'm 63 years old myself but still can hear the difference. Tested my hearing with a test CD and could still hear 14.000 Hz albeit that frequency was somewhat attenuated in my right ear. And I went to a lot of loud concerts ...
  2. eareo
      Thanks for the word on the Srx mk3.  The cool old school looks don't hurt either.
  3. Argybargy
    One thing some people don't like about the srx mk3 is that they rest on top of your ears not around them.
    Some find this uncomfortable for extended listening, though I've used them for 3+ hours at a time and had no problems.
    They were TOTL in their day and even now decades later blow away most dynamic phones (when using a dedicated amp, not a transformer box).
  4. Tus-Chan
    I can hear up to 21kHz (due to my relative youth) and I can tell the difference between tones of different pitches down to 0.125Hz, not to mention having ADD (which is really a combination of "enhanced perception bandwidth/decreased processing bandwidth"); i.e. my ears are fine.
  5. davidsh
    Stax SR-X II/SRD-7 for 90 $ in good condition? Good or bad?
  6. davidsh
    Quite impressive...
  7. eareo
    On ear not a problem.  Years ago I had Grado SR-60s (till they fell apart for the second time) and they were comfortable enough,  even with the thin foam ear pads.  No plans to use a transformer box.  Thanks
  8. grawk
    they're not really anything like grados in how they wear.  And transformer boxes are fine, if properly fed.
  9. eareo
    Really?  How do you properly feed a transformer box, sir?
  10. NoPants
    I think they need a lot of iron to grow big and strong
  11. yawg
    I know what you mean. Same here. Just get a free standing house with no neighbors ...
    I still prefer my speaker rig, modified (better XOs) 3.6R Maggies to my LNS with SRM-T1S. My neighbors have my phone number in case they cannot sleep ...
    With well powered speakers the sound stage remains steady even when you move your head. And the sound impact is to the whole body not just to your ears. I made some amazing recordings with a set of good in-ear microphones but forgot about not moving. I started to groove and when I listened to the recording afterward I really got kinda seasick.
    I used my 300 W active sub with the LNS but it didn't feel like the "real thing" ...
  12. eareo

    [​IMG]Yeah you right.  
  13. grawk
    I had fine results with an srx mk3 and srd7 powered by an 80s luxman integrated amp.  No lives are at stake, with inexpensive gear you shouldn't feel compelled to move up the chain unnecessarily. 
  14. Tus-Chan
    I agree. It is quite impressive that I can hear up to 21,000,000Hz. [​IMG]

    I need to proofread my posts a bit better. [​IMG]
  15. miceblue
    That must be annoying as heck to be able to hear the frequencies from ultrasound devices. :p
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