1. SoundGoon

    Electret vs. Electrostatic

    What is the difference between Electret and Electrostatic headphones?
  2. stersa

    i bought a Stax sr-4070

    Hi from Spain Its my first post... I have a Stax maniac I have a sr 009 a sr 007 mki and yesterday I bought a two new pairs of stax sr a oficial stax distribuitor.The last ones.. I had a lot of luck to find then.. I have an amp stax srm 717 and i m very happy with it..but i think...
  3. AnakChan

    Stax SRM-717 vs SRM-727a?

    Hi all, I've been doing a lot of searching in Head-Fi and I see a lot of praises for the older Stax SRM-717 over the newer SRM-727a (or SRM-007tA) but I haven't come across any explanation as to why Stax connoisseurs prefer the older SRM-717. I'm looking for a match for the newer SR-009...
  4. duncan1

    stax srm717/srm727-11

    Hello! I am relatively new to this forum .Although I have loved stax earspeakers since buying a stax lamba in 1982.and have had several the latest being the 007mk1= my old equipment was a srd7-sb.I spent some months modding the srm 717 which might interest some and I also have a new srm727-11...
  5. gomincha

    STAX SRM-323S or SRM-717 for driving the SR-007?

    Hi all! Which one is better for the money? Which one is less coloured and with more power reserves? What about them driving the 4070?
  6. spaceace1014

    SRM-717 Trouble

    The SRM-717 that I just bought clicked just like it does when it turns on... then nothing...    Well not exactly nothing. If I turn the volume all the way up I can hear my music faintly.  I was listening to music when it died suddenly. There are still lights and I swapped the amp for my...
  7. spaceace1014

    SRM-717 Re-Cap

    Here we go again...  A few months ago I bought my first Stax setup. An SR-507 along with an SRM-1/MK2 to power it. The unit being an A series was likely somewhere around 30 years old... enough time for the electrolytic caps to have dried out.  As some of you may remember I chronicled my...
  8. rzy6cn

    Stax SRM-717 not working properly...please help if you have any idea..

    My SRM-717 is experiencing a issue which leads it does not work properly. I would like to ask if anyone has any idea what's the problem, and how do I repair it?   The problem appears as following. When I turn it on it works perfectly for 2~7 mins and suddenly it does not output any sound...
  9. MetalElvis

    1000-1500$ amp for Stax SR-009?

    Is there a headphone amp in this price range to drive the SR-009 great?   Please give me some recommendations. I might just afford the SR-009, but definitely can´t afford a 5000$ amp.
  10. howlndog

    Is the Woo Audio GES a significant upgrade (Stax SRM-006t)?

    I have a Stax SRM-006t driving a pair of SR-404 Sigs and was wondering if the Woo Audio GES is considered a significant upgrade to the Stax amp?
  11. Carl

    The Stax thread (New)

    By popular demand I'm starting a new thread for our discussions on all things Stax and electrostatic due to the unwieldily number of pages of that thread. This thread should be looked on as a direct continuation of the previous thread. Keeping a broad scope with regards to subject matter has...
  12. Hun7er

    Headphone and amp upgrade

    Hello everybody,   Currently my rig is based on a Stax system with a Audio GD19DSP + SRM007t + SR507.   My opinion is the same as DavidMahler on SR507. There several negative point about SR507 : -small soundstage -lack impact and body   Positive point : -liquidity -detailed...
  13. Stax SRM-717

    Stax SRM-717

    Still the best solid state electrostatic amp by Stax