1. zombie1210

    Cans with the absolute largest soundstage?

    What headphones give the largest soundstage? Coupled with excellent overall sound, of course.
  2. ESL-1

    Stax SR Sigma Question

    I just made a deal for a pristine set of Stax Sigma phones. The seller claims they are in perfect working order. I should have them by end of next week. One caveat, the seller was allergic to the wool damping material inside the enclosures so that is missing, he also claims he found the sound...
  3. applaudio

    Ugliest Headphones Ever Awards--VOTE NOW!

    Prepare your eyeballs for an assault like no other--Head-Fi style! I'm talking the Ugliest Headphones Ever Awards! Here are the contenders: Jecklin Float AKG K1000 Stax Sigma Precide Ergo AMT Sears Stereo AM Radio Headphones, Circa 1970 Grande Headphones...
  4. SteveFord

    Stax Sigma high frequency response

    I have a set of Sigmas from the early 80s (I'm the original owner) with the SRD-7 adaptor box. Compared to my AKG 701 or Beyerdynamics 880s the output is very low and the high frequencies are really rolled off. Can any Sigma owners tell me: Is that just the way these headphones are? Is...
  5. Scottsmrnyc

    Can anyone tell me where I could get a Stax Sigma Pro five pin headphone repaired. The right channel is down?

    or can anyone show me how to repair it myself and where to get the parts.  I should also say that I have an old but working pair of Stax Lambda Pros five pin headphones.  Could I use the Lambdas pros to repair the Sigma Pros?  I e mailed Yama in California to see if he would repair them but he...
  6. Takeanidea

    Stax Sigma - how many owners are left out there?

    Hi to all those Sigma owners out there. I have been in possession of Padam's Sigma Pros for less than a day :) As you may be able to tell I'm unashamed of how strange I look with them on. It has certainly added some bulk to my rather thin head. I'd like to share all opinions on how to make the...
  7. Scottsmrnyc

    Problem with Stax Sigma Pros and or Stax SRM 007ta?? Help and or Advice.

     I have a relatively new Stax SRM007ta which I have been using with a pair of Stax Sigma Pros.  I have now gone through two pair of Sigma Pros with the right earspeaker dying out with now sound.  Originally, both Sigmas worked fine; but after approximately a year of use with each one the right...
  8. jaycalgary

    Stax Sigma wood mesh housing?

    I have a pair of Lambda pro's that get very little use with Lambda sig's around. Again I am looking at the Sigma for their panoramic sound. I was looking  at buying a pair but they are not easy to find. I was running through Ideas to recreate the Sigma housing. So far my idea is to make a...
  9. Bingturong

    Headphones with unusually large drivers

    Hello everyone   I've been finding headphones that have unsually large drivers and I noticed that there isn't a thread for them. (Correct me if I'm wrong) So I thought it would be a good idea to make one.   I'll begin by throwing in the Lafayette Model F-990 with 3.5 Inch (88.9mm)...
  10. hey-cameron

    Thoughts on Upgrading Stax Sigma Normal Bias to Pro - SR-303 drivers or SR-404?

    I'm in the beginning process of converting my Normal bias Sigmas to Pro, and am looking for thoughts on what to expect between either the 303 and 404 drivers in the Sigma frames. There are a few threads about the 404 versus the Normal bias Sigmas, but not much that I could find on using the...
  11. MatsudaMan

    Nuforce LPS-1...difference is not subtle.

    Just received my new LPS-1 power supply unit in the mail, hooked it up to my Nuforce Icon-2 and have been amazed with the difference in sound quality!  In sheer scale of the the sound, it is like night and day.  Where it used to sound somewhat small, thin and veiled, the sound is now much...
  12. Carl

    The Stax thread (New)

    By popular demand I'm starting a new thread for our discussions on all things Stax and electrostatic due to the unwieldily number of pages of that thread. This thread should be looked on as a direct continuation of the previous thread. Keeping a broad scope with regards to subject matter has...
  13. sofastreamer

    Which open Headphones project the Soundstage in front of you

    i am looking for some open cans, that will be able to build a large soundstage. by that i mean it should not only expand to the sides, but also in depth. a little bit like crossfeed would do.   soundsignature is not that important. price could be up to 600$.   the best i heard in terms...
  14. John Buchanan

    Stax Sigma vs Lambda Nova Signature

    This is a comparison between the Stax Sigma low bias headphones run from a Stax SRM 1 Mk 2 Pro amplifier and the Stax Lambda Nova Signature (or LNS) headphones run from a Stax SRM-717 amplifier. 1.Physical comparison of the headphones. The Sigmas (see my avatar) are large and very box-like...


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