1. windwolf447

    AirBow SC-21 (Stax SR-507 Mod) electrostatic headphone Impressions Thread (Video Review)

    AirBow SC-21 is the mod version of Stax SR-507 and it's my favorite headphone. Here is my video review and the comparison to the SR-507 of it.   (I keep saying "electric-static" instead of "electrostatic" in the video, so wrong...Sorry.)     Hope I can see more electrostatic headphone...
  2. HiAudio

    Best headphones for classic music

    Please list 1-3 in order that you have used for classic music.
  3. HaVoC-28

    [SOLD]Stax SR-507 + SRD-X Pro

    The SR-507 is like new only used for a few days (1 week at most) .   . Invoice from price Japan 09/08/2014 , 1 year warrenty .     SRD-X Pro Entry level stax amplifier with pro and normal bias work perfectly , in great conditions , refurbished/serviced by inexxon (germany) , bough from...
  4. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SR 507's with Fidelia>>>better soundstage and less analytical?

    I have a Mac with installed Fidelia.  With all the options available (I have the complete version):  parametric EQ, headphone soundstage enhancer, etc, would it not be possible to enhance the quality of my 507's?  I'm particularly referring to the review of 58 headphones...
  5. glorkaglickflic

    PriceJapan not responding to e-mails regarding problems with headphone

    I have a very recent channel imbalance issue with the Stax SR 507 that I purchased from PriceJapan a few months ago.  i sent them an e-mail 2 days ago regarding this issue, and I have not heard from them.  What has been the general purchaser's experience here regarding problems with purchases...
  6. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SR 507 channel imbalance

    Until yesterday this unit was exemplary.  The driver unit is a Stax SRM 323 S.  I've had these phones for a few months and the audio just seemed to get better and better.  Today, the right channel audio was much less than the left channel. Also, the audio quality in general has deteriorated.  I...
  7. glorkaglickflic


    I have the Stax SR 507 which has developed channel imbalance due to parasitic charges.  I store the phone on a bentwood stand under a Stax clear dust cover.  However, I have been guilty of leaving the phones on the desk uncovered during the day.  it is only at night that I cover the phones...
  8. glorkaglickflic

    Stax 507 plus 323s: problem

  9. Seamless Sounds

    Stax SR-507 and SRM-006tS

    Has anyone auditioned this combo? I'd like to know more about them. They're sound signature, etc.
  10. glorkaglickflic

    Stax 507 questions

    I've ordered the Stax 507 from PriceJapan.  I haven't ordered the amp yet, but I plan to purchase it from the US rather than from Japan because I don't want to deal with an extra step-down transformer and also don't want to have to deal with repair/warranty issues with an imported product. I...
  11. tankteh

    Ridiculously amazing Headphone. Sound Warrior SW-HP 10.

    I purchased this 100$ headphone two weeks ago from rakuten. It has had about 200 hours of burn in time. I couldn't believe the sound. It is ferocious. Punchy detailed bass, never boomy, soundstage larger than my ath ad1000x, more detail and speed than than my sa5000's. The midrange is very in...
  12. glorkaglickflic

    Airbow SR-SC21 STAX SR-507

    Is there anyone that can give a full description of the Airbow SC21?  It would be helpful if there could be a comparison to the Stax SR507.  I've read that the SC21 rivals the Stax 009 but I'm very skeptical of this claim.  Its very rare to get even a small amount of information about the Airbow...
  13. Carl

    The Stax thread (New)

    By popular demand I'm starting a new thread for our discussions on all things Stax and electrostatic due to the unwieldily number of pages of that thread. This thread should be looked on as a direct continuation of the previous thread. Keeping a broad scope with regards to subject matter has...
  14. boozcool


  15. BoogieWoogie

    WTB: Stax 007 MKI | SR-507 | Normal Bias Lambda | LNS

    Looking for this in good condition.
  16. Lil' Knight

    WTB - Stax SR-507

    I'm looking for a mint set of SR-507 for the second rig. Should have all the paperwork and original box. Seller must be willing to ship worldwide. Please let me know if you have one. TIA.
  17. Alex_O Rules

    WTB: Stax SR-507

    Looking for a pair of Stax SR-507.  Pm me.
  18. supertrichi

    Stax SR 507 or 407 ?

    Hi there, I read that the stax SR 507 and 407 have the same transductor. I suppose they play at the same way. In your opinion the price difference have make sense?   Sorry, Change forum  
  19. crumpler

    SOLD: BNIB STAX SR-507(Worldwide)

    Brand New in Box STAX SR-507, complete with mint STAX HPS-2 stand and STAX CPC-1 Dust Cover for sale   Item Condition: SR-507 (BNIB)                          HPS-2 (Mint)                          CPC-1 (Mint) Individual Price: SR-507 (USD$SOLD Shipped)                           HPS-2...
  20. Electrostax

    Need stax expert advice... SR-507 with SRD-34? :)

      I have been using my old faithful SR-34 system for almost twenty years of outstanding service, and now think seriously about letting them retire honorably and replacing them with the younger family member SR507.  Do any of you know if the 507´s can be run of the SRD-34 energizer...
  21. Horio

    STAX SR-507's

    I am selling a pair of recently purchased Stax SR-507's.  I received the headphones only a couple of days ago and I have only put 5 hours on them.  So the phones are basically new.  I have the original box and paperwork, and will ship inside a second box.   I am asking $925 shipped (as a...
  22. Gradofan2

    STAX SR-507 Headphones - LNIB - AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!! (SOLD)

    SOLD - Don't miss these great phones at a great price at:    
  23. purrin

    STAX SR-507

    I have a pair of STAX SR-507 for sale. I purchased these at the beginning of March. They work perfectly fine without any issues. They have been in the box for the last two months.   The price includes PayPal fees, but not shipping. I will also be at the Buena Park meet in SoCal if anyone...
  24. svyr

    Stax HP + amp unit system: Stax SR-507 + stand + cover + LNS headband + Transistor-amp v3 - both Mint - Sydney Australia or WWide

    Why? *cough existential HP crisis, cough* Both my IEMs and work setup are a lot brighter than my SR-507 + Transistor-Amp v3. Every time I listen to my electrostatic setup,it sounds fantastic, but at the same time - very very neutral (a less bassy and physically heavy version of LCD-2/HE-6 type...
  25. aurabullet

    [Wanted] Woo GES + SR-507? Anyone have the combo for trade?

    Anyone have the SR-507 and the Woo for trade for an he-6 and a lyr with lion tubes (with money on my end) Trying out an electrostatic setup now