1. inburrito

    Stax SRM-T1W Driver/Amp

    I recently bought a Stax setup for the office but I really should have closed cans for this environment, so I am going to part with it.   This driver unit is in EXCELLENT condition - it came from an estate sale and looks hardly used.  Except that one of the three inputs is missing one of the...
  2. nemomec

    Stax SRM-T1 tube amplifier include free shipping to EU!

    Sell ​​a tube headphone amplifier Stax SRM-T1 in perfect technical and very good optical condition (only some marks at the case). The SRM-T1 was set to 240V, full maintained (exchange with high quality capacitors, tube replacement) and recalibrated. The tube type is Nec NOS 6CG7! The original...
  3. paaj

    Stax SRM-T1W [EU/WW]

      -RESERVED-   Now for sale, the pretty rare Stax SRM-T1W Tube amplifier. I have a WEE that I now use in my main rig (not for sound perse, but better integration with the rest of the system) , and the SRM-T1W is a bit too big to use in my workspace upstairs.  Good visually as well as...
  4. gstjohn

    STAX SRM-T1S Vacuum tube Electrostatic Driver Unit PRICE DROP

    Selling a used STAX SRM-T1S electrostatic amp. I bought this from here. It has been turned to US voltage. The condition is very good, only cosmetic imperfection I found is a scratch on volume control.   Asking for $OLD + shipping, US sale preferred. I accept Paypal only. Thanks for looking.
  5. cat6man

    FS: Stax SRM-T1S headphone amplifier with balanced and single ended inputs

    Pro-bias Stax tube amplifier with both balanced and single ended inputs. Excellent condition.   I bought this together (used) with a set of stax phones that have since been sold separately, and they were used in my system at the NYC head-fi meet on Long Island this summer.   The...
  6. yepimonfire

    Has anybody here heard a tube amp and not liked the sound?

  7. Fishfood

    First Day With Stax Lambda Sigs and SRM-T1

    Wow. Loving them. Never owned a high end headphone before. Bought these because my speakers are Quads. They are spacially wonderful, low noise, bass is better than I expected, and very comfortable (surprisingly.) Using with a very high end vinyl system. Only complaint would be that they sound a...
  8. YOONG 2112


    has anyone heard a pair of MAZDA 6cg7/6fq7 by Brimar UK on a stax T1 AMP? WHAT is the sound like?
  9. Uncle Hank

    Stax SRM-T1 & tubes

    Hi, I want some advise about 'the best' replacement tubes of the Stax SRM-T1. Please tell me why I 'must have' the tubes you advise. Regards, Hank
  10. Double F

    Vintage Stax surprise

    I purchased a pair of Stax Lambda Professionals with the SRM-t1 tube energizer off Audiogon last week. Price was $800 for both. I believe this combo is about 25 years old.  Was not expecting much  but all I can say is Wow!!  Surprisingly good sound.  The phones are extremely light and...
  11. DonAudio

    Owners Manual for Stax SRM-T!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or send me a link to an owners manual. Thanks
  12. ear8dmg

    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

    Valve Class A Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier pre amp B on eBay (end time 07-Oct-09 17:24:57 BST) Seen a lot of these turning up on ebay recently. Anyone have any thoughts on them or tried one? Is it dangerous to have the parts exposed like that?
  13. Carl

    The Stax thread (New)

    By popular demand I'm starting a new thread for our discussions on all things Stax and electrostatic due to the unwieldily number of pages of that thread. This thread should be looked on as a direct continuation of the previous thread. Keeping a broad scope with regards to subject matter has...
  14. cucera

    Rare Stax SRM-T1W in mint condition

    I am offering a the rare all in one solution Stax SRM T1W in excellent optical and technical condition. You will have to look for a long time to find another in this pristine state. It is the amplifier with the most complete feature list that Stax has ever offered. Tests showed exceptional godd...
  15. CorvetteGarage

    For Sale: Stax SRM-T1 Headphone Amplifier

    For sale, Stax tube amplifier SRM-T1. This is several Stax fans’ favorite amp offering a smooth sound with great detail.   It is fully functional, and in excellent cosmetic condition, with only a few superficial marks from normal use.   Any Stax headphones of any age can be driven by...
  16. Stax SRM-T1W vacuum tube headphone amplifier

    Stax SRM-T1W vacuum tube headphone amplifier

    Desktop amp for electrostatic headphones.