1. SoundGoon

    Electret vs. Electrostatic

    What is the difference between Electret and Electrostatic headphones?
  2. Lloyd297

    Long, meandering comparison of Stax 404 and Stax X-III, Episode I

    I thought a detailed comparison of the two Stax phones I own might be of interest to a few of you. I've commented briefly in the past on their relative abilities as I see them, but my penchant for verbosity, garrulousness, and completeness has finally made me take the plunge and do a voluminous...
  3. nemomec

    Stax SR-404 Lambda Signature + Stax SRM 313 Price drop!

    Sell ​​a Stax set consisting of headphones Stax SR-404 Lambda Signature and headphone amplifier Stax SRM-313. Both products are from a German distributor from 2006, and in technically excellent condition. The SR-404 is in optically good condition with minor scratches on the bracket, the head...
  4. nemomec

    *** Wanted *** Stax Lambda Signature Pro

    I am looking for a Stax Lambda Signature Pro in very good Condition. Trade possible with Stax Lambda Normal Bias! Thanks
  5. maxfazer

    FS: Stax SR-404 Limited - sale pending

    For sale Stax SR-404 Limited in mint conditions with box and papers. I sell only to headfier with positive feedback. Payment via bank transfer or Paypal gift. Thanks Massimiliano
  6. NagoyaBlane

    Stax SR-404 headband slipping

    I have Stax SR-404 Signature headphones and I'm very happy with the sound but they have one very annoying ergonomic issue... the headband does not hold its position.  After 5 to 10 minutes, they slip to their fully extended position.  Is anyone else having this problem?   If so, have you found a...
  7. NagoyaBlane

    Stax SR-404 headband slipping problem.

    I have Stax SR-404 Signature headphones and I'm very happy with the sound but they have one very annoying ergonomic issue... the headband does not hold its position.  After 5 to 10 minutes, they slip to their fully extended position.  Is anyone else having this problem?   If so, have you found a...
  8. kiteki

    FS: STAX SRS-3000 (SR-404 Signature + SRM-300) (SOLD)

      Selling my STAX because I need the spare cash right now, aiming for a quick sale, want to receive payment and ship it before I go overseas shortly. Any questions please ask away here! =)   Condition is A-, very good, all the orignal packaging and has been desk of shelf bound the entire...
  9. rsbrsvp

    Stax SR-404 headphones or drivers

    WTB:  Thanks.
  10. rsbrsvp

    Stax SR-404

    WTB:   Stax SR-404 in mint condition.
  11. mralexosborn

    Stax SR-404

    For sale is a pair of Stax SR-404, just the headphones. The foam between the driver and the earpad is gone (the foam deteriorated which is a common problem with the SR-404). The earpads are the ones from the normal bias Lambda and are secured to the headphone by a light adhesive but are in good...
  12. rsbrsvp

    Stax SR-404 Signature

    Hi.   These headphones are currently by Yamas; the Stax distributor in California.  Therefore,  I cannot send any pictures.   I have them by Yama's because I wanted to use the drivers to install them into a Sigma to create a Sigma/404.  It ended up that it was to costly for me to do the...
  13. jesusio

    Stax SR-404 Limited 30th Anniversary Edition

      Selling my STAX SR-404 Limited.  I picked up the SR-404LE from this sale:   It's in perfect condition.  I've put maybe 10 hrs of head time on it.   $600 shipped/paypalled (CONUS)   thank you...
  14. axellone

    STAX SR-404 Signature SOLD

    Selling headphones STAX SR-404 Signature in perfect condition, SOLD
  15. pbandstefanwich

    Stax Signature SR-404 and SRM-313 PENDING

    Up for sale is a nice Stax setup. Would prefer to sell as a set, but I am willing to part it out as well. Trade offers are welcome.   First up is the SR-404 Signature. Very good condition, but the pads are not stock pads. I believe they came from an older lambda. They work fine, but could...
  16. jesusio

    Stax SR-404 LE and SRM-1/MK2 Pro

    Up for sale is my Stax SR-404 LE and SRM-1/MK2 Pro combination.  The LE is in perfect shape.  The amp is in excellent shape.  Both include original boxes and owner's manuals.  I will sell both (paypalled, insured, and shipped - CONUS shipping included) for $1000.  Please PM to discuss pricing...
  17. Anders

    SOLD: Stax SR-404 Signature

    A pair of Stax SR-404 for sale, fully functioning and in good cosmetic condition (see pictures). I am the first owner.   With original box and manual, delivered in an outer box for safe shipping.   Price is 225 Euro or $295 + shipping from Sweden. Registered shipping with tracking...
  18. jerikl

    STAX SR-404 Signature Earspeakers + SRM-1/MK-2 Rev B Driver Unit

    $500+cost of shipping/or free local pickup (Dallas). No problems whatsoever with the headphones or amplifier. The SR-404s come with their original box, the SRM-1/MK-2 does not. The case on the SRM-1/MK-2 is a bit rough, not smooth metal like you would expect (it had been refinished at one...
  19. Mad Dude

    *SOLD* Stax System: SRM313 + SR404 Signature with real leather earpads + free interconnects [Europe]

    * SOLD *     Hello Head-Fi'ers, Up for sale is this excellent Stax setup, consisting of the following components: - Stax SRM313 - Stax Lambda SR404 Signature with 404LE-Earpads - Old set of pleather earpads (used, but in good condition) - Pair of 2ft Blue Jeans cable interconnects...
  20. Malefiz

    Used Stax SR404 + SRM3: should I go for them?

    Hello, I am going to buy a decent setup (headphones + amplifier + CD player) to properly listen to my beloved rock CDs. So far, I was able to listen to these headphones only: Sennheiser HD650, Senn HD800, Grado SR1, all coupled with a Lehmann Audio Linear (in Italy it is very difficult to...
  21. nemomec

    Wanted Audeze LCD-2 Revision 1

    I am looking for a Audeze LCD-2 Revision 1 headphone in mint condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
  22. Weekend Warrior

    Next Step in the Headphone Journey?

    Well, Hi Folks! This could be quite a long post, so please bare with me here. Anyways, back in 2010 when I was looking at something worthwhile to spend my tax return on I happened to stumble upon this site. I'm not really sure what made me want a pair of nice headphones, considering...
  23. edstrelow


    SIGMA COMPARISONS I have had three different Sigma models, for a few years now, the original normal or low bias, the pro or high bias, and the Sigma/404 which is a Sigma rebuilt with contemporary Lambda 404 drivers and cable. However until recently I did not have an amp to allow me to...
  24. ericpwiseguy

    New headphone Purchase & authorize dealer Pricing ?

    Hi,   I just received my ATH- W5000 phones as my first Full size Closed phone for a bedside rig. As the Stax 404 LE/600 didnt cut it with the wife.    Im listening to them as I type only direct into my iphone.. and am pleasantly surprised.. new amp dac decisions made later.   Here's...