1. SoundGoon

    Electret vs. Electrostatic

    What is the difference between Electret and Electrostatic headphones?
  2. Lloyd297

    Long, meandering comparison of Stax 404 and Stax X-III, Episode I

    I thought a detailed comparison of the two Stax phones I own might be of interest to a few of you. I've commented briefly in the past on their relative abilities as I see them, but my penchant for verbosity, garrulousness, and completeness has finally made me take the plunge and do a voluminous...
  3. NagoyaBlane

    Stax SR-404 headband slipping

    I have Stax SR-404 Signature headphones and I'm very happy with the sound but they have one very annoying ergonomic issue... the headband does not hold its position.  After 5 to 10 minutes, they slip to their fully extended position.  Is anyone else having this problem?   If so, have you found a...
  4. NagoyaBlane

    Stax SR-404 headband slipping problem.

    I have Stax SR-404 Signature headphones and I'm very happy with the sound but they have one very annoying ergonomic issue... the headband does not hold its position.  After 5 to 10 minutes, they slip to their fully extended position.  Is anyone else having this problem?   If so, have you found a...
  5. Malefiz

    Used Stax SR404 + SRM3: should I go for them?

    Hello, I am going to buy a decent setup (headphones + amplifier + CD player) to properly listen to my beloved rock CDs. So far, I was able to listen to these headphones only: Sennheiser HD650, Senn HD800, Grado SR1, all coupled with a Lehmann Audio Linear (in Italy it is very difficult to...
  6. Weekend Warrior

    Next Step in the Headphone Journey?

    Well, Hi Folks! This could be quite a long post, so please bare with me here. Anyways, back in 2010 when I was looking at something worthwhile to spend my tax return on I happened to stumble upon this site. I'm not really sure what made me want a pair of nice headphones, considering...
  7. edstrelow


    SIGMA COMPARISONS I have had three different Sigma models, for a few years now, the original normal or low bias, the pro or high bias, and the Sigma/404 which is a Sigma rebuilt with contemporary Lambda 404 drivers and cable. However until recently I did not have an amp to allow me to...
  8. ericpwiseguy

    New headphone Purchase & authorize dealer Pricing ?

    Hi,   I just received my ATH- W5000 phones as my first Full size Closed phone for a bedside rig. As the Stax 404 LE/600 didnt cut it with the wife.    Im listening to them as I type only direct into my iphone.. and am pleasantly surprised.. new amp dac decisions made later.   Here's...
  9. ffdpmaggot

    The Complete List of "Audiophile" Headphones

    My objective with this thread is to create a a list for the newer members that details the "full name" and price of all of the headphones targeted at a more head-fi like audience (so well skip the cheap / no name headphones that are just that for a reason). When i first made my way over here to...
  10. dsperber

    Long awaited Smyth SVS Realiser NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

    Please see my new thread here, in the AVS Forum. Also, Smyth is going to be demonstrating at CanJam 2009 a the LAX Hilton Hotel on May 30-31. THE UNIT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RETAIL PURCHASE AND SHIPPING.
  11. SpecterJin

    Headphone girls, interesting

    I came across these and I thought its interesting.      im pretty sure its drew by some audiophile lmao He takes obsession into action, and another level
  12. corsair287

    Questions about Stax

    I'm considering getting a stax earspeaker system and i noticed that they have recently launched an update in November 2010. The old 3030 classic (SRS 303 + SRM 313) and the 4040 signature (SRS 404 and SRM 006t) (as compared here: are now being...
  13. rokkyboy

    Trying to get in to Stax! need advice on price/match for Airbow Sr SC-1 + 212 Amp

    Hello,   I sold all my portables and desktop rig to quit this hobby..but just became helpless. I would like to try STAX this time and I'm in S.Korea right now so my options are quite limited when it comes to purchasing (worried about tax and all). I found someone selling Stax Airbow SR...
  14. Jodet

    So who's bit the bullet on a pair of Stax 507's?

    Anyone have these on order yet?   Twice the price of the 404's, sounds like the class margin of diminishing returns - double the investment for a smallish return.   On the other hand I had a friend 30 years ago who paid $800 for a pair of Stax Lambda's and he certainly got his money's...

    Stax SR 404 Limited

    Hey Guys, where can I find a pair of Stax SR 404 Limited for sale through a retailer? Need to help a buddy out.   Thanks,   Gil
  16. TimSchirmer

    Stax??, which ones are the best...and which are not so good? can somoeone here make a list of best to worst?
  17. Drumonron

    INTRO to Electrostats -- Placed my first STAX order!!!!! *PICS*

    I just got through placing the following order:   STAX SR-404 HEADPHONE & SRM-006TII AMP COMBO   This will be my introduction into the world of Electrostatic headphones!  It's been a long and dynamic time for me but I just needed to see what I've been missing....I know, I know....I...
  18. Vergex2

    Reasonable way to use Beta 22 with electrostats?

    I'm very, very close to pulling the trigger on a Beta 22. (well, commence, anyway). However, is there any reasonable way to use it with electrostatic headphones, such as the Stax 404? A way that is inexpensive and doesn't involve loss of performance? Buying a Beta 22 will involve a large sum of...
  19. Carl

    The Stax thread (New)

    By popular demand I'm starting a new thread for our discussions on all things Stax and electrostatic due to the unwieldily number of pages of that thread. This thread should be looked on as a direct continuation of the previous thread. Keeping a broad scope with regards to subject matter has...
  20. MLudovic

    Stax ED-1 and ED-5 EQs emulation

    Hi there, first post to share what I had fun doing these last days : I'm the owner of a SR-3 and a SR-404 Signature, both powered by a 580V modded SRD-6 box. I'm very happy with the second hand SR-3 (especially for its low price) but I'm not exactly in love with the acid and harsh sounding...
  21. Stax SR-404 Signature Open-Back Electrostatic Earspeaker

    Stax SR-404 Signature Open-Back Electrostatic Earspeaker

    Technical Specifications : Type: Push-Pull Electrostatic Open-Back Earspeaker Frequency response: 7 - 41,000Hz Impedance: 144k Ohms (10kHz) Sensitivity: 100dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz Bias Voltage: 580V DC Left & Right Channel Identification: Displayed on headband ARC section Ear Pads: Crafted from...