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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Back home, in the loving - albiet slightly smoky - embrace of my Lab. Since my power was out for 3-9 days, I'm thinking a new fridge is in order. Anybody up for some Fridge-Fi?
    Lesson I learned today, bluetooth audio streaming from the iphone to Ford Sync sounds really, really bad (not to mention I'm using foobar and all of the music "was not found" so voice command wouldn't work)
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  2. B9Scrambler
    Glad to hear you are back home :)
  3. Mr Trev
    Thanks. Turns out being an evacuee isn't nearly as fun as it sounds[​IMG]
  4. RedJohn456
    He guys, I have had the DQSM D2 for a bit and here my impressions of them so far:
    DQSM D2 Impressions
    One thing I really appreciate about the DQSM D2 is how well it sounds at lower volumes. When studying, I tend to listen to music at low volumes to set the mood and the D2 sounds every bit as detailed and good at lower volumes. Some iems tend to sound better with higher volumes, but not so with the D2.
    Back in the good old days we had people choosing different teams for the different color TTPOD T1E iems they owned. I wanna do the same with the D2 filter colours. Team GREEN all the way baby! The bass is emphasized with this filter but done in a way that makes the bottom end have a bit more punch and sound more full.
    I was thinking about how to describe how the D2 sounds, and its confusing because it contradicts itself at times. It sounds so light, clear transparent but the midrange isn't thin or nasally as you might find in iems sporting the aforementioned characteristics. It is engaging without being treble forward, and detailed without being analytical, It knows when to pull back so it doesn't cross lines. 
    But if need be, it can go from a soft purring cat to a raging lion at the drop of a hat, which is perfectly exemplified by some EDM tracks. where its soft before the drop, and then BAM SUB BASS FOR DAYS BABY. I am like whoah where there come from? Its like a transformer (optimus prime  ftw), what you think is a well behaved iem is really a red fire truck waiting to run you over lol.
    While the D2 may be the best I have heard to date for the likes of rock, metal, heavy metal etc, I feel it performs just as well in many other genres. Sure it might not be the best for listening to Mongolian Tuvan Throat singing, it sounds fantastic for Top 40 music, blues and even jazz.
    Once If found tips that worked for me, it was smooth sailing all the way. I had excellent isolation and comfort after a few days. The D2 boasts class leading instrument separation and layering, with instrument positioning that is quite accurate for live recordings. Bass is tight and fast, with excellent decay and not bloomy or bloated in the least. The wide and spacious soundstage of the D2 really brings to life whatever you may listen to. I want to touch on the detail and resolution again - I am literally hearing things I haven't heard before in my favourite songs, even compared to the analytical VE Duke. This is detail and resolution done right!
    Btw so far all of this has been with the GREEN FILTER ONLY. The other two filters make it a beast for jazz, blues and acoustic music. So its like three headphones in one, as the filters have a big impact on how it sounds, so you can shape it your preferences. 
    Also all of this is running it singe ended, I haven't even gotten to how it sounds running with a balanced cable out of my Geek Out V2 lol. Perhaps I should leave that for next time... but I will say this, holy holographic 3D stage batman :wink:
    Seriously the D2, when running balanced, portrays depth in songs in ways I have YET to seen. It feels like things are literally floating in front of me. But I digress :wink:
    IMG_1275.jpg   IMG_1276.jpg   IMG_1277.jpg
    IMG_1278.jpg   IMG_1284.jpg  
         D2 with my Sony XBA Z5 balanced cable
           These have been my go to tips for the D2
  5. Mr Trev
    Hey lab-walkers. Question of the day: what to look for in a decent listening chair?. I had been using  a crappy Staples brand computer chair which id=s in the process of disintegration.Can a computer chair cut it nowadays, or do i need to be looking up in the world at a lazy boy or something.
    Sorry for the ativan/alcohol fueled ramblings - rest assured its under a doctors supervision - kinda wondering bot my Dr. now[​IMG] 
  6. Podster

    I generally take the back rocker in the middle and give my guest the recliners[​IMG]
    I guess if he stays away from the Fentanyl you'll be OK[​IMG]
  7. twister6 Contributor
    Uh, since we are on a question of the day topic, I got one as well.  Been looking for quite awhile to find one of those clear plastic organizer boxes with compartments of at least 3"x3" or maybe where you can configure the inner partition to make 3"x3" sections.  Need that to store and to organize my IEMs/CIEMs for easy access.
    I thought it will be peace of cake to find one, I mean, you see it everywhere (like in this picture below).  BUT, they all have small partitioning sections for arts and craft stuff, or tool boxes for nuts and bolts.  I went to Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Target, Michaels, AC More, looked everywhere on-line, but only find boxes with small compartments while I need at least 3"x3" space to fit IEMs/CIEMs along with attached custom cables.
    Any suggestions?  Links?
  8. Podster

    Try Bass Pro Shop Alex[​IMG]
    Got 3 of these[​IMG] http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Storage-Boxes/product/13316/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT
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  9. twister6 Contributor
    Wow, can you really move/adjust both horizontal and vertical partition dividers to make 3"x3" or bigger sections?!?  I have seen something similar, but they only come with small adjustable dividers to change the length, but not the width of the pocket.
    Thanks Tim!!!
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  10. B9Scrambler
    @RedJohn456 Are those the dual-flange tips from the Brainwavz XF-200? 
  11. Light - Man
    Guys, I am looking for a link for a new lawn mower but not one that comes with a dog as I want to drive it myself and also not one that wants to escape doing any work? [​IMG]
    giphy.gif giphy.gif
  12. Light - Man
    OOps! looks like I selected the wrong link after all my research [​IMG]
    @DJScope I hope they have a better selection down under!
  13. DJScope
    So confused right now... I am high on pain killers.
  14. Light - Man
    Sorry to hear that DJ!!!
    Did you get the results from your MRI scan yet?
    You are in a real catch 22 situation as whenever I get stressed the first thing I do is to reach for my headphones.
    P.S. we can continue by PM if you wish?
  15. DJScope
    Result came back all negative. Nothing physically wrong with my brain or sinuses. I'm going to the neurologist tomorrow. 
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