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Light - Man
Mar 23, 2015
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Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 119)
Dublin, Ireland
Engineer, hair dresser and bikini waxer

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Light - Man Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male, 119, from Dublin, Ireland

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    Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 119)
    Dublin, Ireland
    Engineer, hair dresser and bikini waxer
    Stuff that I can't mention on here! ;0)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyer T70p (32 ohm) closed back, now used with Shure SRH1840 pads, previously used with Beyer DT770 pads (have also tried Shure SRH1540 pads, Beyer Amiron pads and Beyer DT1770 pads)

    Philips Fildelio X2 (have it several months and liking it)

    Fostex T40RP Mk3 used with Shure SRH1840 pads (the closed back version, liking it and preferring it to the T60RP. Trying various mods and have removed the plastic cup vent covers on the inside to make it open. Vents can be easily covered on the outside for isolation and tuning when required)

    Yamaha HPH-MT220 closed back (modded with modded sheepskin leather pads and new cable)

    AKG K612 Pro (good for mids but needs some power to sound its best)

    Yamaha HPH-200 (rarely used but a decent on-ear )

    Current In-Ears
    TFZ No. 3
    Moondrop KXXS
    Moondrop Crescent (in ear) decent but only for its price but needs Power

    Previous In-Ears
    KZ ZS10 Pro
    Ikko OH1
    Tin Audio T3
    Tin Audio T2 Pro
    Dunu Titan 1
    Moondrop Kanas Pro

    Headphones Previously had:
    B&0 Play H6 closed-back (decent sound but only use for outdoor use) given to my brother
    Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon (was disappointed and returned it)
    AKG K812 Pro (Good for Jazz but not good for vocals, IMO)
    AKG K712 Pro (too much mid bass for me that gives too much body and mid-bass to female vocals)
    AKG K240 MKII
    Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 (liked it but ?)
    Beyer DT1350 used for portability)
    Beyer T51P
    Beyer DT1990 Pro (twice - liked it but not enough)
    Beyer Amiron Home (decent but a bit boring)
    Beyer T70 (250 ohm)
    Beyer DT880/600 Ohm (a bit boring & hard to drive & headband lacks enough adjustment )
    Beyer DT770/32 Ohm
    Beyer DT770/80 Ohm
    Beyer DT150
    Denon AHD7200 (a little disappointing)
    Denon AH-MM400
    Etymotic ER4XR (hated it and is mega uncomfortable)
    Etymotic ER MK5 (very basic sound)
    Fostex T60RP (got a badly squeaking one, l returned it and have kept the Fostex T40 Mk3 instead)
    Focal Listen (disappointed with it and very uncomfortable)
    Fidue A73 IEM (decent but ?)
    HiFiMan HE400i (was liking it, good for vocals but one of the drivers failed (solder joint) after 2 weeks and one of the yokes broke ). Bought a replacement 400i but it had a stiff yoke so returned it and will look for something better.
    HiFiMan Sundara, too tight on my head, good but a bit in your face, which can verge on irritating.
    HIFIMAN Edition S
    Meze 99 Neo
    Musical Fidelity MF100
    Onkyo A800 (open headphone)
    Shure SRH940
    Shure SRH840 (decent but poor build quality & ergonomics)
    SoundMagic HP151 (decent closed can but ?)
    Yamaha Pro 500
    Yamaha Pro 300
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Previously had:
    Chord Mojo (twice)
    Fiio E12A (twice),
    Fiio A5
    Fiio E11K
    Cayin C5 (twice)
    Little Bear B4 portable hybrid tube Amp
    Topping NX5, NX3 and NX1A
    Source Inventory:
    Sabaj D5 DAC/Amp (with ES9038Pro DAC chip)
    Topping DX3 DAC/Amp
    LeafAudio Gliese DAC/Headphone Amp (with ES9038Q2M DAC chip) powered by a 12 volt car battery (with a 12V to 5V converter) into a good speaker system

    Back up DAC: Musical Fidelity V90 DAC powered by a 12 volt car battery into a good speaker system (now my backup DAC)

    Previously had : Chord 2Qute DAC (powered by a 12 volt car battery into a good speaker system)

    Portable gear:
    Acoustic Research AR-M200
    Hiby R3
    Ibasso DX120 (will return it)
    Hidizs AP100 DAP
    HaaFee HA8 Portable HIFI Headphone Amplifier With ES9038Q2M DAC with Bluetooth 5.0
    LH Labs Geek-Out 450 (rarely used)
    Fiio X1 (rarely used)

    Previously had:
    Questyle QP1R DAP
    Chord Mojo (twice)
    Cayin N5 DAP
    Fiio X3
    Fiio X3ii
    Fiio X5
    Ibasso DX50
    Ibasso DX90
    Topping NX4DSD Dac/Amp with ES9038Q2M Dac chip
    Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2
    Cambridge Audio Dacmagic XS
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