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"The Lab"

  1. DJScope

    Nah mate, I saw my optometrist yesterday. Getting a step up prescription but in terms of focusing, my eyesight is fine. I was even getting them when we went away on holiday not as frequent though, just one in a week. I reckon it either stress or anxiety related.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    If I recall correctly, you are up to 3 kids now?  Well, here you go, probably #1 cause of migraine headaches [​IMG]  Feel better, bratva!
  3. Podster

    Hate to hear about your migraines Deej, hope they find what's causing them and can get it under control.
    Cheers on a speedy recovery[​IMG]
  4. DJScope
    Thanks guys!
  5. Light - Man
    Sorry DJ, but now you need to change your name and lose the DJ bit, unless you wish to play music for the Bat population that no human can hear including yourself.
    On second thoughts how about DJ-Bat? [​IMG]
    200.gif 200.gif
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  6. Mr Trev

    Harsh! I'm prone to chronic headaches myself, so I definitely feel your pain. Hoping for the best…
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  7. RedJohn456

    Sorry to hear that Igor, I hope that the MRI sheds some light on whats going on. Have you consulted with a family doc for extended medication regiment? Beyond painkillers I mean? Certain types of meds can stave off migraine attacks.
    Regardless good luck for friday and knock on wood my friend. 
  8. RedJohn456
    Guys check this out http://www.head-fi.org/t/807690/lan-tabletop-hi-fi-console-on-kickstarter#post_12609831
    Not really into speakers but since Vince got me looking into ELAC speakers been looking more into the field. These look really nice, I am a huge sucker for vintage looking gear. worth a check. The dudes behind the project are legit audio geniuses. 
  9. audio123

    these really look nice. i am considering it already [​IMG]
  10. Podster

    It is a beautiful piece but I need it like I need another hole in my head!
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  11. audio123

    thats pretty insanely nice!
  12. Charliemotta
    Just make sure it's a 3.5mm hole Podster!    [​IMG]
  13. RedJohn456

    Tim that is one heck of a set up. Looks the speakers will go nicely with it :p
    5c1a082bd8c43af6b0e5fdb298134c23_original.jpg 275097ea7c0b6d7d45a26ee3354a7261_original.jpg
  14. Podster

    It is nice and reminds me very much of the old Grundig short wave stereo's from the 60's but I've really got all the home gear I will ever need. This is my main rig and how it was set up in our sun room at our old home, I now get the entire attic at our new place and I have two complete rigs setup in it, one is tube power on horns for my live stuff and then this rig with the solid state BAT and Nautilus 804's for studio and non live recordings[​IMG] Have a great weekend Tamal[​IMG]
    From my listening position of course the big CRT on the floor is gone in favor of the LED that now hangs from the ceiling[​IMG]
  15. twister6 Contributor
    Man cave in the attic!!!  NICE!!!

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