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"The Lab"

  1. nmatheis Contributor

    New Colorfly? Wondering if FW is anywhere as immature as the L&P DAPs...
  2. audio123

    was browsing penon audio and came across it. very tempted. [​IMG]
  3. twister6 Contributor
    Can't you just go to your local audio store to listen to these?
  4. audio123
    have only access to c3 and c4 :p
  5. SerenaxD
    Looks like the C10 - if that's the case, it's been out for a while (I think last year). In terms of the colorfly lineup I think they're between C3 C200 and C4. I think some people's already reviewed it, but it looks very nice for sure.
    Except I already bought another DAP this month... [​IMG] 
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Just going to drop this post here because it's populated with many regulars who can let anyone required know. (if asked)

    This weekend I'm moving into a new house and we need to relocate our internet connection. The current connection is being switched off on the 31st then, then I'll vanish into darkness for about 2-weeks while they switch over the connection. (yes, it's not instant)

    Just so you know when I vanish into thin air. Will have phone credit/data hopefully for little things.
  7. audio123
    will be missing out on your comments!grats on your new house mate :)
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Might need to watch television for the first time in 10 years.

    Not good.
  9. Kundi

    May I suggest keeping up with the kardashians. You won't be disappointed.

    Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  10. DJScope
    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to say sorry that I have been MIA for a while now. I've been dealing with chronic migraines, which you could only imagine how much it affects me with my Head-Fi hobby. Unfortunately, I can only listen to treble-less gear and only for short periods. It's been affecting me in all aspects of my life and I've decided to take this hobby a bit of a break until it's cured. I'm still reachable via PM and Facebook, however I will not be visiting HF threads regularly as it only saddens me more that I cannot contribute at all. 
    I do have a few pieces of gear on hand to review, but cannot because of this. I will have to try and complete them at a snails pace. 
    Hope everyone hear all the best, and fingers cross it doesn't take to long before I'm back in action. I do miss you guys.
  11. SerenaxD
    Get well soon, @DJScope! I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have a migraine bothering you every moment... 
  12. Light - Man
    + 1!
    Sorry to hear that DJ, do you have any idea what the triggers are, e.g. certain color light frequencies or certain foods you may be intolerant to?
  13. DJScope
    No idea mate. I've been getting them for around 6 months now and they're only getting worse. I'm getting an MRI on Friday, maybe it'll show something. Medication doesn't get rid of them completely, so I'm not in a good way at this stage.
  14. B9Scrambler
    That's harsh man. Hopefully you get that figured out soon and that it's not anything serious.
    Last year my company decided to swap out our crappy 4:3 monitors with wide screen monitors. Was excited until I tried them. Genius IT team didn't load a resolution (and still haven't) that actually matched the screen size and was causing minor migraines and eye issues because the image was fuzzy and stretched (not good when you stare at a screen all day). Eventually (last month) I convinced them to give me one of the old monitors back and what do you know? No more headaches or eye problems...
    Hope to see you back in the forums soon man!
  15. Light - Man
    I was thinking along the same lines as B9Scrambler, in addition I wonder if there are any filters you could get to put over your work PC screen.
    I also have heard of Occupational glasses (from Opticians)  that might help in your case to relieve eyestrain if you are on a PC all day - like a lot of us.
    Have you had your eyes checked as it should be done every 2 years which also checks for Glaucoma due to increased eye pressure, which can be fairly common in us middle aged dudes. 
    I believe chocolate or coco products are a trigger for a lot of people.
    MRI brain scans are normally done without contrast as Radiologists are very reluctant to use the injected contrast as people can have a reaction to it, even though the contrast is much more revealing but a standard MRI should show up something obvious.

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